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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Stash Bee 2016 - August Block - Washi Tape

Puppilalla, Stash Bee, Quilting Bee, Queen Bee

Queen Lee of Central Connecticut cracked me up. I had a laughing flash when I read her fabric requirement description. So all you need are some grey fabric squares...

"And a pile of strings. You know those "too skinny to use for anything else" scraps you've been hoarding? Well, now you can use them. Don't have any? Okay, weirdo, cut a bunch of bright fabric that contrasts well with your grey about 1 inch wide by about 4 or more inches."

This is funny because it so true. Of course I have quite a few too skinny to be useful scraps that someday-surely-will-come-in-handy-for-a-project. Well this is it! Thanks Lee for having me use them. =)

Improv, Slash and Sew, Stash Bee, Quilting Bee, Bee Block, Washi Tape, Puppilalla

This block was fun and very easy. Lee was after the look of Washi Tape against a grey background.  I imagine this could have also been easily constructed with leftover pieces of bias tape. There is hardly room to go wrong except for the shade of grey maybe. It was difficult to judge by the sample pictures. I hope works with Lee's other blocks.

Right, on to other challenges.


Stash Bee 2016

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Polaroid Photo Quilt #7 - Completed Quilt

A lot of things have happened since my plea for help on the 23rd of January. I met wonderful people online, had many nice written conversations, and received many inspired and pretty blocks, which subsequently turned into this wonderful quilt.

Polaroid Photo Quilt, Puppilalla, Patchwork, completed quilt

I am over the moon with how the quilt turned out. It was definitely a good decision to choose the yellow over the sky blue for the background colour. It makes the quilt so much livelier than blue could have. Every volunteer got represented with at least one block. I wanted everyone to be included considering all the work everyone invested in this. 
Layout wise, I tried to maintain a sort of frame by aiming for an unbroken outermost ring of polaroids, which almost worked. The ‘blank’ spaces mostly kept to the inside of the quilt top, where they provide some rest for the eye and some breathing space for the camera block. As previously said, I like it =)

Unfortunately, I have pretty much run out of the ‘Kona Grellow’ otherwise, I would have liked to make the binding yellow as well. I believe it might have given off the impression of Polaroids floating on a yellow background. 

Bias Tape, Patchwork, Puppilalla, Binding

As it is, I used the background fabric to make some bias tape. The stripes look definitely cheerful and also work very well with the front.
Bias Tape, Patchwork, Puppilalla, Binding
I just love looking at all the detailed pictures and am sure that Hanno, Milla and Emma will have a lot of fun with the blanket.

Polaroid Photo Quilt, Puppilalla, Patchwork, completed quilt

At the moment we are looking at one finished blanket and five extra blocks that want transforming into pillowcases. 
Polaroid Photo Quilt, Puppilalla, Patchwork, completed quilt, orphan blocks

I have received a long e-mail from Hanno’s dad, who gives periodic up-dates on the family situation and after the last three months’ trials, the family looks forward to some quiet time to catch their breaths.

Once I have completed the pillowcases (I am just such a slow sewist), I will wrap the presents prettily and write a letter to the family to tell them of the people I met along the journey that helped making the blanket and without whom it would not have been realized. For example, I will tell Hanno of five year old James in Utah, who - hero that he is - shared his stash of star wars and cowboy prints, so his mum could make polaroids of them AND generously sent wrist tattoos along to this German boy also aged 5 and his sisters. Very generous indeed.

Polaroid Photo Quilt, Puppilalla, Patchwork, completed quilt
I guess we will be looking at one more post to wrap up the project upon completion of the pillowcases. Until then stay well and healthy and enjoy the Spring.

I link up with 'Sew Cute Tuesday' @ 'Blossom Heart Quilts'.