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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Stash Bee September Block - Oh Scrap

September Queen Amanda’s block choice is the exact opposite from my orderly and precise foundation paper piecing request last month. For her block she asked us to pull out our scraps to organically grow a block by matching scraps of similar sizes, combining away until you had a piece large enough to trim to 9 x 9 inches. We were to avoid browns and pastels. I succeeded on the first part but looking at my picture now, some fabric read more ‘pastel’ than Amanda might like. The good thing about this project is that she can just cut my blocks up and re-combine them with other pieces if she does not like what they currently look like.

 I have prepared one 9.5 x 9.5 inches block and an extra piece that is about 8 x 9 in size. They are already en route to Queen Amanda.

Stash Bee

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Stash Bee Queen of August - The Royal Me

Puppilalla, Static Interference Quilt Block, FPP, Foundation Paper Piecing, modern quilt, Quilting Bee, Original Design,

Hello Hive 4 and hello respective fellow queens and bees,
I ascended to royalty this month and this is the tutorial I put up on Stash Bee for my hive mates.

It is August already. Crazy huh? This month we are trying our hand at Foundation Paper Piecing and I hope you just said ‘YAY’ with me.

Static Interference – Pattern Download:

As Queen Bee I am asking you to make is the ‘Static Interference’ Block, which you can download from here. It is my own design, which makes me ever so much more excited about sewing it with you. (woohoo!) Four of the basic blocks combined create one gorgeous 16.5 x 16.5 inches block, which in turn creates this gorgeous repeat.

Repeat 4

If you are proficient in Foundation Paper Piecing, I will not explain your craft to you. If you are new to Foundation Paper Piecing or would like to refresh your memory, I would like to refer you to this ultimate go-to tutorial, which I consider one of the best out there. If you want to see the technique in motion, please try this video (The explanation is good, but my - is she wasting fabric. You do not need an extra inch on each side).

What do I need:

  • templates 
  • glue stick (water soluble) / fine pins 
  • craft scissors 
  • fabric scissors 
  • fabrics 
  • pen 
  • colour pencils – optional 
  • scotch tape – optional in case your template rips and you need to quick-fix it 

The Colour Recipe:

The main colour of this quilt top is going to be turquoise, accented with dusky purple, lime green, yellow, black and white. You may use several different turquoise prints for the ‘background’ provided they are similar or same-ish in colour and value. The white is a white solid and the black is a black solid. The yellow, purple and lime green fabrics may have patterns or ornaments. 

Different colour values are fine, as are tiny splashes of other colours but your yellow, turquoise (not aqua), lime green and dusky purple should primarily read as these colours. 

Fabric requirements:
  • White Solid - C5, D5, A3, B3 
  • Black Solid - C3, D3 
  • Yellow Prints - A4, B4 
  • Turquoise Prints - D1- D2, C1-C2, A1, B1 
  • Lime Green Prints - C6, D6 
  • Dusky Purple Prints - C4, D4, A2, B2

A word on templates:

Print the templates, pages 7 and 8 for often as you like to make the block, (print once for one block, twice for two, thrice for three..., plus one extra if you intend to fussy cut) Take care to print ‘actual size’, which means you un-tick any ‘fit-to-page’ or ‘scale-to-page’ options.

Let’s have a look at the templates. First off- they are accurate. The doted lines denoting the seam allowance being uneven, is me grappling with the design programme. Ignore that, the templates are just fine. You will see that the block is made up of four template pieces A,B,C and D.

Secondly, if you look at the repeat made up by my four sample blocks, you will notice that some areas do NOT all line up neatly against each other, once you put the individual blocks next to each other. That is intentional. I will show further down, which parts should and should not line up. Also, template A is not a mirror image of template B, nor are C and D exact mirror images. The areas within the respective templates differ in size, which is also intentional.

Thirdly, I have decided that in this instant the same fabric will be used for the areas D1 and D2 and C1 and C2. Therefore, you can skip a step by combining the areas D1 & D2 and C1 & C2, while making sure that you cut your fabric pieces big enough to cover both designated areas.

Prepare you templates, by either colouring in all areas of the templates with the respective colours designated for the area OR taking a pen and writing the name of the colour in each designated area.

Take your craft scissors and cut out the templates, making sure to leave the seam allowance intact.

Sew your block units:

OK, you are good to go, cut your fabrics and sew away. A word of advice: Protect your ironing board! Depending on how you printed or copied your templates, the black ink might come off a little every time you iron your pieces flat. Therefore protect your board with an old piece of fabric or an unloved FQ prior to ironing. (I recommend ‘radiolab’ or ‘drabblecast’ podcasts to keep you entertained, while you sew =)

Once you have sewn your templates, join them to a block as indicated in the below pictures. Make sure all parts line up neatly.

Within the same block all lines match up as you can see when you allow your eyes to follow the diagonal sewing line in the above picture.

Upon joining individual blocks to create this repeat, only the triangle points of C3 and D3 at the bottom of the picture and the topmost corner point of each block line up. The other lines do not match because that is where the asymmetry comes in. =)

A word on sewing time, effort and resources

I do realize that the Foundation Paper Piecing skill levels among the bees may vary. Some are very proficient and just whiz away while others need more time. So some will find it easy to whip up the block and others might struggle. I am aware of that so do not stress. I doubt that anyone can complete four sets of templates in only 1.5 hours (although it sure would be awsome =). I am not asking you to either. Just try your hand and enjoy the process and see how you are getting on. Feel free to leave the paper in when you send your blocks.

So take it away and have fun – and thank you! Oh and if you use IG feel free to use #staticinterferencequiltblock

Yours royally

Stash Bee

Monday, 17 July 2017

Stash Bee - July Pumpkins

July Queen Lori asked for mini pumpkins.
I hope my block will fit in with her others.  They were fun to make but I had difficulties to find enough suitable orange scraps. My colours tend to be a bit on the very bright side. The background fabric is not actually white but the tan colour with dots did not photograph all that well. As the block is only 8.5 x 8.5 in size, I feel it would be opportune to make more than one block but my sewing mojo is somewhat down so probably won't.

I have commenced to think about my tutorial for August when I will be Queen. We will be making my 'Static Interference' Block. If only I could decide on my colour scheme. =)

Puppilalla, Pumpkin Quilt Block, Quilting Bee, Scrap Busting, Scrappy Quilt Block

Stash Bee

Monday, 3 July 2017

What ever happened to...

                                 all the Quilting Bee Blocks I made...

Is that not something we all want to know? I have to say this year's Stash Bee Hive 4 ladies are actually really good at sharing progress pictures of layout options and finished quilt tops. I participated in two bees last year and for the most part (exceptions here) never found out what happened to the blocks I made upon their arrival with their intended recipient. That is a shame because I always want to play fly-on-the-wall to just see what happenes next once all these blocks come together. 

Having said that, let's have a look at some more bee blocks of this and last year of which I do have a status report or progress shot. =)

of last year's pretties... 

Circle of Friends 

May Queen Lisa completed her quilt top last month and it is very clean and modern looking. Just pretty. It looks just like the quilt you would want for Summer.

Trails of Geese

September Queen Jen asked for Trails of Geese that had not yet been found their final layout the last time I checked. She might need a few more blocks unless she makes a mini.

Bear Paws

June Queen Marie of parallel Hive 3 requested 'Bear's Paw' blocks in plaids and finally shared a picture of the finished quilt with us. It even won 3rd place in the "Viewer's Choice" category at her local quilt show.


and this year's progress

Liberated Gwen Marston Log Cabins

March Queen Patty shared a group shot of her Gwen Marston Style improv log cabin blocks with us a while ago. At that time she had not yet received all blocks that were due.

Converging Corners

May Queen Bethany has received all of her blocks and reported that she was thrilled with the outcome. I believe the below was the final layout of the quilt top-to-be.

Poststamp / Low Volume Plus Block

January Queen Stephanie did not provide a name with her block request but I think most of you will have seen this block around. It is fun to make. And yes, I have spied my block among the eye dazzling variety below. =)

Missing U block

February Queen Carmit requested an improv log cabin block that I have also come to know under the name 'Missing U' (from Cheryl Arkinson in Sunday Morning Quilts, thanks Lisa =). Carmit has already finished her rainbow quilt. (and another furry friend fleeing the scene of the quilt photo shoot. I think I might start an IG photo stream #furrybottomsinquilting  =)

Now wasn't that fun? I love seeing all of these quilts coming together. It is somehow very inspiring. On to the second half of the bee year it is. I will ascend to Queendom in August and need to start preparing my block choice for next month.

I wonder what happened to the gnomes...

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Stash Bee 2017 - June Block - Pineapples

Unbelievable that it is already June and almost half of the year already over. I enjoyed Queen Alison’s request for a pineapple block made of simple squares and half square triangles. It was fun and fast though I could imagine an entire quilt top of those to be a bit overwhelming. 

The combination of yellow and white in quilts is always quite pretty and may be something to bear in mind for a future project.

I guess it is about time to give my block choice for the month of August some thought. I am almost sure that it will involve foundation paper piecing.

Stash Bee

Monday, 8 May 2017

Stash Bee 2017 - May Block - Converging Corners

May Queen Bethany asked us to make yet another log cabin variation =) This is the third 'Log Cabin' style block in 5 months within this quilting bee hive (merely an observation =) The blocks are all rather different of course and always fun and easy to piece, so let's have a look at what was requested this month.

Queen Bethany asked for coral and purple blocks she intends to assemble into a 'Converging Corners' quilt as seen @Film in the Fridge, who also kindly provided a tutorial for the blocks.

Converging Corners, Film in the fridge, Puppilalla, log cabin block, Quilting bee, Patchwork

Still I would not mind piecing another block design next month =) Incidentally, I know we will. The June Queen who already participated last year, will ask us to make more of the pinapple blocks she requested last year. Yes,  I was naughty and had a sneaky peek at her tutorial, which has already been scheduled. 

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Stash Bee 2017 - Crashing Hive 3 - Windmill Pluses

Queen Lisa asked for a ‘Windmill’ meets ‘Plus Sign’ block in cool denim style blues combined with a blue tinted grey and/or red. I am happy to oblige. Incidentally, Lisa is not per se my Queen but such details don’t bother me at all. =) 

So here is my block, a denim blue combined with a red cool blender, which played utter havoc with my phone’s camera. My phone’s camera always goes into meltdown mode when it is being confronted with vibrant reds or pinks or oranges. It simply cannot cope. So let’s call this an approximation of my block’s colours and be done with it.

This one was very quick and easy to make. No bother at all. I expect the resulting quilt to look like that piece you always had or was it your parent’s? Some designs and colour combinations are simply timeless and the denim blue – cool red is such a combination. As always, I am looking forward to a group shot.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Stash Bee 2017 - April Block - No Rules

April Queen Rhonda asked for a simple block design of framed squares. No rules. No color limitations. No strip dimensions. The centre square even did not have to be a pretty fussy cut as her plans entailed, to cut the finished blocks apart diagonally. The thus halved squares are to be randomly combined to create new blocks.

My block was made from scraps and left over fabric strips and came together really fast. The only stipulation was that there should be some contrast between the fabrics that had been used.

Puppilalla, Bee block, Stash Bee, Scrappy string block, quilting, patchwork

I like how my block worked out. The greens and oranges play very well together and give off a nice warm feeling.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Stash Bee 2017 - March Block - Gwen Marston Style

Puppilalla, Gwen Marston, Improv Block, Patchwork, Liberated Quilting, Improv quilting

This month’s Queen Bee Patty invited us to broaden our quilting horizon a little bit by embracing Gwen Marston and her ideas on ‘liberated’ quilting. Patty made a few sample blocks and provided a wealth of resources to delve into in support of our monthly assignment.

The assignment was fun even though it took quite a while to complete, certainly much longer than the short hour bee blocks are meant to take up. I found the sewing experience overall satisfying and think I succeeded in creating visual interest.
I would however not necessarily want any such items – look wise – in my living surroundings. I believe that trying the ‘liberated’ quilting techniques is helping me to grow as a quilter but the overall look reminds me too much of ‘crazy quilting’, which is just not my thing at all. Therefore, I am not sorry to let this little block go but I certainly hope that Queen Patty will like it.

Puppilalla, Gwen Marston, Improv Block, Patchwork, Liberated Quilting, Improv quilting

I am also approaching the finishing line in completing my improv pillowcase, which I only started last year in February, so no need to hurry right? =) I will have to make some bias tape to frame the pillowcase and it will be done – in time even for the First Quarter FAL.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Stash Bee March 2017 – A Universe of Stars!

Puppilalla Illustration Queen Bee Pirate

My former Stash Bee Hive 8 mate of last year Lee has turned Queen of her current hive this month and for the sake of the good times had, I felt honour bound to hive crash =)

Queen Lee is looking to populate the firmament with a universe of stars. She left it up to her hive mates to decide what kind of stars. The only request was that they had to adhere to a colour scheme of dark blue and coral, preferably both in one block, sprinkled with optional hot pink and turquoise.

This did strike me as the perfect opportunity to finally make the ‘Summer Perseid’ block by ‘Leland Ave Studios’ I have had an eye on for a while now.

Crashing Stash Bee Hive 3

Summer Perseid Block, Puppilalla, Leland Ave Studios, Quilting bee, free block, patchwork

The ‘Summer Perseid’ block was created for the Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop in 2015 and in my opinion, it has not yet gotten the attention it deserves. It is such a fabulous block with its asymmetrical star working very well for me.

Therefore, falling into the trap of ‘I’ll just quickly whip this up…’ I naturally spent most of Saturday making one block for Queen Lee and one for myself.

I had meant to add the ‘Summer Perseid’ to my blocks-in-waiting- to-be-turned-into-sampler-quilt for a while now and this was as good an opportunity as any to finally do it.

Summer Perseid Block, Puppilalla, Leland Ave Studios, Quilting bee, free block, patchwork

My block has already been stashed away with its fellows and Lee’s block will go into the mail at the end of the week. =)

Next I better attend to my own Hive's March Queen’s block request. It is a Gwen Marston style improvisational log cabin block. I am looking forward to it.