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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Fox Baby Quilt

Gosh, I commenced writing this post on the 6th of July... Looks like I really was not in the mood for blogging much. As this project has not progressed any further - yet - I might as well pick up here to continue writing. So what happened? I moved city - only with two suitcases and without sewing material mind you - to start a new job. Well that does cut down on sewing time available.  =)

On July 12th the most exciting thing happened. My nephew was born. And isn't he the cutest five-and-a-half months old baby by now. Which is why I need to get a move on with this baby quilt auntie had started making for him. The quilt top is long finished now on for the backing and quilting part.

I chose these fabulous selection of green and oranges to start with and build a bit of red in just for variety. The key fabric are these fabulous foxes that are just super cute and fun to fussy cut.

Since I discovered, by the way of working on one during the Rakish Needle Round Robin, that I actually like modern medallion quilts, I immensly enjoyed thinking up round after round of the little square baby quilt.

And being big on coherence always, I kept it simple but clever with the colour scheme. I ran out of that Kona 'Wasabi' at one point and had to bring another similar green. The two solids work well adding depth. And have you noticed the clever use of orange on white, green on white and red on white bits? Easy way to add interest while keeping it very cohesive.

I just noticed that this is not the final shot of the finished quilt top. There is one more round after this one. Ah well, lets save that shot for another blog post when I show you the finished quilt.

What else have I been sewing? Pillowcases galore and burp cloths for the baby and a book cover and just now, because I am also really, REALLY late with the round robin quilt, I am working on my last round robin contribution. I am improvising away. It will be good.

I wish a happy new year to all and everyone.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Bee Hive 'Double Star' Quilt #5 - Quilt Top Assembly - Now What?

Puppilalla, stained glass, finished quilt top, Double Star Block, The Bee Hive

Ta da - pretty huh? Don't we all love a stained glass quilt shot? I was busy on Sunday and joined all blocks. By the time I was done, there was no proper light left for a progress shot but a stained glass one still worked.  =)

A few weeks ago I completed three more 'Double Star' blocks to bring the number up to 20. My fellow swarm mates were incredibly generous with the goodies they sent along in March. The extra material they provided went towards making the last blocks look and feel like those provided by my fellow bees.

Puppilalla, Double Star Quilt Blocks, Free Quilt Block pattern, Bee Block, Quilting Bee

Each block will have a size of 12 x 12 finished. Laying the blocks out in a grit of 4 x 5 blocks will yield a quilt top of 48 x 60 inches. That is not very big at all. I would like to make the quilt bed sized without adding further blocks. More blocks would only make the quilt top look even busier than it already is.

Puppilalla, Double Star Quilt Blocks, Free Quilt Block pattern, Bee Block, Quilting Bee, Blossom Heart Quilts

Proceed with a plan

Therefore, I have decided to add borders. I am still changing my mind every five minutes but right now I think, I might add a broader white border, followed by a pale green border followed by a colourful border imitating the squares that are hidden in the repeat of the joined blocks.

Puppilalla, Double Star Quilt Blocks, Free Quilt Block pattern, Bee Block, Quilting Bee

Like so – ish. What do you think? Any clever ideas as how to improve on the idea?

Completing the 'Double Star' quilt is one of my Finish-A-Long goals for the last quarter of the year, though I doubt that I will manage to add three borders, sew a backing, sandwich, quilt and bind until the end of the year. Any progress is still progress though.

Puppilalla, Double Star Quilt Blocks, Free Quilt Block pattern, Bee Block, Quilting Bee
Final block layout prior to sewing. No, wait, I swapped two more blocks after that shot was taken. 

I link up with 'Let's Bee Social'

Sew Fresh Quilts

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Green Diamonds Lap Quilt - Diamonds are forever

This is a lap quilt I made for a male friend of mine in 2014. I had previously spoken with him about colour preferences and already knew he would not want loud prints, flowers, bright colours, stripes etc. but looked for something fairly neutral.

Green Diamonds, Patchwork, Lap Quilt, Man Quilt, PuppilallaNaturally, loving bright jewelled tones and candy colours, I had nothing of such a reduced nature in my stash, so I went to the fabric store of my choice to peruse their selection. At first, I was a bit at loss to decide what might work.

Finally, I settled on the beige and sage green solids and paired those with a very soft chequered cotton flannel and a stronger cotton weave with aubergine and green threads causing the fabric to scintillate  like beetle wings. Very nice.

I had decided on a diamond pattern fairly early on in the planning process and only had to decide how I wanted to place the colours. As this was the first time that I worked with diamond shapes, there were problems to overcome (darn, does this flannel have to stretch so much…) and a lot to learn in the process. Here you can see that on several occasions despite my best efforts and meticulous prior pinning the points did not always match up.

The next time round, I work with triangles or diamond shapes I would definitely baste the rows prior to sewing them together properly. 

I can hear you think, you know… “What? Do you mean to say that you did not baste beforehand? Shocking!” 

Well you have to remember that I am entirely self-taught and had no sewing family members or friends to help me out. Therefore, it only along the way, by looking at Craftsy classes, reading blogs and tutorials and actually sewing that I pick up the tricks of the trade. Don’t worry I will get there eventually.

Green, Diamonds, Patchwork, Lap Quilt, Quilt back, PuppilallaFor the backing I framed the soft flannel with the beige solid. I quilted in the ditch and followed that with parallel shadow lines, which created a pretty pattern on the back. The front however, due to part of the quilting lines disappearing in the ditch, kept looking uninspired and boring. That is the only misgiving I have about this particular quilt of mine. I still find it is looks off somehow because it lacks texture. I also still alternate between liking and disliking the quilt’s colour scheme. =)

Another item on my bucket list ought to be ‘learn to free motion quilt on your little domestic sewing machine’. Up to now I have mainly quilted my projects in straight lines and when I was quilting the layers of this quilt together, I got to a point, where I felt adding more lines would get too much and subtract from the overall impression of the quilt-to-be. With hindsight I would certainly disagree with myself but what is done is done.

Diamonds, Patchwork, Lap Quilt, finished Quilt Top, Puppilalla
The quilt was bound in the same flannel and made a birthday present last year. All in all it turned out - not spectacular - but OK. I am satisfied with the outcome and had a good learning experience. The recipient likes and uses it and that is the most important bit anyway.

I think I am nearly done showing you my past quilting projects. Apart from the odd bit here and there, like a soft toy meant for the Toy Society or the up-cycled peg bag from a former linen table runner, we should be able to look at present and future projects from now on.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Time-Waster! The unplanned Advent Calendar Odyssey

Oh dear! Did you ever get caught up in a project that unexpectedly turned into a complete time waster? I just inadvertently got me one of those. Christmas time coming up, I wanted to get preparations for an advent calendar for my sister and her partner underway. With everything else that is going on however, I thought to go for the time saving option this year, which was, to buy the calendar in order to merely have to fill it afterwards. So far, so good.

Thus, while running a few errands on a late afternoon last week, when it was already dark, I picked up a calendar that seemed cute judged by the picture on the packaging. When I unpacked it in daylight the next day however it turned out to be quite horrible. Yes, yes I know it is all in the eye of the beholder...  =)
To me the colours clashed garishly, especially the pink seemed awfully offending. There was no way I would want to use it as it was. And here now, when I try to prove my point by showing you 'before' and 'after' pictures, the pictures do not do the real object justice. The tiny pictures refuse to convey an authentic impression. *sigh*
DIY, Advent Calendar, Touch Up, Embroidery, Applique

Furthermore, the entire thing was flawed design wise. The little rings that were meant to hold the presents in place, were all attached at the exact middle of each numbered panel. The calendar is of course meant to be suspended. So once it hangs, the thing called gravity kicks in and the presents tend to leave the upper half of the respective panel empty, while obstructing the panels below. 

OK, so I though, let's just quickly touch the thing up a bit. Tone down the business, get rid of the pink, shift the rings and it should work.

DIY, Advent Calendar, Touch Up, Embroidery, Applique

The quick touch-up turned into an odyssey of hours of applying and embroidering on top of the original design. By the time I was finally done, I had invested so much time that I would have been better off with planning and executing the project from scratch in the first place. The resulting calendar might have been prettier too. 

I have added green panels onto which I applied ribbons or lace and white or red embroidery before sewing them on top of the panels I wished to cover. I also have added little bells because I like their jingling and I can get away with it at Christmas. And yes, I will so definitely use this advent calendar for all the pain it caused me. 

Mind you, I am not really complaining as all of this was entirely self-inflicted. But this certainly was anything but the quick and painless time saving advent calendar solution I had initially in mind.

I hope that your Christmas projects are coming along nicely, on schedule and without similar odysseys.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Snowball Block Quilt - Late in Summer

Hi there, I wanted to take a moment to share a completed snowball block quilt with you. It is the first quilt I made for myself rather than gifting it to friends and their kids.

Snowball block quilt Puppilalla Design green blue

It is a very basic design of snowball blocks alternating with simple fabric squares. I had fallen in love with the Bloomsbury Gardens Quilt by Rita from Red Pepper Quilts and decided to make a bed sized version for myself.

snowball block quilt Puppilalla Design green blue

Colour wise, I wanted something reminiscent of late hot summer days near greenish dark ponds, overhung with willows and whispering reeds full of whirring dragonflies, where the willows swallow up the wind and time seems slow as molasses. Therefore, I settled for olive greens and summer sky blues with a bit grey and gold sprinkled in between. 

snowball block quilt Puppilalla Design green blue

The decision to add some fabrics of Joel Dewberry’s 'Modern Meadow' collection came somewhat later because I felt the quilt needed some graphic elements. It felt too tone-in-tone and somehow lacking in tension. While the 'Modern Meadow' fabrics did not exactly match my colour scheme, they enhanced the quilt a lot by adding texture. I did agonize over the question whether or not to include the red bits but now I am glad I did. 

Late in Summer modern Snowball block quilt Puppilalla Design green blue

It fascinates me to look at the back of completed quilt tops.

Late in Summer modern Snowball block quilt Puppilalla Design green blue

I used an olive green embroidery floss to big - stich around the inner border once.

Late in Summer modern Snowball block quilt Puppilalla Design green blue

For the backing I choose a lovely soft fabric called 'Mind the Moose' by Soft Cactus.

snowball block quilt Puppilalla Design green blue

I very much like my LATE IN SUMMER snowball block quilt and look forward to it adorning my bedroom for years to come.