My name is Katrin. Pleased to meet you and thanks for stopping by. Welcome to my Puppilalla Quilting and Crafting blog. This blog is all about participation and I am looking forward to meeting all of you.

Here a quick few facts about myself before I dive into the blog origin story: I am currently 35 years of age; I live in Berlin Germany, which makes me a foreign speaker as far as English is concerned; I have a BA in Sociology and Literature; I work full time, which does not always allow me as much time as I would like to play with fabrics; I like to cook; I have taken up learning to play the Ukulele three years ago; I am a fan of analogous entertainment i.e. board and card games as well as concerts, cinema and theatre and I like to quilt.

That's how it all begun...

I started to quilt in 2008 when my godson Dorian was due to be born and I wanted to make him something extra special. That first baby quilt was entirely hand pieced and hand sewn. I bought a book on quilting and muddled along without the faintest idea what I was actually doing or what techniques to employ in order to make the process as painless as possible and the resulting quilt as pretty as it could be. I would still call it a good first effort today.

Baby quilts play for keeps and thus the quilting bug caught. I have since purchased a sewing machine and spent many an hour perusing blogs, tutorials and how-to-videos to master sewing techniques and hone my skills.

The main reason I wanted to start this blog is the wish to reach out to fellow crafters and quilters around the world and to ENGAGE with them, where I had only been able to be an invisible bystander of other person's blogs and quilting journeys in the past. Now I will be able to participate in virtual quilting bees, swaps, sew-alongs, online guilds and exchange experience with likeminded people around the globe. So here we are and the blogging journey can begin. Bear with me, it's bound to be patchy at first like all new things you have to practice to be able to do them properly.

About the blog name: Puppilalla

My grandfather on my mother's side called all little girls born into the family 'Puppilalla' as an endearment. The nickname was made up off the German word for 'doll', which is 'Puppe' followed by nonsense syllables, the likes toddlers will make when they learn to speak. Like 'dollie' the terms 'Puppi' or 'PĆ¼ppchen' signify an even smaller and cuter version of the initial thing. So 'Puppilalla' I was for a few years until my sister was born and the endearment moved on to her. (Causing the first ever sibling rivalry jealousy fits on my part. Don't worry we are fine now =) Incidentally, my sister also ended up being the last 'Puppilalla' ever as our grandfather - and the endearment with him - passed away before the next little girl was born.

For a long time I was not very interested in sewing at all. I was born in 1981 at a time when mandatory household economics and sewing classes for girls had been abandoned for decades. My family, though its members creative in many different areas, did not include any quilters or seamstresses to serve as role model. I was thus never exposed to the world of sewing, apart from playing with pretty buttons - who hasn't - in my Granny's house. 
My grandmother must have felt that something needed to be done about that. When I turned 7 or 8 she made me a present of a lovely sewing book for children. Boy, was I disappointed. I considered it the most uncalled for, useless, pointless present EVER. I fear I made my opinion very clear to my Granny at the time too. The book gathered dust on my book shelf for years. 

Uhm - I guess it is fair to say that the book is still occasionally gathering dust on my book shelf even today. The difference being, that I have come to appreciate the book a lot over the years but modern conveniences and the sheer endless possibilities of the Internet have opened up avenues of learning that have simply overtaken that lovely little thing. Still, I take it out on occasion remembering my Granny, liking to think that she probably would be pleased to know that I found my way to sewing after all.


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Thanks. Let’s all play fair  =)