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Friday, 16 September 2016

Cloud 9 Fabrics - 'New Block' Blog Hop - Block Library

Well, wow it is very interesting to see what all the participants came up with. The blocks turned out very versatile. There are certainly a few among them that I would not mind giving a try in the future. And because I like things neat and tidy, I have listed all the blocks below, so that I might find them when I need them in the future.

Day 1

Cloud 9 Fabrics, New Block Blog Hop, new quilting blocks, modern quilt blocks, free quilt blocks, Puppilalla

1. Abigail @Cut & Alter
2. Janice @Color, Creating, and Quilting!
3. Lorinda @Laurel, Poppy, and Pine
4. Renee @Quilts of a Feather
5. Kathryn @Upitis Quilts
6. Kim @Leland Ave Studios
7. Amanda @this mom quilts
8. Irene @Patchwork and Pastry
9. Holly @Lighthouse Lane Designs
10. Jennifer @Dizzy Quilter
11. Anne @Said With Love
12. Karen @Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats
13. Sharla @Thistle Thicket Studio
14. Suzy @Adventurous Applique and Quilting
15. Sarah @Sarah Goer Quilts
16. Kathleen @Smiles From Kate
17. Chelsea @Patch the Giraffe
18. Jinger @Trials of a Newbie Quilter
19. Anja @Anja Quilts
20. Daisy @Ants to Sugar
21. Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl 
22. Melva @Melva Loves Scraps
23. Amanda @Gypsy Moon Quilt Co.

Day 2

It is very hard to decide on a favorite when all the blocks came out so inspiring. I have counted 65 participants. Quite a number. I would very much like to do a new block design challenge again in the near future. =)

Cloud 9 Fabrics, New Block Blog Hop, new quilting blocks, modern quilt blocks, free quilt blocks, Puppilalla

1. Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs
2. Sarah @123 Quilt
3. Leanne @Devoted Quilter
4. Jen @Patterns By Jen
5. Jennifer @RV Quilting
6. Amanda @Quiltologie
7. Sharon @Yellow Cat Quilt Designs
8. Jen @A Dream and A Stitch
9. Jen @Faith and Fabric
10. Carole @Carole Lyles Shaw
11. Stephanie @Quilt’n Party
12. Susan @Sevenoaks Street Quilts
13. Katrin @Now What Puppilalla
14. Amista @Hilltop Custom Designs
15. Nicole @Handwrought Quilts
16. Marla @Penny Lane Quilts
17. Silvia @A Stranger View
18. Sarah @Smiles Too Loudly
19. Carrie @the zen quilter
20. Mary @Quilting is in My Blood
21. Velda @GRANNYcanQUILT
22.  Jennifer @The Inquiring Quilter

Day 3

All of these blocks will make beautiful charity quilts. I wonder what is in it for the fabric sponsors of such design hops though. Advertisement - sure, introducing fabrics to potential new customers - of course, but it must have been expensive to provide and ship fat quarter bundles to 65 quilters. 

Cloud 9 Fabrics, New Block Blog Hop, new quilting blocks, modern quilt blocks, free quilt blocks, Puppilalla

1. Stephanie @Late Night Quilter
2. Kathy @Kathys Kwilts and More
3. Paige @Quilted Blooms
4. Allison @Woodberry Way
5. Seven @The Concerned Craft
6. Olusola @Alice Samuel’s Quilt Co.
7. Ann @Brown Paws Quilting
8. Jodie @Persimmon + Pear
9. Vicki @Orchid Owl Quilts
10. Kitty @Night Quilter
11. Shelley @The Carpenter’s Daughter who Quilts
12. Jayne @Twiggy and Opal
13. Geraldine @Living Water Quilter
14. Shannon @Shannon Fraser Designs
15. Lisa @Sunlight In Winter Quilts
16. Jessica @Quilty Habit
17. Cassandra @The (not so) Dramatic Life
18. Denise @Craft Traditions
19. Mary @Strip Quilts Pass it On
20. Deanna @Stitches Quilting

2016 New Quilt Bloggers

When did you say the next design hop was coming up?


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Top 5 Blocks for Quilting Bees - Suitable Bee Blocks

Once you have successfully joined a quilting bee it is time for the BIG question. What block shall I ask my bee mates to make? The answer depends somewhat on the ground rules of your bee group, swarm or hive. 
Usually, there are a few restrictions that need to be observed. Mostly, it should be possible to construct your block of choice without having to purchase patterns or additional, fancy equipment beyond what can be reasonably expected in a sewing basket. Also bees do mostly work with fabrics from their own stash, which naturally leads to a variety of different fabrics appearing in the final project. That needs to be factored in when choosing a block.

Still, even discounting the commercial patterns, the possibilities are sheer endless. Working with scraps or going mono chromatic seems to work fine. Tuning you swarm mates to a very specific colour scheme is equally possible but a little more challenging. Will you allow your bee mates to improvise or should you go for that extra tedious design that you would appreciate not to have to make 18 blocks of on your own? Decisions, decisions. 

Puppilalla Original Design Copyright 2015, Queen Bee, Quilting Bee

Let me share with you a few blocks that I really like and consider absolutely quilting bee suitable. 

1. 'Pickle Dish Variation' at red pepper quilts 

I fell for this design when I saw Rachel's interpretation at 'Stitched in Color'. The warm bright colours and low volume fabrics creating a strong contrast absolutely work for me. Rachel used Rita Hodge's easy to follow tutorial and Rita's version uses a somewhat cooler colour scheme. The secondary pattern emerging is drop dead gorgeous. Bees could use all sort of scraps to make this block, though I find a rendition in solids would also work quite well.

Pickle Dish by Rachel Hauser @ 'Stitched in Color'

2. 'Simply Woven Quilt' at Moda Bake Shop

This is such a simple yet effective design. Again many different fabrics could be used without clashing or causing offence. I imagine this design would save a queen bee a lot of grief when he or she receives a block in colours that are ever so slightly off the preferred colour scheme. One could easily hide the 'offender' in the pattern not that I think any block would manage to offend in this design. The pattern is by Jessica Kelly of 'SewCraftyJess' and can be found at 'Moda Bake Shop'.

Jessica Kelly of  'SewCraftyJess' for 'Moda Bake Shop'

3. 'Disappearing 9-Patch' at Sewn Up

That is a clever little design looking a bit like a fancy 'Irish Chain'. It manages to look a bit different and hides the single blocks nicely in the repeat. This design also lends itself to fussy cutting. The tutorial is by 'TeresaDownUnder' and can be found at her blog 'Sewn Up'.

Disappearing 9-Patch by TeresaDownUnder @ 'Sewn Up'

4. 'Boy's Nonsense' at Where The Orchids Grow

Well the actual block stems from the free block pattern library at 'Quilter's design Board' but Leila at  'Where The Orchids Grow' turned it into the below beauty of a quilt and wrote a tutorial to go along  with the block pattern. I am positively smitten with her fabric choice and colour scheme.

Boy's Nonsense by Leila @ 'Where The Orchids Grow'

5. 'Garden Fence' at Hyacinth Quilt Designs

I consider this a beautiful design by Cindy Lammon at 'Hyacinth Quilt Designs' and as far as quilting bees are concerned. a kind of play-it-safe option. Since the fabrics are framed in a solid, as here in white, the colours do not mix and mingle as much as in all the other designs above. Therefore, any block received by your fellow bees could be treated as self-contained entity. For some this might be a good way of controlling the overall impression of their quilt top to be. Not to mention that the central squares pretty much beg for fussy cuts. 

Garden Fence by Cindy Lammon @ 'Hyacinth Quilt Designs'

Further Online Resources: 

A fabulous free online resource is the 'Moda Bake Shop' blog, where quilters worldwide share their quilt designs and step-by-step tutorials, many of which can easily be adapted as bee blocks.  

For completeness sake, I would also like to point you in the direction of the Bee Hive quilt block tutorial series by 'Blossom Heart Quilts', of which I have not included any designs above since these blocks will feature prominently on my blog this year anyway, with me being a bee member of one of the 2016 swarms and all. The blocks are all newly designed rather than traditional.

'Sewing for Beginners' collected 10 free quilting patterns each for Fat Quarters, Charm Packs and Jelly Rolls.

Still not inspired? 'Generations Quilt Patterns' provide a free library of quilt block patterns and are well worth checking for further inspiration. 

If you like stars and paper foundation piecing Cath Hall at 'Wombat Quilts' can surely accomodate your every wish. 

Right then. This should help you getting started deciding on a bee block for your next quilting bee. I surely feel inspired.