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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Bold Monochrome {a mosaic contest} by Stitched in Color

Who can resist a fabric mosaic contest? Not I.  I had to give the 'Toasty Teal' contest a miss, as last December was way too busy, but I am back for this challenge.  =)

Rachel Hauser @Stitched in Color has invited to another of her wonderful fabric mosaic contests.  As for the details, as always we are to build a 3 x 3 mosaic to represent the chosen theme, here ‘Bold Monochrome’ using fabrics from the contest sponsor Crosscut Sewing Co.

Without further ado...

Entry One - Bold Yellow:

Entry Two - Softly Blue:

OK, let's see how these will do in contest.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Stash Bee 2017 - February Block - Improv Log Cabin

Puppilalla, Quilting Bee, Stash Bee

Carmit, Hive 4 Queen of February asked for an easy, improv log-cabin-y block in a colour of our choice to make a monochromatic block with a neutral centre. Additionally,  for a bonus level challenge, Carmit pointed out that she does not like solids.

I chose yellow as it seemed that I had the most scraps in that colour. But once I got sewing it did not feel as if I had actually enough scraps. Strange phenomenon. =)  I could not entirely do without solids either as firstly, solids lend character and secondly, I needed something anchor the busy prints. The block is a little bigger then it needed to be but this way Carmit will be able to choose which print she wants to see more or less of and trim accordingly.

Improv quilting, log cabin block, Puppilalla, quilting bee block,

Carmit also said that she is really bored of her own fabrics and can’t wait to introduce a bit of variety into her existing blocks. So I hope my block contains enough new prints to shake things up.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Bee Hive 2016 - December Block - Wanta Fanta (again)

Yule Queen Bee Ileana was the last queen in 2016 to request a block. Ileana settled for the lovely 'Wanta Fanta' block, which I thus got to make a second time that year. That time round, the fabrics were to shine in the ever classic combination of inky blues and off whites and in my case a bit of ivory thrown in. The fabrics were to be floral or geometrics and the blues were to be veering towards the cool and muted spectrum. I expect the quilt top with its timeless look to be an instant classic.

Puppilalla, Wanta Fanta, free bee block, Quilting bee, The Bee Hive, Foundation Paper Piecing

Bearing in mind that fellow bees, yielding to life's demands, had to partially bow out throughout the bee year, I decided to make two blocks with the 'angel block' making up for the absence of a former fellow bee. It is hard on the queens, whose turn comes late in the year, when fellow bees have to bow out and thereby do not manage to reciprocate the efforts that this bee invested throughout the year.
 (That is not to say that I am not fully understanding of bowing out. Sometimes it cannot be helped despite one's best intentions) Anyway, I made these two blocks.

Puppilalla, Wanta Fanta, free bee block, Quilting bee, The Bee Hive, Foundation Paper Piecing

I myself fell in love with how the blocks turned out and am happy to report that Queen Ileana approved as well once the postal workers' pre - Christmas strike in the UK cleared and she finally received her queenly mail. =)

The only misgivings I have concern the absence of light during the eternally grey Berlin winters. It is almost impossible to shoot a decent picture (meh). 

Puppilalla, Wanta Fanta, free bee block, Quilting bee, The Bee Hive, Foundation Paper Piecing

A worthy finish to the 2016 bee year. Happy New Year and cheers to new challenges.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Bee Hive 2016 - October Block - A Masculine Treasure Hunt

Queen Bee, Puppilalla

Bee Hive Queen Magda asked us for the 'Treasure Hunt' block this month. Magda looks to create a modern and masculine quilt in different shades of grey with some low volume and just a bit of citrus yellow. The fabrics were to look modern, with geometrics and text prints being perfect and florals or animal prints to be avoided.

This was the first month, where I actually could not accomodate the block wish working from my stash. It called for various degrees of grey and I simply did not have any, certainly not enough. Therefore, fabric shopping I went. I got this lovely graphic selection of greys and a few extras for fun.

stash building, modern fabrics, Puppilalla, monochromatic fabrics

I was however mindful of the fact that I had also pledged the 'The Year of The Stash' pledge at the beginning of the year, which was about less stash building, more stash using in 2016 and restrained myself from going over board.

Truth be told, I had already splurged my Christmas money on a lovely stack of fabrics back in March - it did not take long to break the pledge ey? - but was very good this year otherwise. I just stayed away from the temptations. I even did NOT get the 'Mendocino' line by Heather Ross I wanted so much. In other words I have mostly been good. And fabric wins do not count anyway!

I had won this lovely and very soft fat quarter bundle of solids from Cloud 9 Fabrics during the 'Cloud 9 Fabrics New Block Blog Hop' in September. =)

Anyway, I seem to be digressing. Including some of the new purchases, I created this lovely monochromatic looking 'Treasure Hunt' block sporting citrus for a pop of colour. I love how modern it looks. Magda's sample blocks are a treat for the eyes as well.

Quilting Bee, The Bee Hive, Bee Block, Treasure Hunt Block, Puppilalla, monochromatic quilt

Burp Cloths Interquiltinental

And because there is cause, I also went on sewing this pretty little elephant fabric burp cloth as an extra goodie for Magda. Incidentally, using a free 'Cloud 9 Fabrics' pattern to do so. Back in March  Magda told us that she had a baby bee on the way. After some background consultation we remaining bees agreed a secret baby-shower mail project. I like practical gifts and thus proposed to sew burp cloths. As babies are known to be notoriously leaky, burp cloths are just the thing.

Burp Cloth, Puppilalla, Cloud 9 Fabrics, free pattern, baby shower

We agreed to use the same pattern and then everybody was free to design their own, provided they found time to do so. The idea was for the mom-to-be to have an individually designed set by the end of her month as queen bee.

The burp cloth is also a project of my last quarter 2016 FAL list. (A finish - woohoo =)

Bee Block, Quilting Bee, Puppilalla, free pattern

The project however has a somewhat sombre note as well. A second swarm mate told us at the same time that she too was pregnant. The baby shower project was initially aimed at both moms - and dads but that little baby-to-be stopped growing around week 13 or so. I felt very saddened about that and my thoughts were with the grieving parents for the last few months. The hard and the easy, sweet and bitter always side by side. Here is a song I would like to share with you. It is about celebrating life.

The Bee Hive

The end of the bee year is near and I am already thinking about taking stock but that warrants an entire post of itself.

Monday, 30 May 2016

The Bee Hive 2016 - April Block - The Bermuda Mail Triangle

Queen Syerli of April was a busy bee indeed as she published a quilting book (how cool is that!) about a month ago. Therefore, she was at the time understandably too busy to decide a design and prepare a tutorial. She put the ball in our court by asking us to pick a design ourselves and to surprise her. We were free to choose the colour but were to work within the choosen colour family from light to dark. Syerli intended to later assemble the blocks into a sampler quilt. 

Puppilalla, Star Plus, Quiet Play, Blossom Heart Quilt Exchange, Quilting Bee

Too much freedom can be paralysing so it took me a while to settle on a design and decide the colours. The block I ended up choosing is the 'Star Plus' by Kristy from 'Quiet Play'. There are very pretty repeats possible but I decided to stick with Kristy's original layout to make it easier to recognize. 

Puppilalla, Star Plus, Quiet Play, Blossom Heart Quilt Exchange, Quilting Bee

I wrapped the block up nicely, added a few goodies and went to the post office to discuss mailing options. My block has still not arrived to-date and might well be lost in transit...

When this happens mailing internationally is so frustrating. I sent Syerli the letter as registered mail 5 weeks ago and it has still neither arrived nor returned. Therefore, it is most likely another letter to be chalked up against the Bermuda Mail Triangle... I am rather miffed as this leaves my swarm mate in the lurch. 

It is not the first letter not to have arrived either. One of the letters that was supposed to reach me when I was Queen of March also never reached me. In either case we will have to decide as a swarm what the way forward is supposed to look like in such circumstances.


The Bee Hive

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Cancer Relief Improvisation Block - Missing U

Earlier this week a call for assistance reached me. A bee of a parallel swarm, of one of the quilting bees I participate in this year, was diagnosed with cancer and started chemotherapy this week. The members of her swarm decided to make her a quilt and called for blocks in support of the project. I got to work straightaway.

The idea is to make improvised blocks in the style of  the 'Missing U' block as found in the book 'Sunday Morning Quilts' by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison. The blocks are to be collected, assembled and, as I understand, longarm quilted by another volunteer that has already come forward.

Puppilalla, Improvised Piecing, Improv, Missing U, Patchwork

Here a close up of a beautiful embroidered piece of gauze I once came across on the sewing room floor of one of the quilt shops I frequent. It was only a scrap but I was very much taken by the pretty circling spirals and knew I would find a home for it at some point. In order to use it, I backed the gauze with another piece of cotton.

Puppilalla, Improvised Piecing, Improv, Missing U, Patchwork

The very first picture shows the finished block but the one below shows my favorite trim. I felt the block had found some sort of balance and I would have left it at that, had the block already had the required size. As it had not a few more pieces had to be added.

Puppilalla, Improvised Piecing, Improv, Missing U, Patchwork

I mailed the block on Friday and hope it travels swiftly to reach its destination. 

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Stash Bee 2016 - March Block - Scrappy Pluses

Puppilalla, Queen Bee

Queen of March Amanda asked for monochromatic scrappy pluses on a solid white background. The pluses were to be either kelly green, mint or navy blue coloured. 
And here lay the challenge of this month. While the blog design is simple and accomodating, it took me some time to see if I had enough fabrics in one of the desired colours to make the block scrappy looking. The problem was that, judged by the sample blocks, the fabrics were not meant to have any other colourful accents.

Puppilalla, scraps, scrap busting, pluses, quilting bee, bee block

I felt I had just about enough mint coloured fabrics to meet the requirements. Once the fabrics were chosen the block came together very fast.

While pulling out fabrics from my stash, it occurred to me again that my stash is made out of secondary and tertiary colours only. All primary colours are missing. I still lack true blues, true reds, yellow prints, greys, as well as true greens. Way to go stash building wise    =)

Stash Bee 2016