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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Fox Baby Quilt

Gosh, I commenced writing this post on the 6th of July... Looks like I really was not in the mood for blogging much. As this project has not progressed any further - yet - I might as well pick up here to continue writing. So what happened? I moved city - only with two suitcases and without sewing material mind you - to start a new job. Well that does cut down on sewing time available.  =)

On July 12th the most exciting thing happened. My nephew was born. And isn't he the cutest five-and-a-half months old baby by now. Which is why I need to get a move on with this baby quilt auntie had started making for him. The quilt top is long finished now on for the backing and quilting part.

I chose these fabulous selection of green and oranges to start with and build a bit of red in just for variety. The key fabric are these fabulous foxes that are just super cute and fun to fussy cut.

Since I discovered, by the way of working on one during the Rakish Needle Round Robin, that I actually like modern medallion quilts, I immensly enjoyed thinking up round after round of the little square baby quilt.

And being big on coherence always, I kept it simple but clever with the colour scheme. I ran out of that Kona 'Wasabi' at one point and had to bring another similar green. The two solids work well adding depth. And have you noticed the clever use of orange on white, green on white and red on white bits? Easy way to add interest while keeping it very cohesive.

I just noticed that this is not the final shot of the finished quilt top. There is one more round after this one. Ah well, lets save that shot for another blog post when I show you the finished quilt.

What else have I been sewing? Pillowcases galore and burp cloths for the baby and a book cover and just now, because I am also really, REALLY late with the round robin quilt, I am working on my last round robin contribution. I am improvising away. It will be good.

I wish a happy new year to all and everyone.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Briar Bear Pillowcase

Puppilalla, Patchwork, Pillowcase, Carolyn Friedlander, Thicket Fabric, Gingiber,

Order has been abandoned. Chaos is in ascend! I am still trying to catch up with the projects I have completed in the last six months post writing wise. Currently, the posts you are reading do not reflect the order in which the projects were worked on or completed. I find that I write on whatever pictures I have to happen to have edited at that moment in time. It does not matter too much really as long as my work gets recorded somewhere. This blog is still meant to be a some sort of official diary of the sewing projects I have created. As I am giving the majority of them away , it is nice to retain a shred of evidence of the working process and final project.

Puppilalla, Patchwork, Pillowcase, Carolyn Friedlander, Thicket Fabric, Gingiber,

Speaking of which, I have completed another pillowcase. I am clearly into those at the moment because the work needed to make one is manageable and you have a finished product on hand really quick. Furthermore, you can try many different styles and techniques, which is a bonus. This pillowcase is called ‘Briar Bear’ and I gifted it weeks ago but am still not done thinking about it. My bestest - as in very much loved person - friend Jens still had no sewn piece made by me in his household. I have gifted blankets and pillowcases all and sundry but Jens had yet to receive a little something. That was mostly due to wanting to make something extra perfect and fitting for him and thereby completely blocking myself.

Puppilalla, Patchwork, Pillowcase, Carolyn Friedlander, Thicket Fabric, Gingiber,

So in lieu of discussing the Thicket Fabric Baby Quilt, Jens mentioned that he liked the bear panels best of all the critters. As I had another one I made the snap decision to use it in a pillowcase, as Jens will have to wait a long time before he will get a quilt of his own - (too many WIPs). So one bear panel and some orange fabric because it is Jens’ favourite colour. I decided on a reduced colour palette of green and orange and looked for graphic prints. Carolyn Friedlander’s fabric line ‘Gleaned’ fit the bill marvellously. The criss-cross pattern of the bear is complemented by the dense graphic lines in the ‘Gleaned’ fabrics. To add some contrast I used rose vines on dark green background of a Sleeping Beauty print, I had used in the Tall Tales Throw Quilt.

Puppilalla, Patchwork, Pillowcase, Carolyn Friedlander, Thicket Fabric, Gingiber,

With all the leafs and vines and organic shapes going on, the project reminded me of Briar Rose and as the bear is the star of the show, I came to call him Briar Bear. Design wise, I tried something new with partial seams and a broken frame – sort of. I prepared foundation paper templates for the diamonds to the sides of the bear - but messed up. I had forgotten that two of the four would be inverted and as the templates were not square but rectangular that threw the design off. Obviously, it did not occur to me to just re-draw two of the templates, which would - in hindsight - have been easy and logical but instead got caught up in trying to make it work. In essence you have now a leaning bear framed by wonkily placed diamonds which throws the symmetry entirely.

Puppilalla, Patchwork, Pillowcase, Basic Grey Grunge

I think, this is what still bugs me. While, I am debating whether or not I like the ‘broken’ frame of green and orange around the bear, the wonkiness of the diamonds causes my eyes to twitch. Well, while we aim for perfect every time sometimes your work in progress leads you elsewhere.

Puppilalla, Patchwork, Pillowcase, Carolyn Friedlander, Thicket Fabric, Gingiber,

While wonky, I think Briar Bear still lovable and a nice adult version of a teddy bear. The limited colour palette also works very well in this context. Get ready to cuddle. =)

PS: I have not yet figured out, why blogger is no longer forwarding comments to my e-mail inbox. Likewise my comments on other people's blogs do not seem to be accepted and appearing when I write those. Does anyone know how to fix that? Happy to be advised.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

30 Days of Quilt Design Challenge - Continued

Original Design by Puppilalla, Design Contest, New Quilt Design, New Quilt Blocks, Design Challange

The design challenge started in the first week of August and when I checked earlier today I counted 1.428 designs that had been entered on Instagram. So many creative ideas. It is a lot of fun to follow along with what other quilters come up with. 

Oh - also, two of my designs made the favorites list of the challenge hostess Rachel Hauser on two different occasions. Given the great number of individual entries, I was rather chuffed about that. =)

OK, here some further pages from my sketchbook:

No idea how I would go about piecing entry 15 for real. It would involve hexies for sure but beyond that my brain is momentarily unable to cope.

Puppilalla, Original Quilt Design, Quilt Block Challenge, Quilt Design Challenge, New Quilt Block,

The project title of this one is 'Laurel and Sage'. It reminded me somehow of a laurel wreath. 

Puppilalla, Original Quilt Design, Quilt Block Challenge, Quilt Design Challenge, New Quilt Block,

I love the drama of the day 10 entry and am half thinking about how to account for the curvature when piecing these half rectangle triangles.

Puppilalla, Original Quilt Design, Quilt Block Challenge, Quilt Design Challenge, New Quilt Block,

This is one of the designs that made Rachel's favorites list (the other one was my very first entry 'Viaduct') Someone on Instagram commented it reminded her of paper snowflakes. Therefore, the provisional title of the block, if I ever got around to realizing it, is 'Paper Lace'.

Puppilalla, Original Quilt Design, Quilt Block Challenge, Quilt Design Challenge, New Quilt Block,

I know this one looks wonky but you will get the idea. It would involve Y-seams and I picture the quilt in a dramatic Red, Yellow, Black and White. 

Puppilalla, Original Quilt Design, Quilt Block Challenge, Quilt Design Challenge, New Quilt Block,

The quilt design challenge still runs until 31st of October, so if you wanted to, you could just still about join in. Just read Rachel's blog post for the full details. The challenge is kindly sponsored by Gotham Quilts and the main prize for those who finish the challenge is a fat quarter bundle of Tula Pink's latest fabric line 'Slow & Steady'. Pretty neat huh? Yes you got to win it first but hey ... details.

And for another form of design challenge - one of my 'Dreaming at Dusk' mosaic entries made the finalist list. That does not happen too often. So yeah! Voting for the winners (as in - two of them) is open until midnight (eastern U.S. time) on Wednesday the 5th.

I link up with 'Let's Bee Social


Sew Fresh Quilts

Friday, 16 September 2016

Cloud 9 Fabrics - 'New Block' Blog Hop - Block Library

Well, wow it is very interesting to see what all the participants came up with. The blocks turned out very versatile. There are certainly a few among them that I would not mind giving a try in the future. And because I like things neat and tidy, I have listed all the blocks below, so that I might find them when I need them in the future.

Day 1

Cloud 9 Fabrics, New Block Blog Hop, new quilting blocks, modern quilt blocks, free quilt blocks, Puppilalla

1. Abigail @Cut & Alter
2. Janice @Color, Creating, and Quilting!
3. Lorinda @Laurel, Poppy, and Pine
4. Renee @Quilts of a Feather
5. Kathryn @Upitis Quilts
6. Kim @Leland Ave Studios
7. Amanda @this mom quilts
8. Irene @Patchwork and Pastry
9. Holly @Lighthouse Lane Designs
10. Jennifer @Dizzy Quilter
11. Anne @Said With Love
12. Karen @Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats
13. Sharla @Thistle Thicket Studio
14. Suzy @Adventurous Applique and Quilting
15. Sarah @Sarah Goer Quilts
16. Kathleen @Smiles From Kate
17. Chelsea @Patch the Giraffe
18. Jinger @Trials of a Newbie Quilter
19. Anja @Anja Quilts
20. Daisy @Ants to Sugar
21. Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl 
22. Melva @Melva Loves Scraps
23. Amanda @Gypsy Moon Quilt Co.

Day 2

It is very hard to decide on a favorite when all the blocks came out so inspiring. I have counted 65 participants. Quite a number. I would very much like to do a new block design challenge again in the near future. =)

Cloud 9 Fabrics, New Block Blog Hop, new quilting blocks, modern quilt blocks, free quilt blocks, Puppilalla

1. Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs
2. Sarah @123 Quilt
3. Leanne @Devoted Quilter
4. Jen @Patterns By Jen
5. Jennifer @RV Quilting
6. Amanda @Quiltologie
7. Sharon @Yellow Cat Quilt Designs
8. Jen @A Dream and A Stitch
9. Jen @Faith and Fabric
10. Carole @Carole Lyles Shaw
11. Stephanie @Quilt’n Party
12. Susan @Sevenoaks Street Quilts
13. Katrin @Now What Puppilalla
14. Amista @Hilltop Custom Designs
15. Nicole @Handwrought Quilts
16. Marla @Penny Lane Quilts
17. Silvia @A Stranger View
18. Sarah @Smiles Too Loudly
19. Carrie @the zen quilter
20. Mary @Quilting is in My Blood
21. Velda @GRANNYcanQUILT
22.  Jennifer @The Inquiring Quilter

Day 3

All of these blocks will make beautiful charity quilts. I wonder what is in it for the fabric sponsors of such design hops though. Advertisement - sure, introducing fabrics to potential new customers - of course, but it must have been expensive to provide and ship fat quarter bundles to 65 quilters. 

Cloud 9 Fabrics, New Block Blog Hop, new quilting blocks, modern quilt blocks, free quilt blocks, Puppilalla

1. Stephanie @Late Night Quilter
2. Kathy @Kathys Kwilts and More
3. Paige @Quilted Blooms
4. Allison @Woodberry Way
5. Seven @The Concerned Craft
6. Olusola @Alice Samuel’s Quilt Co.
7. Ann @Brown Paws Quilting
8. Jodie @Persimmon + Pear
9. Vicki @Orchid Owl Quilts
10. Kitty @Night Quilter
11. Shelley @The Carpenter’s Daughter who Quilts
12. Jayne @Twiggy and Opal
13. Geraldine @Living Water Quilter
14. Shannon @Shannon Fraser Designs
15. Lisa @Sunlight In Winter Quilts
16. Jessica @Quilty Habit
17. Cassandra @The (not so) Dramatic Life
18. Denise @Craft Traditions
19. Mary @Strip Quilts Pass it On
20. Deanna @Stitches Quilting

2016 New Quilt Bloggers

When did you say the next design hop was coming up?


Thursday, 10 March 2016

Stash Bee 2016 - a bit of Hive Crashing in March

Puppilalla, queen bee, Hive Crashing

I went ahead and crashed Hive 1. Hive crashing, in case you wondered, is a quilting bee intern cross pollinating exercise among swarm members of different hives. All unclear? Thought so. =)

The quilting bee ‘Stash Bee’ uses a blogger blog as platform to facilitate the quilting bee communication. There are a total of nine hives with 11 bees each, thus 99 bees in total. All 99 bees use the same blog as communication platform.

Each month every hive has their own queen, who posts his / her tutorial on the blog instructing their respective hive mates of the challenge of the month. As the tutorials of the other hives’ queens are also available, bees have taken up hive crashing as form extreme quilting in lieu of having finished their own queen’s monthly assignments.
Hive crashing is of course by no means mandatory. It is only that extra bit of fun when you have some time to spare. 

I am a Hive 8 bee and I liked the block Hive 1 March Queen RobinSue designed for the month of March. It’s simplicity seduced me and I felt inspired to make her one. I hope that she will like it.

Puppilalla, stash Bee, Scaps, Scrap busting, quilting bee block

All that remains is to enquire after RobinSue’s postal address with the Hive Mama of Hive 1 and send the block on its way to brighten up someone’s day.

Hive crashing rocks!

Stash Bee 2016

I link up with 'Scraptastic Tuesday'. Make sure to check out some of the wonderful projects there.