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Friday, 6 July 2018

Assorted Odds and Ends

Puppilalla, Shape Moth, FPP, Paper Foundation Piecing, Patchwork, Feather

Whilst working on my various projects, I produced various odd ends, mostly blocks that would not work the way I needed them to for the project I had in mind. Like currently, the last of the 'Rakish Needle Round Robin' quilt tops is waiting to be progressed. I had thought to make more feathers but wanted to try to use a different style from the ones already displayed in the quilt. I chose the FPP- Feather template that 'ShapeMoth' made for her wonderful Forrest Quilt Along in 2013. The templates can still be downloded for free from Craftsy.

Puppilalla, Shape Moth, FPP, Paper Foundation Piecing, Lillyella, Patchwork, Buttertfly Charm Block,

The colours and textures made a really cool feather, which would however not work in the context of the strongly geometrical Arrow and Feather round robin quilt top at all. Oh well, it was worth a try. So I did not then make the second smaller feather. Instead I finally tackled one of Lillyella's free FPP  Butterfly Charm block templates that I had meant to make for a long while and applied the same colour scheme there.

Puppilalla, Deer Patchwork, Block, Colourway, Fabric pull

Both blocks will go towards the 'Oh Deer' quilt and work well there. Recently, I had pulled out all the pieces that I already had prepared and laid them out again just to find that I still hate what it would look like were these sewn together. I love the colour recipe very much but the divisible squares idea has to go. I guess, fabric amounts available permitting, this is at some point going to turn into a medallion quilt with the deer block in the middle. Maybe.


Puppilalla, Diamond FPP block, Patchwork

A similar thing happened with the above diamond blocks. I drew a template and found half way through the sewing process that my fabric would run out before I could finish them. Yup, I am really bad a quilt math. Therefore, I called a second similar green solid to the rescue but considering the way the templates had been sewn so far - chain pieced - I  could not change some of them now for lack of the first fabric. I finished them with the second fabric but could no longer use them in the way I had meant to. See half of them were meant to be inverted and the second colour would have been in the wrong place then. These diamonds blocks will be put to good use in my Up the Ante Sampler rather than in the fox themed baby quilt they were envisioned to go into.

 ... the Summer Edition

On IG another round of 'Get your quilty wishes granted' is winding down. I did not play, as I feel quite content with my stash as it currently is, but went to grant one wish anyway. CrankyKangaroo wished for our UFOs. On previous occasions she had enjoyed working with projects and blocks commenced by other makers and wanted to challenge herself again. I could immediately relate to that excitement of working with styles and fabrics that you might not have thought to choose yourself. This is similar to getting to work with these exciting round robin quilts or blocks for a Queen Bee.

My Tessallation style FPP-blocks have languished in my drawers for a long time now, since August 2015 to be precise. I figured it was timeto let go, as clearly nothing would ever be made with them. so packaged all... hem hem... most of them up and send them on their long way to be adopted. (I might have kept a token few to go into the triangle scrap bag to enliven a scrap quilt along the lines of my Scrappy Triangle Improv Pillow ...      la la la - move along nothing to see here ...)


Sunday, 1 October 2017

2017 FAL - Fourth Quarter

I have had a break from the Finish-A-Long lists since Spring but as they help me to keep my focus and not loose sight of my WIPs, I have decided to compile a list again for the last quarter:

1. Baby Quilt

My friend Hannah is expecting a baby girl in October, so I need to finish a baby blanket for her. Currently, I am still embroidering highlights into some cute animal panels of Gingiber's 'Thicket' fabric line.

Puppilalla, Thicket Fabric, Gingiber Fabric, Embroidery, Baby Blanket

2. Tessellation Pillowcase 

Yes, this is a true UFO - I will take this to the sewing retreat hosted by Allison of Campbell Soup Diary and Melanie of Melanie's Kunstraum at the end of October. Last chance to finish it. If I don't, I will orphan the pieces and clear them out.

3. The 'Double Star' Quilting Bee Quilt 2016 

The quilt top has not progressed this year so this too will come to the sewing retreat with me. I want to make progress with this one to get it off my to-do list.

4. Oh Deer Quilt Top

The fabric for the quilt top has been cut now it wants assembling.

5. Indigo Dyed Pillowcase

I dyed this piece of fabric during an Indigo dyeing workshop in Kyoto in September. Now it too wants to become a pillowcase.

Of course these are not all the projects I am currently working on but these are the ones most likely to be progressed. So ready, steady, go!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

2017 Finish-A-Long Second Quarter List

The second quarter of the 2017 Finish-A-Long is about to begin and checking the goals defined at the beginning of the year, I am pleased to have already have achieved a few of them. 
I successfully participated in the Blithe Fabric Blog Tour and made a top for a baby blanket. And for that top I used a foundation paper piecing template I created for one of my very own designs. That was a first and another goal I had set for myself this year.

1. Static Interference Baby Blanket

You can download the template for the 'Static Interference Quilt Block' here and I will put the completion of the 'Static Interference' baby quilt on my second quarter FAL list.

2. Double Star Quilting Bee quilt top 

There is also the intention to make progress with last year’s Double Star Quilting Bee quilt top. It still needs three more borders. I do not see this happen any time very soon because baby quilts takes precedent but it is good to keep the project in mind anyway.

3. Oh those Tessellation Blocks

A true UFO, left untouched for over year now. The pieces might actually wander over into the orphan block category at some stage if motivation and inspiration remain elusive.

4. Economy Block Baby Quilt

Because there is good reason another baby blanket is in order. The most alluring ‘Economy Block’ projects recently surfaced on Instagram and I decided to buy into that fad. =)  I have some Cosmo Cricket 'Salt Air' prints that will work wonderfully in that context.

by Heide Kenney

Other than that, my idea is not to stress myself over the completion of these projects. I also have a few other projects on the backburner but as these are no-where near completion stage but also do not qualify as UFOs, I feel they have no business being on this list. Right now I want to very much enjoy the 'Rakish Needle Round Robin' that I organised. I am eagerly awaiting the mailman with the starter block I am to work with first.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Orphan Quilt Block Adoption - Starting March 16th

I am inspired by Cynthia Brunz's of Cynthia Brunz Designs who is host to a bi-annual Quilty Orphan Adoption Event. This is a great initiative, basically waste not, want not at its best, so I thought, I re-post the event here to spread the word. 

Cynthia invites everyone to join a link party on her blog to give up orphaned blocks or projects for adoption. It is a good way to clean out sewing spaces and to give a second chance to a project that you are no longer inspired by but that might be taken up by someone else to finish. So in order to not just store the orphan blocks and projects on another person's shelf, people are encouraged to only adopt a project if they feel that they truly want to complete it. =)

Last fall, Cynthia put these leftover diamond shapes up for adoption. They were from a previous quilt of hers that got too big.She was not inspired by them at all.

Cynthia Brunz

Apparently, Joye from South Carolina adopted them and made the below quilt she then gave to charity. Cynthia promptly commented: 'Are you kidding me!?!? Isn't it beautiful! Who knew this lovely quilt was in that stack of unwanted fabric. Well, Joye did!'

Cynthia Brunz

The linky party starts Thursday March 16th and closes late Saturday the 18th. The adoption guidelines can be found here. I do only currently have about two orphan blocks lying around so I will only cheer from the sidelines this time round but if you have an UFO that is stalking your dreams or gives you a guilty conscience, consider giving it up for adoption. Having said that you might equally wish to adopt a project.


Monday, 9 January 2017

2017 Finish A Long - First Quarter Proposed Finishes

I very much enjoyed the Finish-A-Long lists last year as they helped me to keep my focus and not loose sight of my WIPs. Therefore, I would like to add my modest list again:

1. Improv Pillowcase

It is almost done anyway, Had Christmas and travel for New Year's Eve not been in the way, it would already have been finished.


2. Tessellation Pillowcase 

Yes, this is a true UFO - I must tackle it this year! It would be such a shame otherwise. 

3. The 'Double Star' Quilting Bee Quilt 2016 

The quilt top still needs three borders, before I can think about assembly and quilting. I guess it is also time to start thinking about what fabric to choose for the backing.

What is NOT on the list any longer, as I very definitely did not get my act together, is the mobile phone cover for my sister, which was on the FAL lists all of 2016 - hem hem. She got a cover for Christmas, so her phone does not have to live in a sock any longer.  

I guess that is it.

Oh - and I liked the colourful button last year much better than the sombre looking current one. A more colourful life for everyone please!   

Sunday, 9 October 2016

2016 Finish-A-Long - 4Q FAL list

Is this the time of the year already? Time flies and I even managed to finish one project of the 3Q FAL list, namely the last Polaroid pillow case. The other projects are still in limbo, although I made progress with my 'Double Star' quilt. So on to the final quarter.

The 4Q FAL list:

1. A baby burp cloth: A Finish - yeah =)

Puppilalla, Burp Cloth, Clous 9 Fabrics, Baby Shower Gift, Sabbertuch

2. Tessellation Pillowcase:  Nope, nothing to report yet.

3. Mobile Phone Cover: No progress.

4. Finish the 'Double Star' Quilt. Getting there. I have now got 20 blocks I can play around with. I will write an up-date about them soon.  =)

5. Make an Improv Pillowcase. 

Let's take stock again at the end of the next quarter. I severely doubt that I will get much done, as I am also looking forward to a 20 day holiday abroad and then we are way into the Christmas preparations already. 


2016 FAL

Monday, 1 August 2016

Polaroid Pillowcase, The Third One & A Few Orphaned Polaroids

Patchwork, Polaroid Photo Pillowcase, Puppilalla, Cushion Cover,

There is nothing like a bit of pressure to get things done.

Fussy Cut, Patchwork, Polaroid Photo Pillowcase, Puppilalla, Cushion Cover,

I spent the weekend away up North at the Baltic Sea and I really, really, really, really wanted to get this last pillowcase done before hopping on the train.

Fussy Cuts, Patchwork, Polaroid Photo Pillowcase, Puppilalla, Cushion Cover,

My friend Alex lives in Greifswald and has a 4 year old daughter. I thought the pillowcase would make a lovely 'hostess gift' for the little one. It did to an extent. 30 minutes after having unwrapped her present, the little girl came back to ask if I had ANOTHER one for her...   =)

Fussy Cuts, Patchwork, Polaroid Photo Pillowcase, Puppilalla, Cushion Cover,
Patchwork, Polaroid Photo Pillowcase, Puppilalla, Cushion Cover,

This is the first project of my 3rd quarter Finish-A-Long list that I have completed. In fact it is the first Finish-A-Long project completed this year. I just like how cheerful it looks. Oh - and if you want to see more of the initial Polaroid panel construction process, have a look here.

Patchwork, Polaroid Photo Pillowcase, Puppilalla, Cushion Cover,

That leaves me with the last final and therefore now orphaned Polaroids. As it is no use for them to gather dust, I am happy to give them away to anyone planning a similar project. Any takers? Just leave a comment beneath this post.

Patchwork, Polaroid Photos, Puppilalla,

The fussy cuts in the middle measure 3 x 3 inches. First come, first served. 


I link up with 'Let's Bee Social'. Why don't you come over and join the fun?

Sew Fresh Quilts

2016 FAL

Thursday, 7 July 2016

2016 Finish-A-Long - 3Q FAL list

2016 FAL

I got the hang of this now.  According to the empirical data gathered over the last 2 quarters, one adds more projects to the to-be-finished list every quarter, whilst taking great care, not to finish anything on that list but only other projects. Got it.  =)

Easy peasy lemon squeezy right?

Well then, the 3Q FAL list:

1. Tessellation Pillowcase:  Nope, nothing to report yet.

2. Mobile Phone Cover: No progress, just moving the fabrics across the sewing space from left to right and back again.

3. Make a final Pillowcase with the last leftover Polaroid Photo panel and stray Polaroids. 

4. Finish the 'Double Star' Quilt. No pressure! =)

5. Make an Improv Pillowcase. 

I have made progress with my improv piece over the last quarter but have not finished it yet. I enjoy the process but find improv really hard. I have to develop every step slowly rather then being able to cut 'n' amount of pieces in the prescribed manner to arrive at the pre- defined outcome within a foreseeable timeframe 'x'. It is a challenge.

As far as achievements go, I have managed to finish a quilt and two pillowcases this quarter, worked on a few bee blocks for fellow queen bees, made a block for the Pulse Charity Drive and have just about taken up working on my 'Double Star' bee quilt top with the view to complete it.

Let's take stock again at the end of the next quarter. Why don't you join fun?


Friday, 8 April 2016

2016 Finish-A-Long - 2Q FAL list

The first quarter of the year is gone and I have not even made an attempt at finishing any of the UFOs. However, I would claim I had good cause having been busy with the polaroid photo quilt, which got completed this month. So I am rolling last quarter's UFOs over into the next one and add another.

1. Tessellation Style Pillowcase

In all fairness, the pieces of the pillowcase followed me around my sewing space - serving as constant reminder - since I had entered them into the 1Q FAL list. I keep looking at them but no real inspiration struck yet as to how to proceed.

2. Mobile Phone Cover for my Sister

No - I did not even think about this one in the last three months. The cover will be made of the striped fabric and have ruffles of the 'Botanique' print on the front, which in turn will be held in place by the blue velvet ribbon. The blue fabric will used as lining. To close the cover I thought to use press buttons. And of course the butterfly needs applying.

3. Convert the improv pieces into a finished object

A first improv attempt that now wants to be turned into something useful? practical? whimsical? - something finished anyway.

If you have unfinished projects just biding their time, you might consider joining the Finish-A-Long as well. Make sure to check out the entries as there are stunning pieces among them.


2016 FAL

Friday, 8 January 2016

2016 Finish-A-Long - First Quarter Entries

Luckily I have not that many UFO's flying about (yet). There are only two projects that have wanted finishing for a while. Maybe entering them for the 2016 Finish-A-Long will see them completed.

1. Tessellation Style Pillowcase

I had started the pillowcase as a birthday present for a friend but when I noticed that I would not get it done in time and had to switch to a different present, the urgency to finish the project just dissipated. Still I like the colours of all the triangles and once finished the pillowcase will be gorgeous. So I really should just go on and finish it alright. 

2. Mobile Phone Cover for my Sister

The thing is, I had already made her one. Then she got a new phone and the cover had to be altered to make it fit, only that my sister did not like the alterations (nor did I very much to say the truth). So we are speaking about attempt number three to finally get the (current) phone out of the sock and into a cover. 

Below is my fabric choice. You cannot quite see it but the stripes of the striped fabric are duck eggshell blue. The cover will be made of the striped fabric and have ruffles of the 'Botanique' print on the front, which in turn will be held in place by the blue velvet ribbon. The blue fabric will used as lining. To close the cover I thought to use press buttons. And of course the butterfly needs applying, mostly because the first cover I made had its sibling applied on top and my sister does not want to do without. 

Sheesh... motivation please.

If you have unfinished projects just biding their time, you might consider joining the Finish-A-Long as well.

2016 FAL