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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Improv Triangle Scrap Pillowcase

Puppilalla, scrappy triangle; pillowcase, patchwork, modern quilting

Being ever conscious of my growing pile of triangle and other scraps, I thought it was time to try use some of them up, for the matter not to get entirely out of hand. Thus, I grabbed a fabric to serve as background – is really anyone surprised that it is aqua coloured? I didn’t think so – and the bag of triangle scraps. The only thing I had settled on by this stage was the fact that I wanted to use this particular grid based quilting design on the front.

Improv quilting, Puppilalla, scrappy triangle; pillowcase, patchwork, modern quilting

The rest started out by improvising away. I grouped triangle scraps to form attractive clusters before I sewing them together. That was time consuming because you had to extend the smaller pieces with some background fabric before you could combine them.

Puppilalla, scrappy triangle; pillowcase, patchwork, modern quilting, improv quilting

Next I took a larger square of background fabric and cut it up into a grit of pieces and made sure that the columns I cut were of different widths. Tringle scraps were placed at the corner of the squares to form wonky diamond shapes. I just did not want the entire panel to be grid based because that quickly evens out and then looks rather boring. I needed the pillowcase to decidedly not look boring. Therefore, some thought went into the deliberate placing and orientation of the triangle shapes.

Puppilalla, scrappy triangle; pillowcase, patchwork, modern quilting, frankenbatting

Some 77 triangle scraps taken from 56 different fabrics later an attractive design had taken shape. I also used a Tula Pink print to enliven the back. Some ‘frankenbatting’ and an old orange cotton bed sheet also went towards making that pillow. The batting beneath the front panel brings out the quilting lines, which really turned out as lovely as I thought they would. The old bed sheet is used as lining on the inside to secure the seams on the pieced panels and to cover the other side of batting.

Puppilalla, scrappy triangle; pillowcase, patchwork, modern quilting, bias tape

As I am a not-so-secret-fan of neon pink and neon orange, I made this fun a bias tape to make matters complete. Some neon pink triangles had already found their way onto the pillow’s front panel anyway and I reasoned that the bias tape would work in that context. The result is not subtle but very very fun to look at.

Puppilalla, scrappy triangle; pillowcase, patchwork, modern quilting

My first association upon completion was that the lime green, aqua and pink fabric on the back gave off the vibe of a modern trippy take on the traditional alpine look of red and green and gingham patterns. If you are familiar with the Alpes, you might know what I mean. I cannot shake the impression just now. The pillowcase (and pillow within) were gifted and the quite happy birthday boy immediately started associating billowing sails and boats on the water. That is a nice picture, especially as I had no picture or vision in mind but was mostly interested in using up some scraps. My focus was on building interest within the piece and I am very happy with how this turned out.

Puppilalla, scrappy triangle, pillowcase, patchwork, modern quilting

One fun scrappy improv pillow done. I would not mind making another one just like it. =)
Now this gifted April last year. I have since visited the pillow in its new home in Hamburg.

There are still so many things to catch up on on this blog.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

The Last Sewing Project of 2017

Following the credo of 'waste not, want not' I might be in the habit of keeping more scraps around than I might ever possibly be able to use. In order to use some of my numerous scrappy fabric strips and selvedges, I decided make a scrappy string pillowcase. I had seen such pretty fabric string projects around, for example Maureen Cracknell's 'Diamond Strings Quilt

Puppilalla, scrap buster, patchwork,scrappy string pillowcase, diamond string

The scrappy string blocks are easy enough to make and I used an old linen sheet as basis for the fabric strips. The pillowcase even contains scraps of fabrics used for my very first quilt made in 2008. 

Puppilalla, scrap buster, patchwork,scrappy string pillowcase, backside

For the back I used an assortment of pink and berry coloured fabric pieces that seemed to work in the context of the blocks in front. When the pillowcase was finished, I was in two minds, whether I liked it or not. It seemed to me that I had been more in love with the idea and the small scale photographs of scrappy string projects than with the actual blocks in front of me once I had made them. Has that ever happened to you? I might not be in a hurry to make another scrappy string project any time soon.

Puppilalla, scrap buster, patchwork,scrappy string pillowcase,

I gifted this pillowcase to a friend of mine as a Birthday present and know that it will be loved there. This was the last of my sewing projects in 2017. Once I get the Christmas tree is out of the way on the weekend, I can concentrate on continuing the WIPs I wish to complete in 2018.


Friday, 20 October 2017

Thicket Fabric Baby Quilt

Puppilalla, HST stars, Half square triangles, star quilt block

Have you noticed that there are months were you struggle to find themes to blog about and then some where you could write a post a day? During the Summer months did not manage more than three post a month and currently I have four posts on the backburner just waiting to be published.

Today I want to show you the baby quilt I am currently working on. My friend Hannah and her husband Daniel are expecting a baby girl and I promised to make a little something. Hannah said she was into yellow and pink at the moment, so this is where we will be going.

Puppilalla,Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, star quilt, baby blanket, fox

I decided fairly quickly that I wanted to use the ever so cute animal panels of Gingiber’s ‘Thicket’ line. They are just so adorable. Furthermore, I decided it was time for my ‘Stellar Flare’ test block to quit lazing around on my bedroom wall and to get a life. The block already contains pink and yellow and makes such a pretty centre for the baby quilt. I knew I wanted to surround the centre star with the four animals on all sides and that I would adorn the animal panels with some embroidered highlights to bring in some colour transition.

Puppilalla,Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, star quilt, baby blanket, owl

After that I got a little bit stuck because I noticed that those animal panels are actually quite difficult customers. It is a job and half to come up with a way to use them so they do not look squashed, boxed in or suffocated. Looking around Instagram and online, I noticed that they often get a monochromatic treatment, which is probably partially due to them coming in a solely black and off-white fabric line anyway. While it works with the panels, I found the monochromatic rendering a bit on the sad side, especially when the intended recipient is a child. Combining them with colour frames often created the aforementioned boxed in effect. See not easy at all. Anyway, the solution was to grant them as much negative space around them as possible to create a floating and breezy effect, whilst smuggling in form and colour by and by.

Puppilalla,Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, star quilt, baby blanket, rabbit

I really like the effect the embroidery creates.

Puppilalla,Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, star quilt, baby blanket, bear

This is where my pale yellow HST stars with pink centres came in to provide visual interest without the aim to overwhelm. I also noticed straight away that the first pink border would have to be broken up with more white and other elements for the same reason.

Puppilalla, HST stars, modern qulit

To a great extend I will work with scraps, especially triangle scraps to create more wonky stars that are to adorn the outermost border of the quilt to be. Some scraps are literally the last pieces that I have of that particular fabric. Some of them are even left over from creating the ‘Stellar Flare’ block at the centre. Odd numbers of tiny strips and triangles stored in the scrap storage bag that I am routing around in to pull out again. A cohesive feeling is partly achieved by the repetition of fabrics after all, so I wanted to bring those scraps in some way.

Puppilalla,Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, star quilt, baby blanket, Stellar Flare Quilt block

I am still working on ideas but feel that I have mostly got down what I want to do. =)

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Stash Bee September Block - Oh Scrap

September Queen Amanda’s block choice is the exact opposite from my orderly and precise foundation paper piecing request last month. For her block she asked us to pull out our scraps to organically grow a block by matching scraps of similar sizes, combining away until you had a piece large enough to trim to 9 x 9 inches. We were to avoid browns and pastels. I succeeded on the first part but looking at my picture now, some fabric read more ‘pastel’ than Amanda might like. The good thing about this project is that she can just cut my blocks up and re-combine them with other pieces if she does not like what they currently look like.

 I have prepared one 9.5 x 9.5 inches block and an extra piece that is about 8 x 9 in size. They are already en route to Queen Amanda.

Stash Bee

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Stash Bee 2017 - April Block - No Rules

April Queen Rhonda asked for a simple block design of framed squares. No rules. No color limitations. No strip dimensions. The centre square even did not have to be a pretty fussy cut as her plans entailed, to cut the finished blocks apart diagonally. The thus halved squares are to be randomly combined to create new blocks.

My block was made from scraps and left over fabric strips and came together really fast. The only stipulation was that there should be some contrast between the fabrics that had been used.

Puppilalla, Bee block, Stash Bee, Scrappy string block, quilting, patchwork

I like how my block worked out. The greens and oranges play very well together and give off a nice warm feeling.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Improv Pillowcase - A Finish

Just in time for the first quarter Finish-A-Long link-up, I finally put the finishing touches to my improvised pillowcase. It is my only finish of my 1st quarter FAL list but one finish is still a finish. I am quite happy with how it turned out too. 

Puppilalla, Patchwork, Pillowcase, Improv, Quilting, wonky log cabin, modern quilting, scrap buster, scrappy project

The denim coloured super soft and light cotton works well with the colours in the front and back panels and makes the project look more grown up. I kind of accidentally started the project in February last year and am glad to report that it is finally done. I am clearly not the fastest sewist. =) 

Puppilalla, Patchwork, Pillowcase, Improv, Quilting, wonky log cabin, modern quilting, scrap buster, scrappy project

I tried a few new things with this pillow. Following along several bloggers, I noticed that many sewists also use quilt batting in their pillowcases. I guess the reason is that they actually do quilt their pillowcases. Thus, I thought I might try that too this time round.

What I have failed to find out yet, is what is happening on the inside of these pillowcases. Is the batting covered by even more fabric on the inside? Is it not covered on the inside and lies 'raw' in its lint shedding state against the pillow? I seriously do not know. I, however, did not want any uncovered batting within my pillowcase and therefore tried one-sided adhesive cotton heatbond to a) secure the substantial amount of seams on the back of the improvised panels and b) to cover the backside of the backing inside the pillowcase-to-be.

Puppilalla, Patchwork, Pillowcase, Improv, Quilting, wonky log cabin, modern quilting, scrap buster, scrappy project

It worked so so. So in my experimental state of mind, I had laid out the entire length of the pillowcase panel, put a piece of batting, where the front would be and covered all that with the one-sided heatbond. I bonded away and had thereby secured the seams and covered the back of the backing in one go. It worked all fine for covering and securing the multitude of seams. (This is going to be my new secret weapon in pillowcase making) However, I still had a sort wiggle room or air pocket between the batting and the front panel. And this wiggle room then caused trouble when I tried to unobtrusively quilt a few lines on the front panel as the layers puckered and shifted somewhat.

Puppilalla, Patchwork, Pillowcase, Improv, Quilting, wonky log cabin, modern quilting, scrap buster, scrappy project

The upshot is that the idea works in principle (no raw edges or seams within my pillowcase, yay  =) but that some fine-tuning is still required. Maybe, I should quilt the front panel with the batting first before adding the heatbond as a finish.

I also for the first time ever used bias tape to bind a pillowcase. I must say it makes a very sophisticated finish.

I have the next pillowcase idea lined up already. I snatched up some gingiber animal panels at a local quilt shop once they posted on IG that they had those and they basically scream 'Use us! ' so I feel I might oblige.

Linking up. I noticed that there are literally hundreds of projects linked as finished. Quite amazing how big the Finish-A-Long initiative has grown.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Stash Bee 2017 - February Block - Improv Log Cabin

Puppilalla, Quilting Bee, Stash Bee

Carmit, Hive 4 Queen of February asked for an easy, improv log-cabin-y block in a colour of our choice to make a monochromatic block with a neutral centre. Additionally,  for a bonus level challenge, Carmit pointed out that she does not like solids.

I chose yellow as it seemed that I had the most scraps in that colour. But once I got sewing it did not feel as if I had actually enough scraps. Strange phenomenon. =)  I could not entirely do without solids either as firstly, solids lend character and secondly, I needed something anchor the busy prints. The block is a little bigger then it needed to be but this way Carmit will be able to choose which print she wants to see more or less of and trim accordingly.

Improv quilting, log cabin block, Puppilalla, quilting bee block,

Carmit also said that she is really bored of her own fabrics and can’t wait to introduce a bit of variety into her existing blocks. So I hope my block contains enough new prints to shake things up.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Stash Bee 2017 - January Block - Scrap Happy

A new year, a new hive and a lot of motivation to get going. I have spring-cleaned my sidebar to make space for new adventures and re-vamped my little Queen Bee. I am about ready to get going.

Puppilalla, Queen Bee 2017
January Queen Stephanie asked for a post stamp variation block against low volume fabrics. As Stephanie put it, this was a chance to use up our scrappy scraps. The only thing she asked is that we not use civil war fabrics as they contain more brown than she liked. For the low volume pieces it was OK to have colour in them as long as the read dominantly white, gray or off white.

Reading her request, I stayed away from scraps that contained the colour brown. The block looks bright and happy, if a bit scant at the sides. Nesting the seams of the rows and columns might have robbed a minute amount of fabric each time, so that the block is almost 1/4 of an inch scant. It is not too bad, so I hope Stephanie can work around that. Scant seams, true seams, wide seams - it not easy to make everything work just right.

Quilting Bee, Bee Block, Scrap busting, Scrappy Block, modern scrap quilt, Puppilalla, Post Stamp Quilt

I have some bee friends of last year in parallel hives, which means I have to watch out for their bee queen months coming up so I can hive crash their party and contribute  =)

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Impromptu Pillowcase

Literally, at the last minute I decided to make a little something extra for one of my aunts one day before Christmas. I had already intended to give her a bottle of white vinegar that I had infused with elderflowers earlier that year but as this particular aunt lives far off in Turkey most of the time, she is being a bit neglected as far as in-between flower bouquets and impromptu pieces of cake are concerned.

Therefore, the Ghanaian cotton scraps seemed to be a fabulous choice in whisking up a last minute present. I used the big scraps to piece a pillowcase. To hide and secure the seams I lined it on the inside with a few of my less loved fat quarters. If I had more time, I might have framed it with bias tape but I am pleased with the outcome anyway.

My aunt liked it alright so I will call it a win – especially in view of her still banging on about some fantasy themed poster I gave her when I was 14 (!), which she put on the wall in her apartment in Turkey. She showed me a picture of it there. (Ughh!) While I am sure that my gift was age appropriate at the time AND it being nice of her to honour my present - I’d rather she got rid of it now – 20 odd years later. Maybe I ought to buy her a new wall picture - one in accordance with my current tastes – ha ha. 

Anyway, in view of the poster story I am certain that my pillowcase is in good hands and will be used. I am glad I made it.

I link up with Scraptastic Tuesday =)

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Commencing an End of Year Review - Improv Piecing

improvisation piecing, patchwork, scrap busting, Puppilalla, log cabin block, patchwork pillowcase

Back in February I had started an improvisation piece, which initially was supposed to become a wonky log cabin block for a fellow bee in a parallel hive. As I had gotten the instructions wrong, I decided to keep it and kept puzzling along whenever I found time. You can see that it cannot have been very often because now it is December and the improv piece is still unfinished. 

improvisation piecing, patchwork, scrap busting, Puppilalla, log cabin block, patchwork pillowcase

Before I went on leave to Ghana, I was sure that I would be able to cross the project of my 4th quarter FAL list but now it seems I might have been somewhat hasty with that assumption. Improvising in that manner took me a long time. A lot of thought went into this, which seems counter-intuitive when one thinks of 'improvisation' but this is how it felt to me.

improvisation piecing, patchwork, scrap busting, Puppilalla, log cabin block, patchwork pillowcase

Still the front panel is finished and I counted 20 different fabrics that are making it up. There will be even more on the back panel that I have commenced piecing as well. Once done, it will make a pretty and modern pillowcase. 

improvisation piecing, patchwork, scrap busting, Puppilalla, log cabin block, patchwork pillowcase

I am also trying to decide what colour to chose for the bias tape that will frame the pillowcase. Any ideas? 

I am currently in the process of finishing the last bee block of the year and am not sure that I will be able to fit in any more sewing before Christmas. There are so many things I would still like to share with you this year though that I could easily publish a blog post a day at the moment.  

I guess I have to make up for my absence in November.  =)

I am linking up with 'Scraptastic Tuesday'

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Up the Ante #7 - I Could While Away The Hours...

Before I write about my forward look for 2017 it might be opportune to stop and review at what stage my various projects currently are. 

Quilt blocks, sampler quilt, Puppilalla, improv piecing, foundation paper piecing

Like my 'Up the Ante' sampler project, which grows steadily although the process has become fairly random. When I started out, I wanted to do specific blocks from some Block-of-the-month Craftsy classes to learn new techniques. For a while I did just that but quickly began to construct whichever block took my fancy at a time. I am surprised just how many blocks I  already have stitched up this year, considering that it is not on my official 'want-to-get-done' list at all.  =)

I put those blocks down as above for an IG snapshot when we were asked what we were currently doing with our scraps. I am getting excited about putting the blocks together to a quilt top at some point next year.

So what's new? Last, as previously mentioned, I had slightly amended the 'Anne's Flower' block and the colours flow much better now.

Anne's Flower Block, Puppilalla, Quilting, Sampler Quilt


I also was constructing flying geese from triangle and other scraps only. These will be used as fill-in pieces on a need be basis. All blocks have completely different sizes and there will be plenty of gaps to fill in.

Here I had not been paying attention. I had two pieces of equal size of that blue dotted Joel Dewberry print and I had wanted to use them both in a rather different block. I did not think of that at the time I made the 'Plus' block and just went with a fabric combination I liked. I still like it. Then however I saw the other fabric piece peeking out of the scrap pile remembering. Best laid plans right?  =)

Quilting, Plus block, Puppilalla

I had counted the amount of fabrics used up until now but now I cannot find just where I noted down that number. Ah well ... Anyhow, I very much like the relaxedness of that project and am looking forward to keep working on it.

On a side note, I am very excited to read that Rachel Hauser @Stitched in Color will offer her Penny Sampler Class again in 2017. Her amazing design serves as inspiration piece and guiding principle for my own sampler quilt for which I intend to use Rachel's broken border approach. I am seriously contemplating to sign up but then again the quilty project plan for next year looks so busy already that I might not.

Decisions, decisions

I join up with 'Let's Bee Social'

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