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Friday, 25 January 2019

Stash Bee June Block Tutorial - Flashback

That was my 2016 Bee Hive block request. Somehow, I never posted it on my own blog. So better do it now and be it only to serve as reminder of another unfinished project waiting for completion. 

Hello dear fellow bees across nine hives. I hope you enjoy the beginning of Summer and keep your sewing motivation up. Many beautiful designs have been chosen so far and I am excited to get to sew along and to marvel at all of your interpretations of the requested designs. I also love that we start to see finished quilt tops and quilts slowly appearing.

In my capacity as Queen Bee of June, I will ask my Hive 8 fellow bees to sew the super easy 'Double Square Star' design with me. We will do a loud and bright Summer interpretation of the block. We will be using a free tutorial by Jenny at 'Missouri Star Quilts' but beware (!) as we will work to different measurements AND include a further step prior to assembling the four subunits into the finished block.

Colour Inspiration:

Above: Sonia Sharma Events & Design, Below: Look I Was There Holi Festival

Look at these bright saturated colours (and notice the ornaments). Notice how there are next to no whites or neutrals in-between them? The bright pinks, oranges, yellows, purples, saffron and blues are placed right next to each other. Gorgeous! Therefore, we too will forgo whites and neutrals and revel in lush colours instead.

Fabric Requirements:

My hive mates have by now all received a teaser in the form of a letter that contained a 12 x 14.5 piece of Kona Cotton in the beautiful ‘Periwinkle Blue’. I am in love with this blue, which is just hinting at purple. It will serve as our background fabric for the Hive 8 June Block.

On top of the 'Periwinkle Blue' you need 4 feature fabrics in either hot pinks, fuscias, oranges, yellows, purples, saffron or gold with big, bold ornaments, flowers, wallpaper or tile imitations and geometric patterns.

Please avoid pastel colours, muted or muddy colours and batiks. Thank you.

To better understand what to look for in your stash, I would like you to have a closer look at my sample fabric pull in terms of type of prints and brilliancy of colours.

As in the finished Missouri Star Sample Quilt, the prints are big and bold and display big flowers, ornaments, geometric patterns or tile and wallpaper imitations. I think these big prints create movement, which is what we are looking for. The bold prints you choose should however still read as one overall colour.


Work with a 1/4 inch seam throughout. I am not fussy about which way you press the seams but prefer them to be ironed towards the dark fabric should a huge difference in tonal value arise.

Rehearse your feature fabric choices next to the ‘Periwinkle Blue’. Press your piece of ‘Periwinkle Blue’ and cut the fabric into pieces along the chalked on lines or measure anew to obtain four strips of 3 x 6 and four strips of 3 x 8.5 inches.

Of the four feature prints you chose, cut 1 rectangle of 6 x 9 inches each. Cut each rectangle further into pieces of 6 x 6 and 3 x 6 inches, and finally the 3 x 6 piece into two pieces of 3 x 3.

Once you have cut all the pieces, your should have arrived at the below.

Now have a look at the video tutorial for the assembly of the block (you can commence watching at 2:13, when Jenny starts assembling) BUT please remember that we will insert a further step prior to assembling the four subunits into the final block (!), so stop following the video at 5:48 and come back here.

Please note: Jenny does, what she calls 'snowballing the corners' at which point you will trimm off triangular scraps. Please hold on to those, as we will need some of them later.

Attach the short blue strip to the feature fabric square and take care to align the pieces correctly. Press the seam and attach the long blue fabric strip. Repeat the process with the remaining feature fabrics to form the four subunits of the block.

Once you have sewn the 4 subunits as below, we will pick four of the priviously trimmed off  blue triangles in order to sew those onto the corners of the subunits in such a way, as to form a wonky little blue diamond at the centre of the finished block.

Place a blue triangle in the corner of the subunit that will form part of the centre of the finished block. If you want to you, can fold the triangle at the base to mark the 1/4 seam line. Try to align the triangle sides evenly with the edges of the underlying fabric (as indicated by the arrows).

If it helps you, mark the edge of the underlying fabric with a soluble pen or chalk. to show you, where the triangle is suposed to go meet the underlying fabric (I have highlighted the points with circles in the below picture). This entire step is merely to gauge, where the triangle is supposed to end up.

Now for the tricky bit. In order to sew the triangle on you need to flip it over first. The points of the triangle should protrude over the edges of the underlying fabic by 1/4 of an inch or a little more. That is usually a good measure to ensure that the triangle, once sewn on and folded over, aligns evenly with the underlying edges as it should.

OK, now you either take a deep breath and sew the triangle on eyeballing it (top stitching) or you lengthen the stitch length of your sewing machine to 5 or 5.5 to baste carefully along the seam allowance line 1/4 of an inch from the edge without locking the start and end of the seam. Fold the triangle over and check if it is where you want it to be. If yes, shorten the stitch length again and re-sew the seam this time locking start and end of it as always. If the triangle is not where it is supposed to be, carefully rip out the basting stitches and try again.

Once you are happy, trimm off the protruding points of the triangle, as well as the bit of the feature fabric that is now going to be replaced with the blue fabric. Fold the blue triangle over, press and then repeat the process for all subunits.

Once your subunits look like this, you can assemble them into the finished block.

See, easy as pie. Feel free to ask questions. It took me 10 minutes to cut the fabirc and 45 minutes (checking back and forth) to sew the first block. The second one came together even faster. The finished block has a size of 16.5 x 16.5.

I expect the finished quilt to be either completely overwhelming or drop-dead-gorgeous, verging on possibly both. I hope all of this is not too restrictive and that you will have fun making this block.

Kind regards



Oh - by the way, this particular basic star shape has previously been requested by Stash Bee Queens, albeit in rather different interpretations. You can find the quilts here and here.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Oh The Gardens! - Pillowcase

To get back in the swing of things sewing wise, I cleaned my sewing machine, which had accumulated quite a bit of dust and looked at a block design that had somehow taken my fancy. Pat Sloan is currently hosting a free weekly mystery sew along called: ‘In the Summer Time’. On her webpage she publishes the tutorials for the individual blocks and the second of the series called ‘Oh The Gardens!’ caught my eye. Pat’s rendition looked so tasty that I felt moved to try my hand at it, like immediately. I decided to use some of the fabrics I had adopted at the recent Berlin Quilter's Get Together as a way to legitimise my impulse fabric hoarding. =)

I decided to make a quick pillowcase and made four of Pat’s blocks omitting the borders, as I did not need them for my project. I just love jewelled colours and the saturated yellow with the Anna Maria Horner fabric snippets just makes me very happy. The block consists mostly of squares and HSTs and comes together very quickly.

The four blocks by themselves looked a bit wanting and I added a white solid to add some contrast. As always I quite like my little pillowcase - it looks quite happy - and as always, I will be giving it away as a present. I had kept last year's fun improv pillowcase for myself but it got abducted to Greifswald by a friend, whom I had lent it to while he was in hospital locally. I am still waiting to get it back.

I prepared some 'Franken-batting' and quilted a few lines as my actual quilting skills are woefully lacking. At some stage we need to discuss the inside of our pretty sewing projects. If I showed you mine, you would see plenty of unloved fabrics securing the seams and a lot of unsightly 'Franken-batting' that still does the trick quilting wise. =)

I did not only pull the fabrics out to make these fun blocks but really to ease my way back into a sewing frame of mind. In parallel I have also ironed the front and back of the Thicket baby quilt and started to prepare the quilt sandwich, as this is what I really ought and want to work on. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Rakish Needle - Round 3 Progress

4,5 and 6 – OK, then. All quilts accounted for. That officially concludes round 3 of the ‘Rakish Needle Robin’. And my, how the quilts have grown. Let’s get right into it.

If you want to remind yourself of where we left of the last time, just hop here

Anita’s Quilt Top 

Puppilalla, Round Robin Quilt, Rakish Needle Robin, Foundation Paper Piecing, FPP, Arrow Quilt, Flying Geese

Anita’s quilt quite gained in size and acquired more arrows in the process. I like that the top does look less square and more liberated now. I think I get to work on it last and am really looking forward to it. 

Karin’s Quilt Top 

Puppilalla, Round Robin Quilt, Rakish Needle Robin, Foundation Paper Piecing, FPP, Applique, Universe Star Quilt

Karin’s quilt top ended up looking irregular because I bit off more than I could chew. I added a huge side panel with more stars and a satellite orbited planet. That was a fun project to think up and sew. If you want to see more on the process hop to this blog post.

Maja’s Quilt Top 

Puppilalla, Round Robin Quilt, Rakish Needle Robin, Foundation Paper Piecing, Applique, Star Quilt

Ileana added dark blue nightly stars and bias tape appliqué to Maja’s quilt top. I always wanted to try this technique but have yet to. So there are new borders on two sides of the quilt top. I am working on the quilt top next, and currently have a mind to add more of that dark blue fabric in some fashion or other. 

Rachel’s Quilt Top 

Puppilalla, Round Robin Quilt, Rakish Needle Robin, Foundation Paper Piecing, FPP, Modern Patchwork

After Anita was done with Rachel’s quilt top, it looked really sophisticated. The grey she added grounded the quilt and the staggered border adds movement. The outermost plum coloured border was added to keep the fabric from unravelling. We are yet to see whether Maja keeps the border or takes it off again. This quilt project brought me round to medallion quilts. I used to think them outdated but the more I am researching them – especially in all the new and modern fabrics – the more I love them. OK, one more for the bucket list. 

Ileanas’s Quilt Top 

Puppilalla, Round Robin Quilt, Rakish Needle Robin, Foundation Paper Piecing, Applique , Freddy Moran

Maja added a fabulous little magical forest to Ileana’s top and also added a much needed black and white half square triangle border in various places. For all its craziness the quilt top actually works. I find the quilt top looks like a story book gone wild. Somehow the quilt top allows you so much freedom to try your hand at new things. It felt so liberating to work on this piece. =)

Katrin’s Quilt Top 

Puppilalla, Round Robin Quilt, Rakish Needle Robin, Foundation Paper Piecing, FPP,

Karin worked on my quilt top and added a beach with a plundered treasure chest and a ship sailing off into the distance, a live saver and a block with an octopus. Looks like the adventures at sea are shaping up

As you can see the group is still going, albeit slowly. Everyone is having fun and I just love seeing how all these projects grow and develop. I hope that we can wrap the round robin up by Summer. Oh I cannot wait for the moment when everyone gets to hold their completed quilt top for the first time. 

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Thicket Fabric Baby Quilt ... continued

Puppilalla, Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, Baby Quilt, modern Patchwork, Embroidery, HST, Wonky Stars

Time is flying isn’t it? Currently, my little tiny flat is all about Christmas. I have fairy lights and twinkling decoration in gold and silver, a decorated Christmas wreath that I have bound myself and a tree too is up and fully decked out in gorgeous baubles. Just before Christmas took my apartment over I managed to complete the ‘Thicket’ fabric baby quilt top. I am in love with it. It is very easy to love though - fun pop colours, cute animal prints and striking contrasts achieved through colour blocking. This is a quilt everyone gets at first sight. 

When I look at the ‘Static Interference’ baby quilt I made before this one, the matter looks differently. ‘Static Interference’ with its low contrasts in wintry cool subtle colours and an abstract pattern is an acquired taste. It has I spy with my little eye elements but you have to spent some time with it before you find the fun. This is the great thing about sewing – that every project looks different.

Puppilalla, Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, Baby Quilt, modern Patchwork, Embroidery, HST, Wonky Stars

OK, enough of these musings. When I last wrote about this quilt, I had just about completed all the low volume parts and stitched them together to form the centre. Subsequently, I pieced all the wonky stars for the outer border for which I used up all of my yellow triangle scraps (Yeah!) and had to cut even more. I wanted to but could not for my life think of a way to smuggle in the very last strips of that dark blue ‘Joel Dewberry’ print that I used in the centre ‘Stellar Flare’ block. Therefore, I left it at the paler blue triangles (scraps again, Yeah!), which I also used in the centre, even though you cannot see that on the pictures as the amount used therein really is miniscule. I have used the dark blue strips instead in a few scrappy strip blocks that I made to make a pillow cover.

Puppilalla, Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, Baby Quilt, modern Patchwork, Embroidery, HST, Wonky Stars

In the quilt top, I framed all the geometric elements in white because similar to the animals in the centre everything else should appear to be floating too. The ‘Flying Geese’ blocks used to finish the blue triangle strips at either end really add interest and help breaking up the border a bit.

Puppilalla, Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, Baby Quilt, modern Patchwork, Embroidery, HST, Wonky Stars

It might be a tenuous association but to me the quilt top looks a little Native Northern Americans inspired - like a little totem quilt in pink and white. That might just be me though. I can hear you think by the way – yes, this is an awfully big amount of white in a quilt that will be drooled, leaked and dribbled all over by a baby. I declare that a problem for the parents. It shall be handed over in pristine condition and everything after that is out of my hands – ha ha.

Puppilalla, Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, Baby Quilt, modern Patchwork, Embroidery, HST, Wonky Stars

But seriously, I like how nicely the pink frames the centre and how engaging the quilt top looks. It currently measures 47 x 47 inches. To me it was important that the animals have breathing space and did not get smothered or boxed in. Once it is done this will be the biggest baby quilt I have made to-date. 

Puppilalla, Stash Pull, Color scheme, Fabric bundle

I have already pieced the back with more pink and orange. The quilt label is done too so I should really buckle down to build the quilt sandwich, baste it and get quilting. (Confession - my machine is really not up to quilting anything so I am putting doing it off.)

Puppilalla, Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, Baby Quilt, modern Patchwork, Embroidery, HST, Wonky Stars

I will do it once Christmas is out of the way. Pinky swear.

Happy Christmas / Holidays everyone

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The Rakish Needle - Round 2 Progress

I think it is high time that I wrote a little up-date on how our round robin is currently faring. Round three is almost complete and I have not yet even told you how round two went. So giving in to reader demands (yes, you Karin! =)  here now a quick write-up of the progress so far.

Firstly, I have to say that the round robin is as much fun as I always suspected it might be. Yes, it takes much longer than I thought and that is due to a few factors. We do not enforce strict deadlines, as this would not suit this group and the living circumstances of the participants at all. We also did not decide in advance how much or how many inches roughly everyone was to add each round. Had we done that, matters would progress more orderly and potentially faster. As it is, the quilt tops grow unevenly in seize and everyone adds as much as they feel inspired to. It works as everyone is relaxed and I never seize to be amazed at what everyone comes up with. If you want to remind yourself of where we left of the last time, hop here.

Karin's Quilt Top 

Puppilalla, Round Robin Quilt, Dresden Plate Block, The Rakish Needle, Star Quilt, Universe Quilt

Look what happened here! The night sky just got a whole lot more exciting. Ileana added amazing colours and stars and dancing planets to compliment Rachel's lovely five pointed stars. The planets were done in reverse appliqué, a technique I have yet to try. I love the movement in the piece and think it needs many many more stars. Luckily I get to work with the top next. (Mur har har har!!! - memo to self - no manic laughter on blog posts!) 

Rachel's Quilt Top 

Puppilalla, Round Robin Quilt, Modern Quilting with solids, The Rakish Needle, Ombre Effect Quilt,

I received Rachel's to from Ileana and boy was that exciting. Ileana did wonderful work and I decided to adopt some of the elements she brought in to repeat in my addition. Can you spy them? Yes, that's right, more triangles and the colourful barber pole candy stripes. I have written a blog post here if you want to read more about my work and thought process. Suffice to say here that I wanted to bring in a solid body of colour for the quilters after me to build upon. Rachel wishes for borders with lots of movement and I felt before you could add those, you had to have a solid basis.

Anita's Quilt Top 

Puppilalla, Round Robin Quilt, FPP, Foundation Paper Piecing, The Rakish Needle, Arrow Quilt

Anita had wished expressly that her quilt should not be a medallion quilt, therefore Karin had to put her thinking cap on to steer her addition away from that direction. I love how much attention Karin gave to getting the colours just right adopting them from the starter block and Maja's addition, which came before hers. Karin also added more fun feathers and arrows, although piecing the latter may or may not have caused headaches and cursing in the sewing room, as I have heard. =) Karin did the right thing in granting breathing space to her elements. This quilt top looks very cohesive and has the potential to become something really visually interesting.

Maja's Quilt Top 

Puppilalla, Round Robin Quilt, Star Quilt, The Rakish Needle, Modern Quilting

Well will you look at that. Maja's quilt top is just as busy as Ileana's piecing wise but so so different in style and feel. Look what Rachel added to Karin's extension. I did not see that coming. This is fabulous. The 'background' in strips of different shades of grey and these beautifully coloured stars that seem randomly placed, although we all know, they never are. A lot of thought went into making that addition. There is just the right balance to tone done the business but keeping it interesting. The strips of grey in that last border somehow make the piece more elegant and provide rest to the eye after all the triangles that have come before. I love this.

Ileana's Quilt Top 

Puppilalla, Round Robin Quilt, Crazy Barn Quilt, The Rakish Needle, Modern Quilting

Anita is the fasted participant of the group. She must have a stash of magic needles or a pocket universe of extra time because she will have worked her magic before you can even blink an eye. You can see that Anita had fun with Ileana's top. The wacky hen and the flower and improve blocks, all done in strong bold colours interspersed with black and white make for a very graphic piece. She also kindly put the extra dark green tree in the right hand corner of my addition, as requested, as it really needed more contrast. There is already so much to discover after only round two. I hope Ileana feels adventurous because this quilt one is going down the rabbit hole fast and furiously and who knows what we will get to discover along the way. Cohesion might become an issue or not if we manage to tie it all together with enough black and white.

Katrin's Quilt Top 

Puppilalla, Round Robin Quilt, Ocean Quilt, The Rakish Needle, Modern Quilting, FPP, Foundation Paper Piecing

My top just looks happy, like Summer all sewn into a quilt top. Maja had received the piece from Anita and added some fun anchors to Anita's critters. What is not to like there? I hear Karin might add a ship next. I am already very curious to see if she will. Ahoi! - until next time.

I only wish all progress pictures were taken in daylight, oh well. 

Friday, 20 October 2017

Thicket Fabric Baby Quilt

Puppilalla, HST stars, Half square triangles, star quilt block

Have you noticed that there are months were you struggle to find themes to blog about and then some where you could write a post a day? During the Summer months did not manage more than three post a month and currently I have four posts on the backburner just waiting to be published.

Today I want to show you the baby quilt I am currently working on. My friend Hannah and her husband Daniel are expecting a baby girl and I promised to make a little something. Hannah said she was into yellow and pink at the moment, so this is where we will be going.

Puppilalla,Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, star quilt, baby blanket, fox

I decided fairly quickly that I wanted to use the ever so cute animal panels of Gingiber’s ‘Thicket’ line. They are just so adorable. Furthermore, I decided it was time for my ‘Stellar Flare’ test block to quit lazing around on my bedroom wall and to get a life. The block already contains pink and yellow and makes such a pretty centre for the baby quilt. I knew I wanted to surround the centre star with the four animals on all sides and that I would adorn the animal panels with some embroidered highlights to bring in some colour transition.

Puppilalla,Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, star quilt, baby blanket, owl

After that I got a little bit stuck because I noticed that those animal panels are actually quite difficult customers. It is a job and half to come up with a way to use them so they do not look squashed, boxed in or suffocated. Looking around Instagram and online, I noticed that they often get a monochromatic treatment, which is probably partially due to them coming in a solely black and off-white fabric line anyway. While it works with the panels, I found the monochromatic rendering a bit on the sad side, especially when the intended recipient is a child. Combining them with colour frames often created the aforementioned boxed in effect. See not easy at all. Anyway, the solution was to grant them as much negative space around them as possible to create a floating and breezy effect, whilst smuggling in form and colour by and by.

Puppilalla,Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, star quilt, baby blanket, rabbit

I really like the effect the embroidery creates.

Puppilalla,Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, star quilt, baby blanket, bear

This is where my pale yellow HST stars with pink centres came in to provide visual interest without the aim to overwhelm. I also noticed straight away that the first pink border would have to be broken up with more white and other elements for the same reason.

Puppilalla, HST stars, modern qulit

To a great extend I will work with scraps, especially triangle scraps to create more wonky stars that are to adorn the outermost border of the quilt to be. Some scraps are literally the last pieces that I have of that particular fabric. Some of them are even left over from creating the ‘Stellar Flare’ block at the centre. Odd numbers of tiny strips and triangles stored in the scrap storage bag that I am routing around in to pull out again. A cohesive feeling is partly achieved by the repetition of fabrics after all, so I wanted to bring those scraps in some way.

Puppilalla,Gingiber, Thicket Fabric, star quilt, baby blanket, Stellar Flare Quilt block

I am still working on ideas but feel that I have mostly got down what I want to do. =)

Monday, 5 June 2017

The Rakish Needle - Round 1 Progress

Well, round one has come and gone and it was fun. I was amazed to see in what directions the participants took the starter blocks they had received. If you want to see all starter blocks once more, hop here. So how did it go? Everyone had fun and mostly everyone panicked. The round robin is made up from first time robin members, thus everyone was understandably nervous. So five out of six sewists were incredibly worried that their additions might be disliked or inadequate or unsuitable or insufficient or... In the end it was all fine of course. Smiles and 'ohhhs' and 'aahhhs' all around. I think it is fair to say that everyone starts very motivated into the second round.

I get the slight sense that people, in the worry of not doing enough, might try to overcompensate by trying to do too much. I hope that after this successful first round, everyone goes into the second one reassured and with new confidence.

Rachel's quilt top

Puppilalla, round robin quilt, modern quilt, quilt borders

Ileana got to work with Rachel's starter block and my - she took it unexpected places - at least for me. I very much like what Ileana did. The red works fabulously in the context and the HSTs form a fun graphic border. To put the starter block on point was an inspired idea. I am working with the piece next and already buckled down with pen and paper to plan the next additions. All I am saying is - teal. Wait for it =)

Anita's quilt top

Puppilalla, round robin quilt, modern quilt, quilt borders, FPP, Foundation Paper Piecing

Maja added to Anita's starter block and surrounded it with a bold border herself. She kept the small dark strips and added bright playful feathers.

I like the movement that border creates. I know she also had made another border strip of 'Flying Geese' but did not in the end add it, as the result would have been too overwhelming. I hope she sent the border strip along to the next person, so it may be edited in at a later stage. As Anita specified that she wishes for a rectangular quilt, it will fall to Karin to take it into that direction next - maybe.

Maja's quilt top

Puppilalla, round robin quilt, modern quilt, quilt borders, FPP, Foundation Paper Piecing

Karin added wonderful borders to Maja's block after a tiny initial crisis just because it was big step to take on a sewing project so fundamentally different from one's own tastes. Maja had also sent some extra blocks along with her starter block and from one of those, Karin then drew her inspiration.

Puppilalla, round robin quilt, modern quilt, quilt borders, FPP, Foundation Paper Piecing

It was easy as pie once she had decided in what direction she wanted to take the additions. The border works wonderfully and kind of almost introduces a secondary pattern. I am looking forward to how it is going to be resolved at a later stage.

Ileana's quilt top

Puppilalla, round robin quilt, modern quilt, Freddy Moran, Liberated Quilting, wonky quilt blocks

Ileana decided to leave the decision whether it would be a medallion quilt, strip quilt, free form block assembly to us. As I got to work with her block first, I made the fateful decision and thus forever decided the direction the quilt was to take. I think it safe to assume that in the end it is not now going to be a medallion quilt.

When I saw Ileana's starter block I immediately though of making it into a triptych by adding side panels. However, merely adding more pictorial panels in the same style seemed boring so I tried to take the idea further.

The left panel mirrors the background fabrics but goes abstract rather than pictorial with wonky 'Flying Geese' reading across the colour values of the starter. The triptych is completed by the right hand pictorial tree panel, again I kept the background colours the same and added a tree and bird to compliment the starter block.

In-between however, I added the red panel with adding classic 'Churn Dash' blocks and a profusion of flowers. The panel is now about 50 something inches long. I guess it might be grown further by adding borders in both directions. You can read more of my round one experience here.

Karin's quilt top

Puppilalla, round robin quilt, modern quilt, Dresen Plate Block, Star Quilt, Star Quilt Block

Karin's starter was added to in a gentle and thoughtful manner. Rachel added stars and left enough breathing space as not to suffocate the 'Dresden Plate' sun in the middle. This is however not how Rachel left the piece. She also added some appliqué stars but we have not yet seen those. Rachel keeps the suspense and we cannot wait to see more. Karin really likes the low key additions as in - less is more sometimes.

Katrin's quilt top

Puppilalla, round robin quilt, modern quilt, quilt borders, FPP, Foundation Paper Piecing

Anita made this oh-so-fun assortment of critters and added them to my, admittedly huge, starter block. Anita actually measured it and it was 32 x 32 inches to begin with. Hem - moving swiftly along.The additions look so much fun. Anita wrote about her round 1 experience too and you can hop here to read about it. She even showed the piece off at a show-and-tell of her guild meeting, where it was appropriately appreciated. Who ever ends up adding more to the blocks Anita made, hopefully includes lots of negative space so the critters can breathe.

Puppilalla, round robin quilt, modern quilt, quilt borders, FPP, Foundation Paper Piecing

So this is it for round one. I think we did well.
What did you want to know? How I got all the pictures? Courtesy of the ladies mailing them or sharing them in our WhatsApp group.