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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Up the Ante #7 - I Could While Away The Hours...

Before I write about my forward look for 2017 it might be opportune to stop and review at what stage my various projects currently are. 

Quilt blocks, sampler quilt, Puppilalla, improv piecing, foundation paper piecing

Like my 'Up the Ante' sampler project, which grows steadily although the process has become fairly random. When I started out, I wanted to do specific blocks from some Block-of-the-month Craftsy classes to learn new techniques. For a while I did just that but quickly began to construct whichever block took my fancy at a time. I am surprised just how many blocks I  already have stitched up this year, considering that it is not on my official 'want-to-get-done' list at all.  =)

I put those blocks down as above for an IG snapshot when we were asked what we were currently doing with our scraps. I am getting excited about putting the blocks together to a quilt top at some point next year.

So what's new? Last, as previously mentioned, I had slightly amended the 'Anne's Flower' block and the colours flow much better now.

Anne's Flower Block, Puppilalla, Quilting, Sampler Quilt


I also was constructing flying geese from triangle and other scraps only. These will be used as fill-in pieces on a need be basis. All blocks have completely different sizes and there will be plenty of gaps to fill in.

Here I had not been paying attention. I had two pieces of equal size of that blue dotted Joel Dewberry print and I had wanted to use them both in a rather different block. I did not think of that at the time I made the 'Plus' block and just went with a fabric combination I liked. I still like it. Then however I saw the other fabric piece peeking out of the scrap pile remembering. Best laid plans right?  =)

Quilting, Plus block, Puppilalla

I had counted the amount of fabrics used up until now but now I cannot find just where I noted down that number. Ah well ... Anyhow, I very much like the relaxedness of that project and am looking forward to keep working on it.

On a side note, I am very excited to read that Rachel Hauser @Stitched in Color will offer her Penny Sampler Class again in 2017. Her amazing design serves as inspiration piece and guiding principle for my own sampler quilt for which I intend to use Rachel's broken border approach. I am seriously contemplating to sign up but then again the quilty project plan for next year looks so busy already that I might not.

Decisions, decisions

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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Up the Ante #6 - From Scrap to Quilt Block

I had set this Sunday aside for some relaxed sewing. I pulled the scrap bag out and got busy. So all the blocks were essentially made from scraps combined with neutral fabrics.

Puppilalla, Anne's Flower, Quilt Block, Tu-Na Quilts, Up the Ante, Sampler Quilt, Free Quilt Block,

As I was looking for some pictorial blocks for my sampler quilt to be, I thought to give Karen's @Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats blog hop block 'Anne's Flower' a try. It was the first time that I tried anything 'Dresden Plate' style. Worked like a charm, 

Though the flowery print on the left side there would have been better placed further up, finishing at the upper edge to make the colours flow better... Hmmm - I might still change that.

Puppilalla, Anne's Flower, Quilt Block, Tu-Na Quilts, Up the Ante, Sampler Quilt, Free Quilt Block,

All made from scraps =)

Puppilalla, Anne's Flower, Quilt Block, Tu-Na Quilts, Up the Ante, Sampler Quilt, Free Quilt Block,

I only wish I had chosen a more prominent fabric for the flower stalk. The embroidery on top does not improve it either. Still a good overall effort however. 

Puppilalla, Anne's Flower, Quilt Block, Tu-Na Quilts, Up the Ante, Sampler Quilt, Free Quilt Block,

And here was a little frog to play around with. Improv piecing live from the pond, I tell you! There were some nice fussy cuts to have from those left over fabric strips. 

Puppilalla, Improv Piecing, Quilt Block, Up the Ante, Sampler Quilt, Free Quilt Block,

Overall, I am fairly happy with the outcome of this Sunday's sewing session. It provided me the rest and relaxation I felt I needed this weekend.

Puppilalla, Improv Piecing, Quilt Block, Up the Ante, Sampler Quilt, Free Quilt Block,

Well now you know what kept me busy this Sunday. What were you up to then?

Puppilalla, Improv Piecing, Quilt Block, Up the Ante, Sampler Quilt, Free Quilt Block,

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Procrastination 101 - Up The Ante #5

Ah well, I should be sewing other things, urgently so even. But somehow I could not muster the energy those last few days. Do you know that feeling? The Cloud 9 Fabrics 'New Block' Blog Hop is coming up and I still have to finish writing the block tutorial AND to actually sew the block in the (gorgeous) sponsored fabrics. After having finished the amazing looking test block however, my energy just somehow dissipated and is yet to resurface.

Therefore, I stopped trying to make myself do it and just went to sew something entirely unrelated. Just to keep the sewing momentum going. I had my eye on the little 'Dala Horse' for a while and thought it would be an enjoyable in-between project. I am still working from the scrap pile reserved for my 'Up the Ante Sampler' quilt and enjoy adding small blocks to it from time to time.

Julianna Gasiorowska, Sewing Under Rainbow, Puppilalla, Dala Horse, Paper Piecing, free quilt block,
I made a little mistake there at the lower right hand corner but no matter, it will disappear in the seam allowance.

I just love using up scraps that seem like there is no purpose for them anymore, as they are too small or too unshapely. Is the saddle not pretty? I did not have enough of the purple fabric for the entire saddle but made do.  =)

Julianna Gasiorowska, Sewing Under Rainbow, Puppilalla, Dala Horse, Paper Piecing, free quilt block,

The 'Dala Horse' pattern has been designed by the talented Julianna Gąsiorowska '@Sewing Under Rainbow' and can be downloaded for free from Julianna's Craftsy page. Check out the other gorgeous pattern she offers there. 'Warsaw Mermaid' is all I am saying  =)

Puppilalla, Dala Horse, Paper Piecing, free quilt block, Improvisation, Improv Block, Polaroids

I improvised another little block with a fussy cut dragonfly(?) in the middle and composed one in stripes. The tiger, feathers and rabbit were not originally mine. Those were sponsored for my Polaroid quilt project. The Polaroids were so small however that they just would not play with the other Polaroids. No matter, I have joined them in a row and will give them a home in the sampler quilt. 

I am still debating whether to include the green block with silver drops. It was goodie sent along by a fellow bee earlier this year. I am not sure how well it would work with the other blocks, as it is rather glaring, but pushing blocks around the living room wall (washi tape rules!) will tell in time.

OK, I am off for a long weekend away at a wedding, hoping to come back refreshed for a another go at the blog hop block.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Up the Ante #4 - Interim Development

It was back in November when I last wrote about my 'Up the Ante' up-skilling project. I had mentioned at the end of the post that I had completed a few more blocks but  that the weather had not conducive to taking pretty pictures. Afterwards, I just did not get around to do it. As I have not done anything much sewing wise last week, this might be as good a moment as any to catch up on the project. 

Carolyn Friedlander, Outhouse, Puppilalla, Up the Ante, Foundation paper piecing

The main idea of this project is to learn new techniques and to hone my skills but also to stick to a colour scheme in order to make the resulting blocks play nicely with one another. The blocks I am making are of various sizes as I am drawing on a number of different Craftsy classes and other resources to work from. In the end I intend to put the blocks together to a sampler. 

I kicked this project of with staring to learn foundation paper piecing and found that easier than I had, prior to trying, thought possible. Above you can see the lovely 'Outhouse' pattern by Carolyn Friedlander I could not resist making a block of.

Patchwork, Puppilalla, Up the Ante Sampler Quilt

Next I want to make the incredibly nice 'Summer Perseid' block by Kim @ Leland Ave Studios, who designed the block for a blog hop last year. The quilting community does not seem to be alive to this block yet but I am sure it will catch up sooner rather than later.
What is nice about this project is that there is no deadline and no pressure to proceed. I am deliberately not entering this project into any Finish-alongs as this is not an UFO ... (yet, ask me again in a year's time =) 
Currently, I enjoy pulling the scraps out whenever I have time and feel that I want to work on it some more.


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Up the Ante #3 - Fabric Rehearsal

Yesterday I sat - cup of tea in hand - next to the little pile of scraps I wanted to use up in my sampler quilt and got thinking about colour. Already despite my initial plan to work indiscriminatingly with all scraps in the pile, I find myself grouping them together and favouring some over others. That shows that my eyes strive for a certain harmony within the project.

Therefore, I decided to do a little colour study with my fabrics. As you can see the majority of my scraps are blue, blue-green, green and yellow-green, which sit right next to each other on the colour wheel and therefore correspond beautifully which each other.

Puppilalla Up the Ante Sampler Quilt Colour Study and Fabric Choice

Right opposite of yellow-green sits red-violet, which as complementary colour provides contrast to the yellow-green. That explains why the neon hot pink prints actually do work within that context.

My key fabric is Basic Grey’s ‘Grudge’ in Mint, which I do love. The colour combination of the minty tints with the olive green thrown in is just wonderful and has - funny as it is given that we speak about mint - a very warm feel to it. The olive green provides an overlaying sense of vintage sepia to the fabric.

Puppilalla Up the Ante Sampler Quilt Colour Study and Fabric Rehearsal

Combined with low volume fabrics and assorted scraps I imagine the finished quilt to be lovely. The neutral fabrics and low volume prints will provide the necessary negative space so the multicoloured blocks will not crowd each other in or clash, where they are not immediately harmonising due to their varying tints and shades.

I have a few other blocks I want to share with you but as the weather has been unrelentingly grey these past few days, I have not yet managed to take some pictures. 

Next time round =)

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Up the Ante #2 - Paper Foundation Piecing and Directional Prints

Had I known how easy Paper Foundation Piecing is, I might have started earlier exploring it. As mentioned in a previous post, I recently started a Craftsy class with Elizabeth Dackson called Start Foundation Paper Piecing  and am really enjoying the process so far. Let me show you some of the blocks that were provided with the class materials. 

Puppilalla Paper Foundation Piecing Sampler Quilt Blocks

For the ‘Vortex’ block  (a) and the ‘Starbust’ block (b) I stuck to the instructions but once I felt comfortable, I altered the 'Starflower' (c) and 'Monarch Block' (d) a bit. I started by scaling the templates down as I did not want them all to be the same size. The 'Starflower' is therefore now only a quarter of the size of the ‘Vortex’ or ‘Starbust’ block. 

Puppilalla Paper Foundation Piecing Sampler Quilt Blocks template

I also added a few more lines to the template, which changes the design somewhat but I like it better this way. 

Puppilalla Paper Foundation Piecing Sampler Quilt Blocks Starflower

The ‘Monarch’ block too was scaled down and I had a hard time to decide the colour placement. I am content with outcome though the hot neon pink pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone. I am counting on it to blend in with the blues and low volume fabrics in the finished sampler quilt.

Puppilalla Paper Foundation Piecing Sampler Quilt Monarch Block

I also found it challenging to work with directional prints trying to make sure they remain aligned rather than going all over the place. With having to flip the templates over for sewing, I had to think sideways at times to try to keep count of where individual fabric pieces would end up in the finished block. =)

Puppilalla Finished Paper Foundation Piecing Sampler Quilt Blocks

Also have a look at these lovely star themed paper foundation templates Cath Hall so generously provides free of charge on her blog Wombat Quilts. I am thinking about making one or two to go with the ‘Starflower’ block.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Up the Ante #1 - Sampler Quilt Project

Puppilalla Quilt Project Up the Ante Graphic

On learning new techniques and up-skilling

As it is as good a time as any to take a little time to learn new techniques, I might just as well make a start now. A while back, I had mentioned to my friend Conny that I was interested in learning how to foundation paper piece and - Voilà - received a Craftsy class on the very theme last Christmas. As I was tight up with various other sewing projects it took me until July this year to finally have a proper look at the class and other Craftsy classes beside.

Very motivated to find out how foundation paper piecing works, I set out to make the first class project, which was real fun. But following from that first finished block the question arose what to do with it and the ones that would follow?

I was not too keen on the general idea of a Sampler Quilt. They are generally just not my cup of tea. The decision on how to proceed, hinged on the question what I would want to do with the finished blocks though. Not wanting to continue without a definite plan I kind of got a little stuck.

Finally, I came across Rachel Hauser's blog Stitched in Color. Rachel created this stunning Penny Sampler Quilt, on which she taught a class on quilting techniques in 2013. I was instantly fascinated. It manages not to look like a typical sampler quilt but more like a storybook gone wild.

Stitched in Color Rachel Hauser Penny Sampler Quilt
Stitched in Color - Penny Sampler Quilt

What I really like about her design is the loose placement of blocks and the broken borders, that somehow manage to be engaging but not too crowded. Having decided on the Penny Sampler as my guiding principle and source of inspiration, the project is finally starting to fall into place.

Project planning:

Fabric wise I will try to use most of my green and blue scraps combined with low volume fabrics. As you can see there is plenty to keep me going =)

I also intend to keep a tally on the overall number of fabrics used in this project.

The blocks I will be making will inevitably be of various sizes as I am drawing on a number of different Craftsy classes and other resources to up my skills. I will just wait how they turn out and worry about placement and trimming once I have a fair number of blocks completed.

New techniques to master in the process:

- Foundation Paper Piecing
- some new Chain Piecing Techniques
- Sewing Drunkard's Path Style Curves

By the way - how can the Summer be over already? *sigh*