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Monday, 6 November 2017

Puppilalla Fabric Fairy

A few weeks ago, I noticed that the long anticipated #getyourquiltywishesgranted Instagram initiative – Round 3 - had kicked off again. So I posted my wish for ‘Heartwood Scenic’ by Makower and any ‘Ghastlies’ by Alexander Henry. Then I took to reading wishes to find some I could grant. 

Grant some wishes...

…some encouraging words to brighten up my new studio space – check
…modern fabric 2.5 x 2.5 or bigger fabric scraps – done
…Tula Pink selvedges – check
…fussy cuts – OK
…pink, grey and yellow fabric squares for churn dash blocks – alright
…some fabrics for an ocean themed quilt – can do

Tula Pink befor line (insert line name), Tula Pink – the old lines … Tula Pink OOPs

While I have not got an excessive Tula stash, I happen to have some of the by now out of production prints of the lines ‘Prince Charming’, ‘Hushabye’, ‘Plume’ and single prints of various lines like ‘Moonshine’ or ‘Saltwater’ (You just had to have that cute Octopus print, right? =) 

Unicorn spotting

Use it or lose it and too much hoarding is a bad habit anyway, right? Right. 
Therefore, I decided to try to help out some of the Tula lovers hoping to get sight of their out of print unicorns just maybe.

I photographed this fun postcard, I that never fails to cheer me up and announced that I just might be able to assist with unicorn spotting. I asked the other readers perusing wishes on IG to direct the parties asking for Tula Pink to me and I would see what I can do.

Oh dear! What followed next was a wave of increased interest coming my way. Luckily, there were wishes I could help out with.

Given the interest, I just had to get organised. I collected the prints I was happy to cut into, assigned them numbers and photographed them. That photo I sent to those who had approached me and asked them to pick any two prints that I would cut into on their behalf. Some had specific print requests – that ‘Prince Charming’ frog in dark green – which I helped out with. There were also many wishes I just could do nothing about as Tula Pink has published a great many fabric lines, most of which I did never own.

In the end I granted 15 wishes, among which I managed 10 out of print Tula Pink ones. That green froggy fabric was the most popular one and the one I had the least amount of. I had to refuse wishes here and the remaining wishing parties got exactly one frog each.

Incidentally, I also set out to surprise each of my Round Robin friends with fabric I had purchased whilst being in Japan around the same time. You can see, I have sent out a lot of envelopes. Might just have earned the post office clerk his keep this month. =)

Wish Granting Central...

I have therefore decided to award myself the title of ‘Fabric Fairy’ having done my bit of gifting. The intended recipients were very happy, so happy that some of them felt they had to reciprocate. That was sweet though kind of not the point in my opinion. My approach is too look for wishes that I can grant effortlessly. I would not look to receive anything in return from the same parties I send things to as I would expect, that they in turn too look for those wishes that they can easily grant, rather than going out to specifically purchase fabrics or similar. Would you agree to that or do you have a different approach? As I am always up for some Anna Maria Horner (the happy colours), Pat Bravo or Carolyn Friedlander, I wasn't had to convince to accept a bit of those in return though when they were offered.

Fellow fabric fairy 'nanraylittle' offered to share some of her 'Heartwood' print with me AND even asked me if last year’s wish for some AMH ‘Mod Corsage’, especially the ‘Centered’ in Seafoam, had ever been granted? She had gone and looked it up. How considerate is that? Incidentally, it had not been. She offered to send a bit of both and I had to keep myself from ambushing the mailman in anticipation.

Puppilalla, Fabric Stash Building, getyourquiltywishesgranted
Yeah! Happy Mail

The best part about this initiative are the participants. Every year the level of excitement and genuine generosity is incredibly heart warming. Simply reading along is already jaw dropping. I had some amazing moments this year. I got to grant a wish to the alleged founder of the initiative 'raven2006'. I of course pestered her with questions as to how it all got started three years ago. I had to.   =) It turned out she had not started 'getyourquiltywishesgranted' but had heard that it came about via some private IG account and someone musing 'If I could have wish for something this Christmas...'. Could be true or not.

I am also a bit awestruck. Cath of 'Wombat Quilts' whom I have admired for a long time and whose pretty (also generously free) FPP star templates are my go to favorites whenever I need a star block, has granted one of my wishes. (Swoon ) Wow!

I was also much impressed with another participant's determination to grant at least one more wish than was granted to her. That I consider very admirable. While there is a percentage of freeloaders - there always is-, the majority of people is truly invested in making somebody else's wish come true and likewise grateful for wishes granted.

If you could see the big smile plastered on my face, you would know just how much fun I had with this these past weeks, though I admit packing all those envelopes was a bit of a chore. =) As for myself, I feel thoroughly spoiled by happy mail, positive IG messages and good vibes all around.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

And that makes me really really happy

I do not know how it is for you but once I have gifted a sewn item to someone, I usually am not privy to its future life and treatment in its new home. That is mostly because it never occurs to the new owners that I might be interested in some feedback. For them it is mostly only one more item (albeit a beautiful one quite obviously =) in their household and nothing to fawn over. Which is exactly as it should be of course. Still as a maker you always wonder whether the item you made is actually being liked and used.

Therefore, I am always happy when I come to visit and find that yes, the items are in use and loved. It gives me so much joy. I had a few happy moments like that recently. Just last week I visited friends and unexpectedly spied three items I made in various rooms of their house. 

My Polaroid Photo quilt is in constant use. I was told by the seven years old owner that it is just like an astronaut's blanket, because you can lie under it and only the head sticks out, which of course would be in a helmet and then everything is covered. OK... works for me.   =)

Here is one of the Polaroid Photo pillowcases fully household integrated and in use. Another pillowcase I had made a few years before the Polaroid ones, was in the next room over. This said room was in a state of teenage disarray however and not not fit for photographic presentation. So we left it at that.  =)

Oh also, I recently found that my Polaroid Quilt (among others) was used as inspiration picture for a Polaroid Sew-Along hosted by Tea & Brie this Summer. How nice.

Just before I went on holiday to Japan at the beginning of September, a colleague of mine reported that the baby blanket I gifted his then new born daughter two years ago, is also still going strong.

Apparently, Anna - two and half years of age, demands of her parents to be read to while she reclines on her - by now somewhat short - blanket.  =)  How fabulous is that?! Brilliant, I love it. This is why I sew, at least in part. 

OK, back to the sewing machine then. I have another baby blanket currently in the making. 

Monday, 15 August 2016

All The Lovely Things - One Lovely Blog Award

Oh my god! (bounce, bounce, bounce... blushing...bouncing some more) The lovely Jen @ 'A Dream and A Stitch', whom I met through the 'New Quilt Bloggers' Blog Hop 2016, nominated me for the 'One Lovely Blog Award'. I am gobsmacked and certainly did not expect nor truly deserve it.

To me this feels like an early blog Birthday present! (bounce) The actual Birthday would be the 25th of August when it will be my first full year as a blogger. I am fairly proud of having managed to continuously look after my blog on a regular basis for the last year. I immensely enjoyed the blogging journey so far and have met many a wonderful person I would not have gotten to know otherwise. For someone to think my fairly new blog worth a nomination is no small thing and I am touched.

So thank you Jen and thank you Lisa for that matter. Lisa @ 'Sunlight in Winter Quilts' also wanted to nominate my blog but was beaten to it by Jen   =)

I have tried to find the origin of this award but had no luck in finding its source. Maybe it does not matter. Maybe all that matters is that people use it and make time to show appreciation for another.

The Rules:
*Thank the person who nominated you, and give a link to his/her blog
*List the rules
*Display the image of the award on your post
*List seven facts about yourself
*Nominate (up to) 15 bloggers for this award, and notify them to let them know you have nominated them

7 facts about me:

Does anyone else find it difficult to write about themselves? I do. I ususally write about sewing progress rather than personal matters or me as a person. The seven facts requested now almost feel like the continuation of the 'New Quilt Bloggers' blog hop a few weeks ago, where we were also asked to share details about our person. OK, I will try to be honest rather than deflecting attention away.

I love reading and especially enjoy Urban Fanatsy and Sience Fiction - or Speculative Fabulation to use the correct term. In that I enjoy an original idea and strong believable characters. A real turn - off  are book announcements that go: the first installment of an exciting new 3, 7, 8, 9 book series by the first time author...   Authors seem to increasingly under pressure to churn out series rather than writing a book and take care to write it well. I do read series too but, more often than not, series get progressively worse with plots and writing deteriorating along the way. 

I love cats. I want two black or chocolate coloured kitten with bushy tails. I also want pets to be well. Therefore, no cats for me at the time being, as keeping them in a small 2 bed room apartment without garden access would not confirm to my ideas of adequate animal welfare.

I love eating (provided it is well prepared food) and do more of it than my plump self probably should, especially, as it is not counteracted by an appropriate amount of excercise. My friends and I enjoy cooking nights and are especially fond of cooking Chinese. Amongst ourselves we probably own most of Fuchsia Dunlop's cookbooks by now though she just published a new one, I did not yet have time to check out. We make our own codiments, chutneys, flavoured oils and vinegars as well. Currently, I am infusing vinegar with elderflowers and mature a Portuguese style Piri Piri sauce.

I enjoy a good costume party. There has not been one in forever. I love to dress up und do the make-up and decorations. My best costume effort to-date: The red-eyed fruit fly. And yes, I do have pictures  =)

What I do not love is impoliteness. Don't get me wrong, I am not a stickler for form or refined manners. I am speaking of basics like making eye contact, acknowledging the presence of another person, saying 'please' and 'thank you' and 'would you mind' and 'sorry' where appropriate when moving in public spaces populated with other individuals. In the last few years I have noticed that that buffer of basic manners and respect for another person in public spaces is rapidly dwindling. The tone and feel is more agressive and tempers flare more easily. And yes, people do not even make eye contact, partly because those are glued to the smart phone screens, but partly as deliberate attempt not to have to interact with people. I find that development worrisome.



I think we leave it at that. The length of this blog post is getting out of hand already. 

On to the nominations:

First and foremost, I would like to nominate the generous women who helped me earlier this year in making a cancer relief Polaroid quilt for a small boy. Without knowing me they jumped to my aid and were fantastically supportive and made me feel a whole lot better about what was essentially begging for help.

Laura, Jenn, Mary, Renae and Karin - THANK YOU. Please get a blog going so I can award this to you.

Carrie @ 'the zen quilter'
Maja @ 'betyipiernaty'
Liz @ 'Lizzi Clips Design'
June @ 'Quilt Quest'
Lisa @ 'Sunlight in Winter Quilts' (you are right on this list again as I bow to you and your generosity in supporting young quilting talents and helping those in need through your guild. I guess, as you had been nominated already, there is nothing else to do for you just now but to enjoy =)

I also would like to nominate Rachel @ 'Stitched in Color'. Rachel is an inspiration to many people including myself. Not only is she a gifted quilter offering wonderful events, like mosaic contests or design challenges to the sewing community along with tutorials and free patterns, she also has a very true blogging voice. Rachel shares her life and the many challenges she and her family face(d) on her blog. To do so is a very brave thing. I know for a fact that many people draw strength from Rachel as they read along with her. In sharing herself, Rachel makes others feel comforted and understood and connected and grounded in reality. Hat's off to you Rachel.

And otherwise?

Many other beautiful things happened. I was one of two winners for the 'Holiday Wishes' book by Sherri Falls of 'This and That Pattern Company', compliments of The Fat Quarter Shop, via a giveaway hosted by Jen - yes, the same as above =) It is the first time I won anything in my adult life. I did not have time to look at the book in detail yet but it looks promising.

I also got some sewing done, namely the test block for the Cloud 9 Fabrics 'New Block Blog Hop'. and it turned out beautifully. (No, no, no mustn't spill the beans just yet. Have to keep it mum until September...phew) Next I need to write up the tutorial and sew the block again, this time in the sponsored fabrics.

A few weeks back I got ice cream money!!! I felt so special. When is the last time you remember someone giving some to you? Well, I was a child still. It was part of a many staged Birthday present (from last year, I had to wait 8 months(!) to be allowed to open it) that consisted of prettily wrapped boxes in prettily wrapped boxes, each coming with an envelope containing various tasks and in one case: ice cream money =)

The final box sent me to a meeting point, where my sister, her partner and my best friend waited to take me to a tree parcour climbing adventure.

So many things to be grateful for.