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Friday, 6 July 2018

Assorted Odds and Ends

Puppilalla, Shape Moth, FPP, Paper Foundation Piecing, Patchwork, Feather

Whilst working on my various projects, I produced various odd ends, mostly blocks that would not work the way I needed them to for the project I had in mind. Like currently, the last of the 'Rakish Needle Round Robin' quilt tops is waiting to be progressed. I had thought to make more feathers but wanted to try to use a different style from the ones already displayed in the quilt. I chose the FPP- Feather template that 'ShapeMoth' made for her wonderful Forrest Quilt Along in 2013. The templates can still be downloded for free from Craftsy.

Puppilalla, Shape Moth, FPP, Paper Foundation Piecing, Lillyella, Patchwork, Buttertfly Charm Block,

The colours and textures made a really cool feather, which would however not work in the context of the strongly geometrical Arrow and Feather round robin quilt top at all. Oh well, it was worth a try. So I did not then make the second smaller feather. Instead I finally tackled one of Lillyella's free FPP  Butterfly Charm block templates that I had meant to make for a long while and applied the same colour scheme there.

Puppilalla, Deer Patchwork, Block, Colourway, Fabric pull

Both blocks will go towards the 'Oh Deer' quilt and work well there. Recently, I had pulled out all the pieces that I already had prepared and laid them out again just to find that I still hate what it would look like were these sewn together. I love the colour recipe very much but the divisible squares idea has to go. I guess, fabric amounts available permitting, this is at some point going to turn into a medallion quilt with the deer block in the middle. Maybe.


Puppilalla, Diamond FPP block, Patchwork

A similar thing happened with the above diamond blocks. I drew a template and found half way through the sewing process that my fabric would run out before I could finish them. Yup, I am really bad a quilt math. Therefore, I called a second similar green solid to the rescue but considering the way the templates had been sewn so far - chain pieced - I  could not change some of them now for lack of the first fabric. I finished them with the second fabric but could no longer use them in the way I had meant to. See half of them were meant to be inverted and the second colour would have been in the wrong place then. These diamonds blocks will be put to good use in my Up the Ante Sampler rather than in the fox themed baby quilt they were envisioned to go into.

 ... the Summer Edition

On IG another round of 'Get your quilty wishes granted' is winding down. I did not play, as I feel quite content with my stash as it currently is, but went to grant one wish anyway. CrankyKangaroo wished for our UFOs. On previous occasions she had enjoyed working with projects and blocks commenced by other makers and wanted to challenge herself again. I could immediately relate to that excitement of working with styles and fabrics that you might not have thought to choose yourself. This is similar to getting to work with these exciting round robin quilts or blocks for a Queen Bee.

My Tessallation style FPP-blocks have languished in my drawers for a long time now, since August 2015 to be precise. I figured it was timeto let go, as clearly nothing would ever be made with them. so packaged all... hem hem... most of them up and send them on their long way to be adopted. (I might have kept a token few to go into the triangle scrap bag to enliven a scrap quilt along the lines of my Scrappy Triangle Improv Pillow ...      la la la - move along nothing to see here ...)


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Orphan Quilt Block Adoption - Starting March 16th

I am inspired by Cynthia Brunz's of Cynthia Brunz Designs who is host to a bi-annual Quilty Orphan Adoption Event. This is a great initiative, basically waste not, want not at its best, so I thought, I re-post the event here to spread the word. 

Cynthia invites everyone to join a link party on her blog to give up orphaned blocks or projects for adoption. It is a good way to clean out sewing spaces and to give a second chance to a project that you are no longer inspired by but that might be taken up by someone else to finish. So in order to not just store the orphan blocks and projects on another person's shelf, people are encouraged to only adopt a project if they feel that they truly want to complete it. =)

Last fall, Cynthia put these leftover diamond shapes up for adoption. They were from a previous quilt of hers that got too big.She was not inspired by them at all.

Cynthia Brunz

Apparently, Joye from South Carolina adopted them and made the below quilt she then gave to charity. Cynthia promptly commented: 'Are you kidding me!?!? Isn't it beautiful! Who knew this lovely quilt was in that stack of unwanted fabric. Well, Joye did!'

Cynthia Brunz

The linky party starts Thursday March 16th and closes late Saturday the 18th. The adoption guidelines can be found here. I do only currently have about two orphan blocks lying around so I will only cheer from the sidelines this time round but if you have an UFO that is stalking your dreams or gives you a guilty conscience, consider giving it up for adoption. Having said that you might equally wish to adopt a project.