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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Bucket List of Sewing (related) Projects

Bucket List of sewing projects

Like every other quilter, I too have a wish list of projects I would like to complete at some point, some of which are short-term, others are long-term projects, some are realistic, others are less so.

Here a few thoughts in regards to my by no means complete wish list:

Joining a Quilting Bee

2015 is well into autumn and 2016 is visible on the distant horizon at least as far as the organisation of new quilting bees is concerned. I will endeavour to get a spot in one to get to work on a number of different projects with fellow bees.

Project rating: short to medium term realistic 

Building a Design Wall & having a permanent Sewing Space

One project goes hand in hand with the other of course. Both currently rate as unrealistic but hopeful for the future.

I am a city and apartment dweller and therefore, a permanent space specifically and solely dedicated to sewing is a luxury not very likely going to happen any time soon. My two room apartment simply cannot accommodate it. It would be lovely were it otherwise, as I am positively fed up with constantly moving sewing materials around and having to clear the living room table, which - alas - is also needed for other things beside sewing.  =)

The design wall fits right in with that. I tend to assemble blocks and fabric pieces on my less than ideal living room floor but cannot currently dedicate an entire wall or parts thereof to quilting only.

If anyone has practical ideas concerning stashable / foldable design walls suitable for small spaces, I am always grateful for suggestions.