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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Stash Bee Queen of August - The Royal Me

Puppilalla, Static Interference Quilt Block, FPP, Foundation Paper Piecing, modern quilt, Quilting Bee, Original Design,

Hello Hive 4 and hello respective fellow queens and bees,
I ascended to royalty this month and this is the tutorial I put up on Stash Bee for my hive mates.

It is August already. Crazy huh? This month we are trying our hand at Foundation Paper Piecing and I hope you just said ‘YAY’ with me.

Static Interference – Pattern Download:

As Queen Bee I am asking you to make is the ‘Static Interference’ Block, which you can download from here. It is my own design, which makes me ever so much more excited about sewing it with you. (woohoo!) Four of the basic blocks combined create one gorgeous 16.5 x 16.5 inches block, which in turn creates this gorgeous repeat.

Repeat 4

If you are proficient in Foundation Paper Piecing, I will not explain your craft to you. If you are new to Foundation Paper Piecing or would like to refresh your memory, I would like to refer you to this ultimate go-to tutorial, which I consider one of the best out there. If you want to see the technique in motion, please try this video (The explanation is good, but my - is she wasting fabric. You do not need an extra inch on each side).

What do I need:

  • templates 
  • glue stick (water soluble) / fine pins 
  • craft scissors 
  • fabric scissors 
  • fabrics 
  • pen 
  • colour pencils – optional 
  • scotch tape – optional in case your template rips and you need to quick-fix it 

The Colour Recipe:

The main colour of this quilt top is going to be turquoise, accented with dusky purple, lime green, yellow, black and white. You may use several different turquoise prints for the ‘background’ provided they are similar or same-ish in colour and value. The white is a white solid and the black is a black solid. The yellow, purple and lime green fabrics may have patterns or ornaments. 

Different colour values are fine, as are tiny splashes of other colours but your yellow, turquoise (not aqua), lime green and dusky purple should primarily read as these colours. 

Fabric requirements:
  • White Solid - C5, D5, A3, B3 
  • Black Solid - C3, D3 
  • Yellow Prints - A4, B4 
  • Turquoise Prints - D1- D2, C1-C2, A1, B1 
  • Lime Green Prints - C6, D6 
  • Dusky Purple Prints - C4, D4, A2, B2

A word on templates:

Print the templates, pages 7 and 8 for often as you like to make the block, (print once for one block, twice for two, thrice for three..., plus one extra if you intend to fussy cut) Take care to print ‘actual size’, which means you un-tick any ‘fit-to-page’ or ‘scale-to-page’ options.

Let’s have a look at the templates. First off- they are accurate. The doted lines denoting the seam allowance being uneven, is me grappling with the design programme. Ignore that, the templates are just fine. You will see that the block is made up of four template pieces A,B,C and D.

Secondly, if you look at the repeat made up by my four sample blocks, you will notice that some areas do NOT all line up neatly against each other, once you put the individual blocks next to each other. That is intentional. I will show further down, which parts should and should not line up. Also, template A is not a mirror image of template B, nor are C and D exact mirror images. The areas within the respective templates differ in size, which is also intentional.

Thirdly, I have decided that in this instant the same fabric will be used for the areas D1 and D2 and C1 and C2. Therefore, you can skip a step by combining the areas D1 & D2 and C1 & C2, while making sure that you cut your fabric pieces big enough to cover both designated areas.

Prepare you templates, by either colouring in all areas of the templates with the respective colours designated for the area OR taking a pen and writing the name of the colour in each designated area.

Take your craft scissors and cut out the templates, making sure to leave the seam allowance intact.

Sew your block units:

OK, you are good to go, cut your fabrics and sew away. A word of advice: Protect your ironing board! Depending on how you printed or copied your templates, the black ink might come off a little every time you iron your pieces flat. Therefore protect your board with an old piece of fabric or an unloved FQ prior to ironing. (I recommend ‘radiolab’ or ‘drabblecast’ podcasts to keep you entertained, while you sew =)

Once you have sewn your templates, join them to a block as indicated in the below pictures. Make sure all parts line up neatly.

Within the same block all lines match up as you can see when you allow your eyes to follow the diagonal sewing line in the above picture.

Upon joining individual blocks to create this repeat, only the triangle points of C3 and D3 at the bottom of the picture and the topmost corner point of each block line up. The other lines do not match because that is where the asymmetry comes in. =)

A word on sewing time, effort and resources

I do realize that the Foundation Paper Piecing skill levels among the bees may vary. Some are very proficient and just whiz away while others need more time. So some will find it easy to whip up the block and others might struggle. I am aware of that so do not stress. I doubt that anyone can complete four sets of templates in only 1.5 hours (although it sure would be awsome =). I am not asking you to either. Just try your hand and enjoy the process and see how you are getting on. Feel free to leave the paper in when you send your blocks.

So take it away and have fun – and thank you! Oh and if you use IG feel free to use #staticinterferencequiltblock

Yours royally

Stash Bee

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Oh Deer! – Quilt Project

Julianna GÄ…siorowska, Puppilalla, Sewing under Rainbow, Not so spring deer, Foundation Paper Piecing, FPP

‘Booooorrrriiing!’ my best friend Jens said, when I said ‘pillowcase’ in reply to his question what I intended to do with this lovely deer panel. He said a pillowcase would not do it justice. Uhm, OK, then... Boring indeed. Pah!

Some back story

At the beginning of the very beginning of last year checked a few of the Finish-A-Long lists of fellow quilters to see what UFOs they had in mind finishing. June, a fellow bee at Stash Bee that year, had quite a few interesting projects on her to-do-list.

Among others there was a picture of this wonderful deer panel, which June hoped to transform into a finished pillowcase or… uhm…– June, say what did you have originally in mind for the deer? =) Anyway, I left a comment complimenting on the deer and also said half-jokingly that I would happily give the deer a home on my couch if she did not want it anymore upon completion.

This was around the time when I asked for help with the cancer relief Polaroid photo quilt. June jumped to my aide and one fine day in February when her Polaroid photo blocks arrived on my door step, what should fall out of the envelope as well? - the lovely deer panel. Since then the deer bid its time. Once the pillowcase idea was off the table other ideas started slowly developing.

I have wanted to make a quilt for my friend Jens for quite some time now. It was just not easy to settle on a design. Some of the things I really like he though horrid and when we checked for what he might like, I was in for a few surprises. We did not settle on anything but the wish to make him a quilt quietly simmered on the backburner of my mind. And the deer panel would go into that quilt just because - 'boring' - you know?  =)

So what design then?

This has been a fairly long decision making process as I simply could not decide what design to go for with this quilt. I had the fabrics all pulled since forever but have changed my mind two dozen times as what to make with them.

Fabric Pull, Fabric Stash, Puppilalla, Penny Patch Quilt, modern quilting

Finally, I settled for a simple design of divisible squares of 10 x 10, 5 x 5 and 2.5 x 2.5 inches. The design, although it might be so basic it does not need a name or goes by two dozen monikers, has been dubbed ‘Penny Patch Quilt’ by Rachel Hauser @ Stitched in Color and you can see many pretty versions if you search online using that term.

Puppilalla, Penny Patch Quilt, modern quilting

The main idea for my quilt was to compliment the fabulous ‘Deer’ block. Therefore, my main colours are orange and blue combined with low volume prints and unobtrusive amounts of red. The contrast colour is dark blue and the pop colours were burnt orange and violet. All those fabrics make a fabulous impression together.

Not so spring deer, Foundation Paper Piecing, FPP, Puppilalla, Penny Patch Quilt,modern quilting

I cut my pieces and sewed my little ‘Penny Patches’ and arranged them together for the first time and … do not like it. It looks too busy, too overwhelming and smothers the deer. So I hope it is not one of these great-in-principle experiences that kind of crash and burn when you try them for real.

Not so spring deer, Foundation Paper Piecing, FPP, Puppilalla, Penny Patch Quilt,modern quilting

Back to the cutting table it is, this time reaching for a lot of white to create breathing space for the deer. I hope this will help to calm things down.

Puppilalla, Penny Patch Quilt, modern quilting, fabric pull

In case you wondered, that pretty deer block is a foundation paper pieced block designed by the super talented Julianna GÄ…siorowska of 'Sewing Under Rainbow'. It is called 'Not so spring Deer' and can be downloaded for free (!) on Julianna's Craftsy page.

I link up with 'Let's Bee Social'

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Improv Pillowcase - A Finish

Just in time for the first quarter Finish-A-Long link-up, I finally put the finishing touches to my improvised pillowcase. It is my only finish of my 1st quarter FAL list but one finish is still a finish. I am quite happy with how it turned out too. 

Puppilalla, Patchwork, Pillowcase, Improv, Quilting, wonky log cabin, modern quilting, scrap buster, scrappy project

The denim coloured super soft and light cotton works well with the colours in the front and back panels and makes the project look more grown up. I kind of accidentally started the project in February last year and am glad to report that it is finally done. I am clearly not the fastest sewist. =) 

Puppilalla, Patchwork, Pillowcase, Improv, Quilting, wonky log cabin, modern quilting, scrap buster, scrappy project

I tried a few new things with this pillow. Following along several bloggers, I noticed that many sewists also use quilt batting in their pillowcases. I guess the reason is that they actually do quilt their pillowcases. Thus, I thought I might try that too this time round.

What I have failed to find out yet, is what is happening on the inside of these pillowcases. Is the batting covered by even more fabric on the inside? Is it not covered on the inside and lies 'raw' in its lint shedding state against the pillow? I seriously do not know. I, however, did not want any uncovered batting within my pillowcase and therefore tried one-sided adhesive cotton heatbond to a) secure the substantial amount of seams on the back of the improvised panels and b) to cover the backside of the backing inside the pillowcase-to-be.

Puppilalla, Patchwork, Pillowcase, Improv, Quilting, wonky log cabin, modern quilting, scrap buster, scrappy project

It worked so so. So in my experimental state of mind, I had laid out the entire length of the pillowcase panel, put a piece of batting, where the front would be and covered all that with the one-sided heatbond. I bonded away and had thereby secured the seams and covered the back of the backing in one go. It worked all fine for covering and securing the multitude of seams. (This is going to be my new secret weapon in pillowcase making) However, I still had a sort wiggle room or air pocket between the batting and the front panel. And this wiggle room then caused trouble when I tried to unobtrusively quilt a few lines on the front panel as the layers puckered and shifted somewhat.

Puppilalla, Patchwork, Pillowcase, Improv, Quilting, wonky log cabin, modern quilting, scrap buster, scrappy project

The upshot is that the idea works in principle (no raw edges or seams within my pillowcase, yay  =) but that some fine-tuning is still required. Maybe, I should quilt the front panel with the batting first before adding the heatbond as a finish.

I also for the first time ever used bias tape to bind a pillowcase. I must say it makes a very sophisticated finish.

I have the next pillowcase idea lined up already. I snatched up some gingiber animal panels at a local quilt shop once they posted on IG that they had those and they basically scream 'Use us! ' so I feel I might oblige.

Linking up. I noticed that there are literally hundreds of projects linked as finished. Quite amazing how big the Finish-A-Long initiative has grown.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

'Static Interference' Foundation Paper Piecing Block - Blithe Fabric Blog Tour

Puppilalla, Blog Hop, Katarina Rocella, Blithe Fabrics, Foundation Paper Piecing, Free Quilt Block, Original Design

That’s it folks, the last day of the official Katarina Roccella ‘Blithe’ Fabrics Blog Tour, although I have the sneaking suspicion that it might continue unofficially with people posting their creations on Instagram using #blithefabricsblogtour or #blithefabrics. So many beautiful things were created that I would like to encourage you to follow the links and check them out.

While I am bringing up the rear, I am very pleased to share with you a baby quilt top made with selected ‘Blithe’ prints in combination with April Rhode’s 'Wanderer' print 'Sacred Seeds in Brittle'.

Static Interference, Puppilalla, Blog Hop, Katarina Rocella, Blithe Fabrics, Foundation Paper Piecing, Free Quilt Block, Original Design

The German mail system failed me miserably concerning this blog hop project. As previously mentioned, the fabrics I had required for this project just did not arrive. I mailed Katarina to let her know, I checked with a few local post offices and then finally Katarina told me that the letter had returned, as it had not been claimed for 20 days(!). The thing is that I never received a notification to let me know that the letter had arrived in the first place. As the recipient of any non-commercial mail in Germany you are just left to your own devices and absolutely no-one is helping you when you are trying to make enquiries. You can tell that I am still a more than only a little annoyed. When I commenced my project I then worked with a fat quarter bundle I had purchased, rather than with the fabrics and amounts initially requested.

Static Interference, Puppilalla, Blog Hop, Katarina Rocella, Blithe Fabrics, Foundation Paper Piecing, Free Quilt Block, Original Design

This is why am especially pleased to present you my blog hop contribution despite the adversities suffered in the process. I love how my baby quilt top turned out. Somehow the featured prints look very feminine to me, which goes nicely with the softness of Art Gallery Fabrics in general. I still have got a few months time to finish the baby blanket until my friend Tina is due to give birth to her second child, though we do not know if it is going to be a boy or a girl yet.

Static Interference, Puppilalla, Blog Hop, Katarina Rocella, Blithe Fabrics, Foundation Paper Piecing, Free Quilt Block, Original Design

One of the secret plans, I hatched very early when I commenced blogging, was that, should I manage to stick writing the blog, I would want to give something back to the sewing community. When Katarina Roccella called for makers to work with her gorgeous new fabric line it seemed like an opportunity to me. Firstly, I would get to work with Katarina’s new and indeed very pretty fabric line and secondly, a deadline approaching would provide the necessary pressure to actually get things done. Having said that, paper piecing under time pressure sure poses a challenge.

A new block from me to you

Static Interference, Puppilalla, Blog Hop, Katarina Rocella, Blithe Fabrics, Foundation Paper Piecing, Free Quilt Block, Original Design

Herewith, I am saying THANK YOU to each and every one person, who has taken the time to painstakingly write up a step-by-step description, to film a tutorial, to explain processes, to share tips and tricks or to provide encouragement. Like many a member of the online community, I have hugely benefited and continue to benefit from your knowledge, generosity and the free resources you provide. So consider this payback time.

'Static Interference' -  8x8 inches

Here it is, a free 8 x 8 inches foundation paper piecing block from me to you. It is called ‘Static Interference’. It is a fairly minimal and modern block but very versatile indeed. I had a lot of fun playing around with the colouring sheets and was in for quite a few surprises myself in discovering possible repeats other than those, I had initially envisioned. So overall I am very pleased with the outcome. I am especially grateful to all online sewing acquaintances who, with their casual questioning, if and when any of my #30daysofquiltdesign designs would be realized in fabric, gave me the confidence to actually convert an idea into a usable template. Their lack of doubt as to me being able to do that was rather catching.

Static Interference, Puppilalla, Blog Hop, Katarina Rocella, Blithe Fabrics, Foundation Paper Piecing, Free Quilt Block, Original Design

My sewing friend, the lovely Maja blogging at 'betyipiernaty - quilts and coverlets' agreed to pattern test my creation. I am certainly in love with what she came up with fabric selection wise in her rendition of the block. Her current plan is, to make three more blocks and assemble them into a pillowcase. Whilst testing the pattern, I noticed that I had included a line in the C and D templates that was – in the end – superfluous. Since, as a rule, things ought to be kept as simple as possible, I simplified the templates accordingly.

Static Interference, Puppilalla, Blog Hop, Katarina Rocella, Blithe Fabrics, Foundation Paper Piecing, Free Quilt Block, Original Design

There are further assembly options of course. =)

Please download your templates here

Well, here 

If you use the block pattern I would be delighted if you let me know and shared a picture with me, i.e. on IG using #staticinterferencequiltblock. The block is free for private use including sales items in non-commercial quantities. Please do me the courtesy to link back to me as originator if you do use the pattern.

Static Interference, Puppilalla, Blog Hop, Katarina Rocella, Blithe Fabrics, Foundation Paper Piecing, Free Quilt Block, Original Design

That’s it, all done.

I link up with 'Let's Bee Social'
Sew Fresh Quilts

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Commencing an End of Year Review - Improv Piecing

improvisation piecing, patchwork, scrap busting, Puppilalla, log cabin block, patchwork pillowcase

Back in February I had started an improvisation piece, which initially was supposed to become a wonky log cabin block for a fellow bee in a parallel hive. As I had gotten the instructions wrong, I decided to keep it and kept puzzling along whenever I found time. You can see that it cannot have been very often because now it is December and the improv piece is still unfinished. 

improvisation piecing, patchwork, scrap busting, Puppilalla, log cabin block, patchwork pillowcase

Before I went on leave to Ghana, I was sure that I would be able to cross the project of my 4th quarter FAL list but now it seems I might have been somewhat hasty with that assumption. Improvising in that manner took me a long time. A lot of thought went into this, which seems counter-intuitive when one thinks of 'improvisation' but this is how it felt to me.

improvisation piecing, patchwork, scrap busting, Puppilalla, log cabin block, patchwork pillowcase

Still the front panel is finished and I counted 20 different fabrics that are making it up. There will be even more on the back panel that I have commenced piecing as well. Once done, it will make a pretty and modern pillowcase. 

improvisation piecing, patchwork, scrap busting, Puppilalla, log cabin block, patchwork pillowcase

I am also trying to decide what colour to chose for the bias tape that will frame the pillowcase. Any ideas? 

I am currently in the process of finishing the last bee block of the year and am not sure that I will be able to fit in any more sewing before Christmas. There are so many things I would still like to share with you this year though that I could easily publish a blog post a day at the moment.  

I guess I have to make up for my absence in November.  =)

I am linking up with 'Scraptastic Tuesday'

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Bee Hive 2016 - October Block - A Masculine Treasure Hunt

Queen Bee, Puppilalla

Bee Hive Queen Magda asked us for the 'Treasure Hunt' block this month. Magda looks to create a modern and masculine quilt in different shades of grey with some low volume and just a bit of citrus yellow. The fabrics were to look modern, with geometrics and text prints being perfect and florals or animal prints to be avoided.

This was the first month, where I actually could not accomodate the block wish working from my stash. It called for various degrees of grey and I simply did not have any, certainly not enough. Therefore, fabric shopping I went. I got this lovely graphic selection of greys and a few extras for fun.

stash building, modern fabrics, Puppilalla, monochromatic fabrics

I was however mindful of the fact that I had also pledged the 'The Year of The Stash' pledge at the beginning of the year, which was about less stash building, more stash using in 2016 and restrained myself from going over board.

Truth be told, I had already splurged my Christmas money on a lovely stack of fabrics back in March - it did not take long to break the pledge ey? - but was very good this year otherwise. I just stayed away from the temptations. I even did NOT get the 'Mendocino' line by Heather Ross I wanted so much. In other words I have mostly been good. And fabric wins do not count anyway!

I had won this lovely and very soft fat quarter bundle of solids from Cloud 9 Fabrics during the 'Cloud 9 Fabrics New Block Blog Hop' in September. =)

Anyway, I seem to be digressing. Including some of the new purchases, I created this lovely monochromatic looking 'Treasure Hunt' block sporting citrus for a pop of colour. I love how modern it looks. Magda's sample blocks are a treat for the eyes as well.

Quilting Bee, The Bee Hive, Bee Block, Treasure Hunt Block, Puppilalla, monochromatic quilt

Burp Cloths Interquiltinental

And because there is cause, I also went on sewing this pretty little elephant fabric burp cloth as an extra goodie for Magda. Incidentally, using a free 'Cloud 9 Fabrics' pattern to do so. Back in March  Magda told us that she had a baby bee on the way. After some background consultation we remaining bees agreed a secret baby-shower mail project. I like practical gifts and thus proposed to sew burp cloths. As babies are known to be notoriously leaky, burp cloths are just the thing.

Burp Cloth, Puppilalla, Cloud 9 Fabrics, free pattern, baby shower

We agreed to use the same pattern and then everybody was free to design their own, provided they found time to do so. The idea was for the mom-to-be to have an individually designed set by the end of her month as queen bee.

The burp cloth is also a project of my last quarter 2016 FAL list. (A finish - woohoo =)

Bee Block, Quilting Bee, Puppilalla, free pattern

The project however has a somewhat sombre note as well. A second swarm mate told us at the same time that she too was pregnant. The baby shower project was initially aimed at both moms - and dads but that little baby-to-be stopped growing around week 13 or so. I felt very saddened about that and my thoughts were with the grieving parents for the last few months. The hard and the easy, sweet and bitter always side by side. Here is a song I would like to share with you. It is about celebrating life.

The Bee Hive

The end of the bee year is near and I am already thinking about taking stock but that warrants an entire post of itself.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Bee Hive 2016 - September Block - Keep it Modern Houndstooth

Bee Hive September Queen Anita chose the Houndstooth block as her block for the month. The main color she wanted for her block is Turquoise. Anita also expressly wished for her blocks to have a “modern” look with graphic prints or solids as the main color. The chosen background was to be a text fabric of white background with black or grey text. In a pinch, we were also allowed to use Aqua or Teal fabric in our interpretation of the block; the more shades, the merrier! 

Houndstooth Quilt block, The Bee Hive, Blossom Heart Quilt Exchange, Puppilalla, Bee Block

Funnily enough, we did not have any repetition of blocks throughout the bee year yet. Having said that, next month's queen is bound to ask for a block we already did this year =)

This was a very easy block, which suited me right down to the ground because my month of September was frantic. A modern block just as ordered. I have already seen a few of the other bee blocks and the quilt is bound to be pretty once it is completed.

Houndstooth Quilt block, The Bee Hive, Blossom Heart Quilt Exchange, Puppilalla, Bee Block
The blocks on the left were made by Rachel and the block on the right by Maja
photographs by Anita @Quilt in a Not-Shell

The Bee Hive

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Stash Bee 2016 - May Block - Circle of Friends

Queen Bee

Knowing that the 1st of the month would fall on the weekend, I set some time aside to get started on the new bee blocks. Stash Bee Queen Lisa of Hive 8 asked for this very modern looking block, she called 'Circle of Friends'. 

Puppilalla, Circle of Squares, Toefeather, Scrap busting, Stash Bee, Quilting Bee Block

The block is perfect for using up scraps and the original tutorial can be found at 'Toefeather'. In her rendition Lisa asked for rainbow colours in cool and warm tones against a solid white background.

This came together really fast and was super easy. I will mail the block tomorrow.  =)

Stash Bee 2016