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Sunday, 1 October 2017

2017 FAL - Fourth Quarter

I have had a break from the Finish-A-Long lists since Spring but as they help me to keep my focus and not loose sight of my WIPs, I have decided to compile a list again for the last quarter:

1. Baby Quilt

My friend Hannah is expecting a baby girl in October, so I need to finish a baby blanket for her. Currently, I am still embroidering highlights into some cute animal panels of Gingiber's 'Thicket' fabric line.

Puppilalla, Thicket Fabric, Gingiber Fabric, Embroidery, Baby Blanket

2. Tessellation Pillowcase 

Yes, this is a true UFO - I will take this to the sewing retreat hosted by Allison of Campbell Soup Diary and Melanie of Melanie's Kunstraum at the end of October. Last chance to finish it. If I don't, I will orphan the pieces and clear them out.

3. The 'Double Star' Quilting Bee Quilt 2016 

The quilt top has not progressed this year so this too will come to the sewing retreat with me. I want to make progress with this one to get it off my to-do list.

4. Oh Deer Quilt Top

The fabric for the quilt top has been cut now it wants assembling.

5. Indigo Dyed Pillowcase

I dyed this piece of fabric during an Indigo dyeing workshop in Kyoto in September. Now it too wants to become a pillowcase.

Of course these are not all the projects I am currently working on but these are the ones most likely to be progressed. So ready, steady, go!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Bucket List of Sewing (related) Projects continued - Lone Star Quilt and Cathedral Windows

It has been a long while since I last wrote about my bucket list of sewing related projects. So I thought, why not return to it for a change.

A Cathedral Window Quilt

Have I mentioned that I am impatient? No? Be it known then that I - Puppilalla - am IMPATIENT. That is somewhat unlucky in a quilter. =)

Therefore, I fear, while I do swoon over the pictures of beautiful cathedral window quilts, I will probably never be able to make - as in complete - one myself. I like the texture that is created by the layering of fabrics and enjoy the little fussy cuts of the myriads of fabrics, yet the sheer number of cathedral windows that would need preparing to complete a bed sized quilt is just daunting.

modern cathedral window quilt, Puppilalla, Fussy cuts, Peter robs Paul,

Still if I ever made one, the baby probably would look something like this. If anybody feels inclined to make a bed sized 'Cathedral Window' quilt for me, get in touch, so I know where to send the stack of fabrics I have in mind.  =)

Project rating: Keep wishing  =)

A Lone Star Quilt

aka 'Star of the East', 'Mathematical Star', 'Star of Bethlehem', 'Rising Star' or 'Blazing Star'

For a long time, I was not even sure if I liked the ‘Lone Star’ or not. I was constantly going back and forth between ‘Nay’ and Yeah’. I have since decided that I do like it and even want to make my own version but that I would have to be very sure about my fabric choices as they absolutely make or break the project.

I have stared a ‘Lone Star’ board on Pinterest for inspiration in terms of positioning, size, fabric choices etc. and am happy to sit on it for a while longer until some sort of plan forms. Not to mention that I will have to further develop my sewing skills to be able to realize this quilt design. So viewing tutorials and classes in parallel also goes on the To-do list.

I have however taken steps to realize the quilt at some point by purchasing an actual pattern during the 'May is for Makers' initiative. 

Project rating: long term and cautiously realistic

Bucket List, Sewing wish list, quilting project list, Puppilalla

I guess I should take 'join a Quilting Bee' off the list and add 'learn FMQ'. Also 'quilt-as-you-go' techniques would be definitely useful. Aww, there are so many things that I would like to try. Well one quilt at a time - right?

Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Year of The Stash - less stash building, more stash using in 2016

A Quarter Inch from the Edge

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 has arrived and a New Year’s resolution wants pledging. Jenn at 'Quarter Inch From the Edge' has declared 2016 'The Year of the Stash' and she has written a stash manifesto to go along with it. Mostly it centres of re-discovering your stash and working with what you already own. She is encouraging others to play along and write their own manifestos. While I would not go as far as writing a manifesto, I definitely feel that I really need to use up more of my existing stash before buying more fabric, (says the girl that just spent all her Christmas money on more fabric, right?) 

I am tethering on the brink of losing oversight of what fabrics I own and that is never a good thing. Being a member of two quilting bees this year will already help using up fabrics. Using up more of my stash would also work well with another 2016 goal, which is to de-stash what I am no longer absolutely in love with fabric wise. 

So 'The Year of the Stash' it is. I shall try to be mindful of my fabric usage and to keep a tally of what I have used up for the various projects throughout the year.

Oh, and feel free to chide me if you should notice me giving into temptation. 

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Quilting Bees 2016 - Yeah, I'm a Bee!

Quilting Bee, Original Puppilalla Design 2015, Graphic

am so very excited about the coming year! (In fact I am so excited that I sat down and designed this little Queen Bee, which will accompany me through the following year, so expect to see more of her) 

I have signed up for two very different quilting bees - so I guess I can now strike this point from my bucket list - and am looking very much forward to the challenge of working on a variety of block designs for my fellow bees. Yes, I am aware that two bees are quite the commitment but can hardly wait to get started!

So a bit more about what I got myself into:

The Bee Hive

Alyce Blyth author of the popular Blossom Heart Quilt blog hosts another Quilting Bee in 2016. For this occasion the bees of the respective swarms get to work with a custom made quilt block tutorial series that Alyce and a talented host of guest bloggers have designed and created throughout 2015. Should you have time and be curious to see how these designs have been interpretated by various quilters, check the Instagram page here

I for once are really curious which of the proposed designs my swarm mates will chose and how differently those will turn out. Jenn who has generously volunteered to be our swarm coordinator is currently setting up the coms infrastructure to enable all of us bees to excitedly bumble about from January onwards.

Stash Bee

Alison at Little Bunny Quilts is the 'Stash Bee' Bee Mama of 9 Hives full of bees, which are each in turn taken care of by a Hive Mama. In this bee you are entirely free in your block choice as long as the size of the finished block does not exceed 16 inches square and as long as the block can be made in one and a half hours.

I will be a Hive 8 bee and ascend to Royalty in June 2016... and yes, in case you were wondering, I am totally antagonizing over which block design to choose as my bee block.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Bucket List of Sewing (related) Projects continued - Sleepy Hollow Quilt

Sleepy Hollow movie based quilting project
Sleepy Hollow - Mandalay Entertainment - 2000

Sleepy Hollow Quilt - a movie based quilting project

On with the bucket list exploration. Now here is a very beautiful quilt. The quilt features in the Tim Burton movie Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci from 2000 by Mandalay Entertainment. At some point the frightened Ichabod Crane comes to his senses lying beneath and later on top of a beautiful quilt, that has been subject to discussion on many a blog post already. Some quilters have even tried their hand at making their own versions already. 

Sleepy Hollow movie based quilting project
Sleepy Hollow - Mandalay Entertainment - 2000

Note how the rows of triangles are stacked on top of each other. Furthermore, it seems as if the quilt has not been bound with any sort of bias tape as you can see below. It rather looks as if the edges were tucked in on all sides and sewn closed. I would be curious to know what the quilt backing of the movie quilt looks like. You only get a glimpse in the movie.

Sleepy Hollow movie based quilting project
Sleepy Hollow - Mandalay Entertainment - 2000

I have already lined up some cotton prints as well as some un-bleached linen I plan to use for this project.

Sleepy Hollow Movie Quilt Colourway Puppilalla

The colour range is way off what I would usually go for – me being a candy and jewelled colours kind of girl and all – but I want to retain the antique look. Modern prints will not cut the mustard here.

Sleepy Hollow Movie Quilt Colourway Puppilalla

As you can see my version would veer somewhat towards purple. It is a bit hard to see in this picture but the white print with the purple flowers in the upper right corner might not quite work with the cream or egg shell coloured linen.

Sleepy Hollow Movie Quilt Colourway Puppilalla

As I am in no hurry, I will have time to build the pallet.

This project falls into the definitely achievable category… once the list is cleared of a few other projects that is.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Bucket List of Sewing (related) Projects

Bucket List of sewing projects

Like every other quilter, I too have a wish list of projects I would like to complete at some point, some of which are short-term, others are long-term projects, some are realistic, others are less so.

Here a few thoughts in regards to my by no means complete wish list:

Joining a Quilting Bee

2015 is well into autumn and 2016 is visible on the distant horizon at least as far as the organisation of new quilting bees is concerned. I will endeavour to get a spot in one to get to work on a number of different projects with fellow bees.

Project rating: short to medium term realistic 

Building a Design Wall & having a permanent Sewing Space

One project goes hand in hand with the other of course. Both currently rate as unrealistic but hopeful for the future.

I am a city and apartment dweller and therefore, a permanent space specifically and solely dedicated to sewing is a luxury not very likely going to happen any time soon. My two room apartment simply cannot accommodate it. It would be lovely were it otherwise, as I am positively fed up with constantly moving sewing materials around and having to clear the living room table, which - alas - is also needed for other things beside sewing.  =)

The design wall fits right in with that. I tend to assemble blocks and fabric pieces on my less than ideal living room floor but cannot currently dedicate an entire wall or parts thereof to quilting only.

If anyone has practical ideas concerning stashable / foldable design walls suitable for small spaces, I am always grateful for suggestions.