The Rakish Needle Round Robin 2017

The Rakish Needle Round Robin, Puppilalla

 The Rakish Needle 2017

Who is up for an adventure with determined and experienced explorers braving the unknown littered with surprise and suspense and quilting? While glitter might be optional, I think we'll make chocolate mandatory.  =)

Welcome to the 'The Rakish Needle' Round Robin 2017. We are a Europe based group of quilters setting out to try this Round Robin sewing adventure together this year. The way a round robin works is that each participant makes a starting block and then mails it to the next person on the list. With each rotation the quilt grows as a new border or section is being added each time. The quilt top continues to grow as it is passed around the group and eventually makes a round trip back to the original quilter as a fabulous finished quilt top! The Round Robin kicks off in March and will last through the year.

I will keep up-dating this page with every round of the robin and provide links to the respective participant's social media outlets, so you can follow along with our progress. Cheering form the sidelines, suggestions and comments are welcome and strongly encouraged throughout.

Check hashtag #RakishNeedleRobin to follow along on IG.


round and round it goes...


               Starter Blocks  |  Round 1  |  Round 2 | Round 3 | Round 4 | Round 5

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