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Monday, 4 July 2016

The Bee Hive 'Double Star' Quilt #4 - Progress Report

It has arrived! Hallelujah! Praise the Quilting Fairy! It is now July and my queenly March block request has finally run its course. As of last Saturday, all blocks are accounted for. The final block that for some reason was returned to sender, has finally made its way to me. (By the way, that block from Norway I feared was missing also eventually arrived at the end of April.)

Blossom Heart Quilt, Puppilalla, The Bee Hive, Double Star Block, Quilting Bee, Patchwork

My super generous interquiltinental bee mates have therefore realized a total of 15 ‘Double Star’ blocks for me. I have commenced the process of making three more to bring the number up to 20. And yes, of course I am sure that the maths works, ha ha. I had already made two sample blocks when I initially prepared the tutorial.  =)

Blossom Heart Quilt, Puppilalla, The Bee Hive, Double Star Block, Quilting Bee, Patchwork

This is my first quilting bee and going through the process, I found that there are stages to them. The first phase is the planning and realization of the sample blocks. The next phase is the waiting for the mail of your fellow bees followed by the stock taking of the received blocks against the initial plan. The latter went right of the window for this project as half of my eager fellow bees went rogue and ignored my colour scheme. =)

Now that the final block has arrived, I take up the mantle again to bring it all together.

Blossom Heart Quilt, Puppilalla, The Bee Hive, Double Star Block, Quilting Bee, Patchwork

For the final blocks, I am making use of the bountiful treasure trove of extra fabric pieces my bee mates sent along with their blocks and assorted goodies. All these beauties for my viewing pleasure and for further projects. I feel truly spoiled. The purple fabric with the birdie, immediately found a home in my sample block for the second quilting bee I am participating in.

There are smaller pieces that are not big enough to cover the fabric requirements for an entire block. Those will be incorporated in the border I have planned for the quilt top. Whatever is left after that, goes into my trusty scrap collection to await its turn.

In the last few weeks, well months really, I had a lot of time to look at my little collection of ‘Double Stars’, which I continued to tape to my living room wall. Having had to let go of my initial idea, I needed a little time to fall in love them. Some blocks are lower in contrast than I would have liked, one is too busy and as mentioned before, about half does not adhere to the requested colour scheme. Nonetheless, all were made with attention and care and look individually stunning.

By now, I love how they look together and am still surprised that they work as well together as they do. I have made a conscious decision to use all of them in the quilt top. None will be left behind, be banished to the back or orphaned.

What you cannot know and might not have spotted yet is that some block pieces became mis-oriented where their makers lost sight of the pattern. (Just for fun, see if you can find the blocks and leave a guess as to their number in the comments)


Blossom Heart Quilt, Puppilalla, The Bee Hive, Double Star Block, Quilting Bee, Patchwork

Instead of taking those apart with a view to 'fix ' them, I shall leave them exactly as they are to enjoy the extra bit of character they provide.

The blocks were not made from scraps but due to being all different, they give off that homely feel I associate with a well loved scrappy quilt. I expect it to become a beautiful quilt top.

I will keep you posted on the progress of my final three blocks. My, I had forgotten how fiddly and small the pieces of the block were.

The Bee Hive

I link up with 'Let's Bee Social' @ 'Sew Fresh Quilts'. Why don't you come on over and join the fun?

Sew Fresh Quilts

Friday, 24 June 2016

Quilts for Pulse Charity Drive - Rainbow Heart Blocks Wanted

Actually, not only 'Rainbow Heart' blocks but, entire quilt tops, binding, batting and backing are very much wanted in support of the 'Quilts for Pulse' Charity Drive.

In the aftermath of the horrible shooting at the Pulse Club in Orlando on June 12 that cost the lifes of 50 people and injured many more, the global quilting community is being asked to show solidarity by helping out, either individually or as guilds and bees and other sewing groups.

Blocks and material for a minimum of 102 quilts are needed — one for each survivor, and one for the families of each victim who perished. Any quilts that surpass that number will be given to first responders, and then distributed to the LGBT community in Orlando via organizations like The Center and Zebra Coalition.

Block requirements:

  • Size 10 x 10 inches
  • Somehow incorporate rainbow colours
  • Should contain at least one heart 

Please include a full sized piece of paper with your name, guild if a member, what you've sent, and location from whence you hail.

Further information, as well as the address any blocks / material / quilts are to be sent to can be found here if you feel you have the capacity to help out.

Rainbow Heart Block Take 1

A while back I read in a blog somewhere that the author found it sort of sad that everyone just blogged about their sewing successes and how everything was 'peachy keen' and how that delivered a somewhat warped image as failures or difficulties were zoned out.

An interesting thought indeed. I guess everybody likes to feel competent and in charge and our culture practically invites us to celebrate success. Therefore, it is no wonder that we read mostly success stories. Apart from that, it is justified to feel proud that one has finished a project and cheering for each other in social media and blogging space helps to maintain the motivation to keep sewing, don't you think?

Well in the spirit of sharing, I invite you to partake in an absolute and complete sewing fiasco. Have a look at this THING. It is hard to imagine that it started out as a nice 10 x 10 square of cheerful blue fabric with a yellow heart applied to it. My design idea had been to embroider the heart in rainbow colours in line with the requested theme.

It went rather wrong as you can see. Round and round I went and the block got more and more crooked and bowl shaped. I tried to iron it flat again without avail. I think not owning an embroidery foot and not having sunk the fabric transport might have been contributing factors here.

Well then I thought, what if I cut out the blue fabric from the backside - you know the part that was now covered with the yellow fabric of the heart - maybe this would ease some tension and help me flatten this object back into two dimensionality - nope apparently not.

Well I could see that the block did no longer have the requested 10 x 10 inches and that I would have to do something with it anyway, so I though, well maybe I will just cut out the inner heart and trim the blue away and turn the rest in a sort of appliqué shape to be ironed onto a new background square with heat bond and ... by this time it was late evening on Saturday.

When I came back Sunday morning I just admitted defeat. This thing was beyond saving. I dare say, it has been a long time that I did not manage to salvage a project in some way or another. I learned something about what did not work even though the 'why' still remains to be somewhat determined - any experienced sewists are invited to comment.

Here you have it, an insider view of my very own recent sewing fiasco.


Rainbow Heart Block Take 2

Pulse Charity Drive, Heart Block, Puppilalla

OK, here the second attempt at the 'Rainbow Heart' block. Still in shock about the candy coloured inadvertently ruffled monstrosity I had produced, I commenced a second block also in yellow and blue but somewhat more sombre looking. A bit too sombre for my liking, I might have gone down a bit too far down the other side of the scale there - well but at least it stayed flat (!)

Quilts for Pulse, Charity Block, Pulse Charity Drive, Herat Patchwork Block, Puppilalla

I will send the block today.  If you find that you still have capacities time wise, consider supporting the charity drive.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Bee Hive 'Double Star' Quilt #3 - March Mail so far

March and my fleeting queendom are gone. I however am still curently receiving beautifully adorned envelopes with fabulous bee blocks. I had requested 1. the 'Double Star' block in 2. the colours purple - lavender - orange - yellow - aqua.

Puppilalla, Double Star Block, Quilting Bee, Blossom Heart Quilt Exchange

With the most blocks I have received to date, the first condition has been met, while the second one has been ... rather loosely interpreted  =)  I have received a firework of bright colours in which the block design has been rendered. The blocks work surprisingly well together and will make a very cheerful quilt top. I like what I have received so far and the other bees said, they enjoyed making these, so it is a win -win situation.

Puppilalla, Double Star Block, Quilting Bee, Blossom Heart Quilt Exchange

One of my fellow bees commented that this block looks just like peaches and cream. How fitting.

Puppilalla, Double Star Block, Quilting Bee, Blossom Heart Quilt Exchange

One letter from Norway is still unaccounted for and I fear it might be lost. That is upsetting for me but much more so for my dear fellow bee who invested so much effort into the block. OK, there is still the slim chance that it might turn up eventually. There is always a risk in international shipping and currently I am receiving mail from 4 continents, which is very exciting by the way. 

I am waiting for four more letters to arrive. So far I am immensely enjoying the quilting bee.

The Bee Hive

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Time-Waster! The unplanned Advent Calendar Odyssey

Oh dear! Did you ever get caught up in a project that unexpectedly turned into a complete time waster? I just inadvertently got me one of those. Christmas time coming up, I wanted to get preparations for an advent calendar for my sister and her partner underway. With everything else that is going on however, I thought to go for the time saving option this year, which was, to buy the calendar in order to merely have to fill it afterwards. So far, so good.

Thus, while running a few errands on a late afternoon last week, when it was already dark, I picked up a calendar that seemed cute judged by the picture on the packaging. When I unpacked it in daylight the next day however it turned out to be quite horrible. Yes, yes I know it is all in the eye of the beholder...  =)
To me the colours clashed garishly, especially the pink seemed awfully offending. There was no way I would want to use it as it was. And here now, when I try to prove my point by showing you 'before' and 'after' pictures, the pictures do not do the real object justice. The tiny pictures refuse to convey an authentic impression. *sigh*
DIY, Advent Calendar, Touch Up, Embroidery, Applique

Furthermore, the entire thing was flawed design wise. The little rings that were meant to hold the presents in place, were all attached at the exact middle of each numbered panel. The calendar is of course meant to be suspended. So once it hangs, the thing called gravity kicks in and the presents tend to leave the upper half of the respective panel empty, while obstructing the panels below. 

OK, so I though, let's just quickly touch the thing up a bit. Tone down the business, get rid of the pink, shift the rings and it should work.

DIY, Advent Calendar, Touch Up, Embroidery, Applique

The quick touch-up turned into an odyssey of hours of applying and embroidering on top of the original design. By the time I was finally done, I had invested so much time that I would have been better off with planning and executing the project from scratch in the first place. The resulting calendar might have been prettier too. 

I have added green panels onto which I applied ribbons or lace and white or red embroidery before sewing them on top of the panels I wished to cover. I also have added little bells because I like their jingling and I can get away with it at Christmas. And yes, I will so definitely use this advent calendar for all the pain it caused me. 

Mind you, I am not really complaining as all of this was entirely self-inflicted. But this certainly was anything but the quick and painless time saving advent calendar solution I had initially in mind.

I hope that your Christmas projects are coming along nicely, on schedule and without similar odysseys.