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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Fabric aging and fading - a startling afternoon discovery

While pulling out fabrics for my friend Karin last week, whom I wanted to gift matching fabrics for her next quilting project, I came across the last bit of the 'Ice Cream' print by October Afternoon. It stopped me mid-rummage. About three years ago I had gotten an e-reader as a present and was over the moon. (Still am) So before even properly unwrapping it, let alone setting the settings, I sat down to sew a cover to protect my future portable library. 

I used the 'Ice Cream' print together with some strong black fabric as lining and an orange ribbon , more for fun, than for keeping the cover shut. Since it was made the e-book cover has been in use on an almost daily basis. It and the e-reader it protects go wherever I go and have accompanied me everywhere from the Cornish Sea to Cuba's highest mountain. Some wear is starting to show.

The cover itself has not been particularly mistreated. It lives around the apartement and in every bag I happen to carry, has been washed and ironed several times, certainly seen its share of full sunlight exposure and been mistaken for a dish cloth for cleaning spillage by assorted toddlers on occasion.      =) 

What surprised me when I came across the original fabric was, that I had been unaware, how faded and aged the cover had become with time. In only three years it had lost a lot of its original vibrancy and lustre and mellowed into a kind of faded and pale version of it's former self. 

Far from being problematic, all that merely got me thinking about fabric aging and fading in general. I suppose, all kinds of factors need to be accounted for. It must play a role how and where you store your fabrics, where and by which firm and process they were printed or dyed in the first place and how much any object fashinoned from the fabrics is being used and in what surroundings.

Did you have similar moments with any of your sewing projects? As I give most of them away as presents, I usually do not get to see them again for a long time and when I do, I would be hard pressed to spot the differences without having the original fabrics at hand.

All of the above and my collecting the photographic evidence of the case, thoroughly diverted my attention from my original goal of locating specific fabrics, which I had completely forgotten about and had to resume the next day.