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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

2017 Finish-A-Long Second Quarter List

The second quarter of the 2017 Finish-A-Long is about to begin and checking the goals defined at the beginning of the year, I am pleased to have already have achieved a few of them. 
I successfully participated in the Blithe Fabric Blog Tour and made a top for a baby blanket. And for that top I used a foundation paper piecing template I created for one of my very own designs. That was a first and another goal I had set for myself this year.

1. Static Interference Baby Blanket

You can download the template for the 'Static Interference Quilt Block' here and I will put the completion of the 'Static Interference' baby quilt on my second quarter FAL list.

2. Double Star Quilting Bee quilt top 

There is also the intention to make progress with last year’s Double Star Quilting Bee quilt top. It still needs three more borders. I do not see this happen any time very soon because baby quilts takes precedent but it is good to keep the project in mind anyway.

3. Oh those Tessellation Blocks

A true UFO, left untouched for over year now. The pieces might actually wander over into the orphan block category at some stage if motivation and inspiration remain elusive.

4. Economy Block Baby Quilt

Because there is good reason another baby blanket is in order. The most alluring ‘Economy Block’ projects recently surfaced on Instagram and I decided to buy into that fad. =)  I have some Cosmo Cricket 'Salt Air' prints that will work wonderfully in that context.

by Heide Kenney

Other than that, my idea is not to stress myself over the completion of these projects. I also have a few other projects on the backburner but as these are no-where near completion stage but also do not qualify as UFOs, I feel they have no business being on this list. Right now I want to very much enjoy the 'Rakish Needle Round Robin' that I organised. I am eagerly awaiting the mailman with the starter block I am to work with first.

Monday, 20 March 2017

The Rakish Needle Round Robin - Prep and Planning

With the ‘Blithe’ Blog Tour safely out of the way, I finally turned my attention to the exciting prospect of the ‘Rakish Needle Round Robin’.

I am so excited. Yes, I am aware that I have said as much in every last blog post for a few months now. =) It is still true though. Our group of six is already busy exchanging progress pictures on WhatsApp and I think everyone is as excited as I am.

I have already seen two starter blocks and I can promise that this is going to be a challenging and amazing round robin year. The starter blocks are meant to go into the mail around the 20th of March, so I am busy getting my act together. As Anita, who will receive my starter kit, is currently travelling ,I have an extended grace period to complete my starter block. =)

My quilt theme is:

Adventures at Sea...

Puppilalla, Rakish Needle, Round Robin, Quilt Journal

I have prepared a little inspirational collage and glued into the little journal that is to travel with the quilt. I even wrote a little story, which I hope will set the mood for my fellow sewists.

Puppilalla, Rakish Needle, Round Robin, Fabric Pull, Patchwork, Fabric Stash
My fabric selection consists of jewelled tones in contrast with gray on white, white on white and discreet low volume background fabrics.

Puppilalla, Rakish Needle, Round Robin, Fabric Pull, Patchwork, Fabric Stash, low volume fabric

I will of course send a selection of fabrics travelling with the starter block to help out those participants that might not have many jewelled tones in their stash, as well as to illustrate what kind of fabrics to look for.

Puppilalla, Rakish Needle, Round Robin, Foundation Paper Piecing, New Yourk Beauty BOM, Patchwork

I admit, I fell in love with Jennifer’s starter block which was a wind rose. Thus, I will shamelessly steal that idea and make it my own. As Jennifer of ‘Never Just Jennifer’, I will use some of the free ‘New York Beauty’ BOM block templates to make that wind rose. I am already furiously piecing away.

Imrov block, Patchwork, Improvisation quilt, folksy fish, Puppilalla, round robin quilt, quilting
I also made this little ‘Folksy Fish’ inspired fish block to send as an extra. I really like these funny and happy looking fish by Sarah Elizabeth. There is a paper piecing pattern now available too but as I just wanted one little fish at this point, I improvised it. I will ask my group to insert it along with their own contributions at some stage. It poses an interesting question of scale. So how big or tiny exactly are fish and mermaid then? =)

There is something nautical going on...

As you might have already guessed, I am not looking for a traditional round robin quilt top, where border upon border is added each round but instead for a more free style, add blocks and pieces as you go, kind of piecing.

Three of the four compass points of the wind rose will be removed form the starter block and I will invite my fellow sewists to fill the space in-between with their ‘Adventure at Sea’ ideas.

In the spirit of less talking and more doing I will be off to my sewing machine again.

Happy stitching everyone.


Monday, 9 January 2017

2017 Finish A Long - First Quarter Proposed Finishes

I very much enjoyed the Finish-A-Long lists last year as they helped me to keep my focus and not loose sight of my WIPs. Therefore, I would like to add my modest list again:

1. Improv Pillowcase

It is almost done anyway, Had Christmas and travel for New Year's Eve not been in the way, it would already have been finished.


2. Tessellation Pillowcase 

Yes, this is a true UFO - I must tackle it this year! It would be such a shame otherwise. 

3. The 'Double Star' Quilting Bee Quilt 2016 

The quilt top still needs three borders, before I can think about assembly and quilting. I guess it is also time to start thinking about what fabric to choose for the backing.

What is NOT on the list any longer, as I very definitely did not get my act together, is the mobile phone cover for my sister, which was on the FAL lists all of 2016 - hem hem. She got a cover for Christmas, so her phone does not have to live in a sock any longer.  

I guess that is it.

Oh - and I liked the colourful button last year much better than the sombre looking current one. A more colourful life for everyone please!   

Saturday, 17 December 2016

2017 Plans and Goals

2017 is just around the corner now and everywhere across the net forward planning activities are taking place. Stocktaking is generally a good idea and I too have a few things I aim to do in 2017. Among those, a few new commitments, as well as a few projects that I am rolling over from 2016.

What I am proud of this year, is that I have managed to look after this blog on a regular basis since I started it in autumn 2015 and that through maintaining it and interacting through it online, I met many a lovely person along the way. That includes a whole generous bunch of women who jumped to my aid in spring this year to make a Polaroid quilt for a young boy who had been diagnosed with cancer. After brain surgeries and radio therapy I am relieved to report that the cancer has not resurfaced since June. (Yes!)

To be continued:

Both 2016 quilting bee quilts want finishing. I made good progress on the The Bee Hive 'Double Star' quilt top, which 'only' wants borders in order to be finished but that ought to be fairly doable in the first quarter of the year.

Double Star, Blossom Heart Quilts, The Bee Hive, Quilting Bee, Quilt Block, Puppilalla

The second quilting bee project - the Stash Bee 'Double Square Stars'- is still in its beginnings. I have taken some blocks that I had received partially apart to remove the blue and green bits that made the blocks too busy overall and will have to remake those parts in pink, orange or yellow. Once that is done I can assemble the blocks into a quilt top, for which I am also considering bias tape appliqué to add texture and visual interest.

Missourri Star Quilts, double square star, Puppilalla, Stash Bee, Bee block

I had also joined the Lucky Spool Sewing Programme this year but frankly had not gotten around to pursuing any of the lessons. The January class was on bias tape appliqué, which I hope to employ on that quilt top to be. I will not be in a hurry to start working on this again as I would like to complete the other quilt first. 

There is also the matter of the 'Meadow Mystery' Quilt Along, which I very much wanted to join yet never got past the fabric selection stage. I am not sure if I will ever get to around to doing it now. This might end up on the abandoned projects list.

Quilting, Foundation paper piecing, Quilt blocks, sampler quilt, Puppilalla

My 'Up the Ante' sampler quilt project steadily progresses. It does not turn up on any UFO list because it more of a pottering around, sewing a piece here and another block there process that has no definite timescale in mind. It might be nice to finish it in 2017, one because it nice to finish something on occasion and two because I have the next sampler type quilt already in mind and lined up.

Speaking of UFOs, yes there are a few of those too. Two pillowcases and a mobile phone case, if I am not mistaken.

New beginnings:

Because the quilting bees were so much fun this year, I have re-applied for Stash Bee 2017 and secured a place in Hive 4, which is fairly cool. The challenge to try a new block each month was enjoyable and challenging and I am looking forward to get to sew more new blocks next year. Furthermore, it is a great way to make new sewing friends. So what that I have not even finished this year's bee quilts, right? =)

Stash Bee

I had participated in Rachel Hauser's '30 Days of Quilt Design' challenge this year and noticed that I enjoyed the process and had no trouble whatsoever to come up with designs. In 2017, I would like to actually translate some of these design ideas into actual tutorials and/or paper piecing templates for me and others to use. In that spirit, I aim to have a pattern ready for my hive mates by the time it is my turn as Stash Bee Queen Bee in August 2017. Watch out Hive 4!

Even earlier than that, I will have to construct a template for my contribution to the 'Blithe' Blog Hop in February 2017 that showcases Katarina Roccella's new fabric line 'Blithe'. That is a project I am really excited about as I am huge fan of Katarina's fabrics. I am currently waiting for the fabrics to arrive and once Christmas is out of the way, I will buckle down start seriously on this project. I think I can manage a baby quilt sized piece, plus my friend Tina will have need for one in about 7 months time =)

Last but not least, I aim to host a Round Robin in 2017 and am very excited about that prospect. So far I have roped three sewing friends into that adventure but I think there would be room for two or three more participants. (any Europe based takers?) I love surprises and I think it is one of the ultimate sewing adventures to have other people working on a quilt for you. So naturally I want to play.

Puppilalla, Round Robin, Button, quilting, travelling quilt,

In project management it is said that it is fairly impossible to predict things beyond a certain event horizon, which describes a maximum time frame of about three months. Bearing that in mind, I am fairly certain that other things will come along as the year progresses.

Among the 2016 'unpredictables' were the opportunity to join the Cloud 9 'New Quilt Block' Blog Hop, which was great or contributing to the fierce 'Quilt for Pulse' rally, which was opportune. I am sure that the year 2017 will present its own share of opportunities, surprises and challenges.

Thank you Yvonne @quiltingjetgirl for hosting this link party to jointly learn about each other's 2017 goals.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Bee Hive 'Double Star' Quilt #5 - Quilt Top Assembly - Now What?

Puppilalla, stained glass, finished quilt top, Double Star Block, The Bee Hive

Ta da - pretty huh? Don't we all love a stained glass quilt shot? I was busy on Sunday and joined all blocks. By the time I was done, there was no proper light left for a progress shot but a stained glass one still worked.  =)

A few weeks ago I completed three more 'Double Star' blocks to bring the number up to 20. My fellow swarm mates were incredibly generous with the goodies they sent along in March. The extra material they provided went towards making the last blocks look and feel like those provided by my fellow bees.

Puppilalla, Double Star Quilt Blocks, Free Quilt Block pattern, Bee Block, Quilting Bee

Each block will have a size of 12 x 12 finished. Laying the blocks out in a grit of 4 x 5 blocks will yield a quilt top of 48 x 60 inches. That is not very big at all. I would like to make the quilt bed sized without adding further blocks. More blocks would only make the quilt top look even busier than it already is.

Puppilalla, Double Star Quilt Blocks, Free Quilt Block pattern, Bee Block, Quilting Bee, Blossom Heart Quilts

Proceed with a plan

Therefore, I have decided to add borders. I am still changing my mind every five minutes but right now I think, I might add a broader white border, followed by a pale green border followed by a colourful border imitating the squares that are hidden in the repeat of the joined blocks.

Puppilalla, Double Star Quilt Blocks, Free Quilt Block pattern, Bee Block, Quilting Bee

Like so – ish. What do you think? Any clever ideas as how to improve on the idea?

Completing the 'Double Star' quilt is one of my Finish-A-Long goals for the last quarter of the year, though I doubt that I will manage to add three borders, sew a backing, sandwich, quilt and bind until the end of the year. Any progress is still progress though.

Puppilalla, Double Star Quilt Blocks, Free Quilt Block pattern, Bee Block, Quilting Bee
Final block layout prior to sewing. No, wait, I swapped two more blocks after that shot was taken. 

I link up with 'Let's Bee Social'

Sew Fresh Quilts

Friday, 14 October 2016

Bucket List of Sewing (related) Projects continued - Lone Star Quilt and Cathedral Windows

It has been a long while since I last wrote about my bucket list of sewing related projects. So I thought, why not return to it for a change.

A Cathedral Window Quilt

Have I mentioned that I am impatient? No? Be it known then that I - Puppilalla - am IMPATIENT. That is somewhat unlucky in a quilter. =)

Therefore, I fear, while I do swoon over the pictures of beautiful cathedral window quilts, I will probably never be able to make - as in complete - one myself. I like the texture that is created by the layering of fabrics and enjoy the little fussy cuts of the myriads of fabrics, yet the sheer number of cathedral windows that would need preparing to complete a bed sized quilt is just daunting.

modern cathedral window quilt, Puppilalla, Fussy cuts, Peter robs Paul,

Still if I ever made one, the baby probably would look something like this. If anybody feels inclined to make a bed sized 'Cathedral Window' quilt for me, get in touch, so I know where to send the stack of fabrics I have in mind.  =)

Project rating: Keep wishing  =)

A Lone Star Quilt

aka 'Star of the East', 'Mathematical Star', 'Star of Bethlehem', 'Rising Star' or 'Blazing Star'

For a long time, I was not even sure if I liked the ‘Lone Star’ or not. I was constantly going back and forth between ‘Nay’ and Yeah’. I have since decided that I do like it and even want to make my own version but that I would have to be very sure about my fabric choices as they absolutely make or break the project.

I have stared a ‘Lone Star’ board on Pinterest for inspiration in terms of positioning, size, fabric choices etc. and am happy to sit on it for a while longer until some sort of plan forms. Not to mention that I will have to further develop my sewing skills to be able to realize this quilt design. So viewing tutorials and classes in parallel also goes on the To-do list.

I have however taken steps to realize the quilt at some point by purchasing an actual pattern during the 'May is for Makers' initiative. 

Project rating: long term and cautiously realistic

Bucket List, Sewing wish list, quilting project list, Puppilalla

I guess I should take 'join a Quilting Bee' off the list and add 'learn FMQ'. Also 'quilt-as-you-go' techniques would be definitely useful. Aww, there are so many things that I would like to try. Well one quilt at a time - right?

Sunday, 9 October 2016

2016 Finish-A-Long - 4Q FAL list

Is this the time of the year already? Time flies and I even managed to finish one project of the 3Q FAL list, namely the last Polaroid pillow case. The other projects are still in limbo, although I made progress with my 'Double Star' quilt. So on to the final quarter.

The 4Q FAL list:

1. A baby burp cloth: A Finish - yeah =)

Puppilalla, Burp Cloth, Clous 9 Fabrics, Baby Shower Gift, Sabbertuch

2. Tessellation Pillowcase:  Nope, nothing to report yet.

3. Mobile Phone Cover: No progress.

4. Finish the 'Double Star' Quilt. Getting there. I have now got 20 blocks I can play around with. I will write an up-date about them soon.  =)

5. Make an Improv Pillowcase. 

Let's take stock again at the end of the next quarter. I severely doubt that I will get much done, as I am also looking forward to a 20 day holiday abroad and then we are way into the Christmas preparations already. 


2016 FAL

Saturday, 13 August 2016

30 Days of Quilt Design Challenge

image Rachel Hauser @ Stitched in Color

Rachel Hauser @ 'Stitched in Color' invited to a little fun challenge just after my heart. To help us explore our quilting style and because it is fun, we are to imagine and sketch 30 quilt designs and to post those on Instagram using hashtag #30DaysofQuiltDesign. Rachel formulated the purpose of the challenge in a beautiful sentence... 

It's about stepping out and trying new things, stretching, growing, enjoying being you.

In that context Rachel also linked a wonderful blog post on mind mapping called 'How to define your style' that is well worth reading. 

The challenge started about a week ago and concludes on October 31st. Therefore, there is plenty of time for you and your sketchbook to join the party. =) Just read Rachel's blog post for the full details. The challenge is kindly sponsored by Gotham Quilts and I hear there will be prizes. =)

I am already loving the idea. Incidentally, it plays along nicely with the 'Cloud 9 Fabrics' New Block blog hop design challenge. The best bit for me, as quilt design doodling newbie, is that I do not have to worry about the question how I would actually go about realizing the designs. No quilt maths involved. It is all about creative flow and experimenting with ideas.

From my sketchbook

Puppilalla, 30daysofquiltdesign, stitched in color, curved piecing, quilt design, quilt planning,

This one was an almost random find. I copyed 'Drunkard's Path' squares that I had drawn in various sizes to experiment with shapes and whilst being at my second favorite design tool after Post-it notes - the copying machine - I thought clustered like that they would make an awesome quilt. I cut some, rotated others and fell back to this version as my preferred layout. I can see it in solids.

Puppilalla, 30daysofquiltdesign, stitched in color, half square triangles, HST, quilt design, quilt planning,

And this was a simple design exercise looking at HSTs. I like the movement they create in this design.

Puppilalla, 30daysofquiltdesign, stitched in color, quilt design, hexies, hexagons, quilt planning,

I love this one. Hexies with an Art Deco feel. This block has potential so I played some more with it.

Puppilalla, 30daysofquiltdesign, stitched in color, quilt design, quilt planning,

This one is aquatic themed applique on a whole cloth basis. A lot of pretty quilting would be needed to add texture and detail.

Puppilalla, 30daysofquiltdesign, stitched in color, quilt design, quilt planning,

All things considered the challenge is exhilerating and freightening in equal measures. Frightening because you put yourself out there with a whole lot of half-baked ideas and nowhere near finished concepts. Exhilerating because you can allow your imagination to run away with you just like that.

I can see myself getting in trouble at work over this, paper, pens and sketches in-between work tasks, you know. =)

If you have some time, you should go and check out the wonderful design ideas people came up with in the course of this challenge. Even better, join in.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Cloud 9 - Cirrus Solids - 'New Block' Blog Hop

Sometimes exciting things lead to even more exciting things. Not only did Yvonne Fuchs, Stephanie Naso Palmer, and Cheryl Kaminsky Brickey generously organize the fabulously helpful '2016 New Quilt Bloggers' Blog Hop, but also organized a follow - up adventure.

'Cloud9 Fabric' has generously offered to sponsor a continuation of the '2016 New Quilt Bloggers' group through a 'New Block' Blog Hop! How cool is that?

Everyone who signed up will receive a free bundle of 5 Cirrus Solids fat quarters. The colours we will be working with are the colours that already featured in the '2016 New Quilt Bloggers' Button, namely: Amazon, Sky, Iris, Lilac, and Shadow.

2016 New Quilt Bloggers

Every participant commits to designing their own original 12 ½" by 12 ½" (unfinished) block and write a tutorial for how to make it. The completed blocks will subsequently be collected to be turned into charity quilts. The actual blog hop is to be in September 2016.

I signed up and can't wait to try. I am already doodling block designs on my favorite design tool: Post-it notes (!) and am contracting headaches trying to do the maths for the block. =)

I find it quite amazing how the modern block repertoire is constantly being expanded, either by individual efforts or through organised 'New Blocks' blog hops. If you have the time, you should check out the largely unknown but actually quite impressive new designs the quilting community is coming up with via these blog hops.

Check for starters the Paintbrush Studio 2016 blog hop's and the 2015 Fabri-Quilt blog hop's NEW blocks. One cannot help being inspired. And all those brand new designs lying around without their full potential having yet been discovered.

2015 Fabri-Quilt Blog Hop Charity Quilt by Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

I say they deserve more exposure! Therefore, I demand that you check out at least one link of these previous design blog hops to get in swing and excited about our up-coming one.
2016 Paintbrush Studio Blog Hop Charity Quilt by Cheryl @Meadow Mist Design

Have fun and come back in September to see what we stitched up for your sewing pleasure!


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Meadow Mystery Quilt Along #1 - Fabric Choices

Do you know that moment of awareness dawning on you, when you notice that you might have bitten off a little more than you can chew? Uhm – I feel I might just have done that. I decided to join the Meadow Mystery Quilt Along. I just cannot resist the temptation of surprise and the quilts form Cheryl’s previous mystery QAL looked so pretty that I very much wanted in.

SO  checking my to-do list now I am looking at sewing bee blocks for two bees, working on my two bee quilt tops resulting from those bees, various UFO’s, a new quilt block design challenge for a another blog hop I have not told you about yet, a little mystery project of my own (yeah!) AND the Meadow Mystery QAL. Deep breaths, we will get there.

My rational is that the QAL extends into the first half of the next year, so technically one could consider this a medium term commitment, which only gets REALLY work intensive once the bees have finished anyway for this year… See, with a bit of effort you can rationalise everything. =)

About the QAL 

The QAL runs from July 2016 until April 2017 and so far we have only received the information on the fabric requirements, so it is ample time for you to join as well.

We will be working with 5 fabrics (or more if you decide to go scrappy in one colour family or another) and are looking to work with half square triangles, square in a square units and flying geese.

A set of directions revealed the first Thursday of every month. The mystery quilt will finish at approximately 60" x 60".

I am quite excited about the QAL and I seriously have to resist the temptation to ask or hostess Cheryl for a sneak peek at the design. She offered one in case you were undecided or not into surprises.

Puppilalla Original Design 2016 All rights reserved

Fabric Requirements

Fabric A - Medium Value Fabric - 1/2 yd
Fabric B - Dark Value Fabirc -  3/4 yd
Fabric C - Dark Value Fabirc -  1 yd
Fabric D - Light to Medium Value Fabric -  1 yd
Fabric E - Light Value Fabric  - 2  1/4 yds
The following fabrics will be next to each other and we are to test our fabric selections to make sure that there is a good amount of contrast between the fabrics.

A is next to B, C, and E
B is next to A, D, and E
C is next to A, D, and E
D is next to B and C
E is next to A, B, and C E can be considered the main background of the quilt and D can be considered a secondary background of the quilt.

So that the eye has a place to rest within the quilt, it is suggested that a solid or a tone-on-tone print that reads as a solid be used for Fabric E.


Fabric Sets 

I went digging in my stash and found a few fabrics that might work in this context. I am as of yet undecided with which set to run. I find all of them tempting but need to check if there is enough of contrast.

Meadow Mystery QAL, Quilt Along, Puppilalla, Fabric Set, Meadow Mist Designs
Set 1 all soft focus and mild manners

Meadow Mystery QAL, Quilt Along, Puppilalla, Fabric Set, Meadow Mist Designs
Set 2 with a pop colour for a bit of an edge

Meadow Mystery QAL, Quilt Along, Puppilalla, Fabric Set, Meadow Mist Designs
Set 3 with two pop colours basically screaming autumn  =)

See, this is why I itch to ask Cheryl for a sneak peek. This way it would be far easier to judge which colours would work in the context of the quilt. Sheesh. And what about inverting the colours. If I were to decide that the dark green is to be the background fabric, what would that mean for all the other colours?

Which are your fabrics of choice then? 
I might just quickly pop over to the Meadow Mystery Facebook page and ask my partners in crime ... fellow Meadow Mystery Quilters which set they think might work best.

Puppilalla Original Design 2016 All rights reserved

Ohhhh - this is exciting!