Thursday, 28 June 2018

Improv Triangle Scrap Pillowcase

Puppilalla, scrappy triangle; pillowcase, patchwork, modern quilting

Being ever conscious of my growing pile of triangle and other scraps, I thought it was time to try use some of them up, for the matter not to get entirely out of hand. Thus, I grabbed a fabric to serve as background – is really anyone surprised that it is aqua coloured? I didn’t think so – and the bag of triangle scraps. The only thing I had settled on by this stage was the fact that I wanted to use this particular grid based quilting design on the front.

Improv quilting, Puppilalla, scrappy triangle; pillowcase, patchwork, modern quilting

The rest started out by improvising away. I grouped triangle scraps to form attractive clusters before I sewing them together. That was time consuming because you had to extend the smaller pieces with some background fabric before you could combine them.

Puppilalla, scrappy triangle; pillowcase, patchwork, modern quilting, improv quilting

Next I took a larger square of background fabric and cut it up into a grit of pieces and made sure that the columns I cut were of different widths. Tringle scraps were placed at the corner of the squares to form wonky diamond shapes. I just did not want the entire panel to be grid based because that quickly evens out and then looks rather boring. I needed the pillowcase to decidedly not look boring. Therefore, some thought went into the deliberate placing and orientation of the triangle shapes.

Puppilalla, scrappy triangle; pillowcase, patchwork, modern quilting, frankenbatting

Some 77 triangle scraps taken from 56 different fabrics later an attractive design had taken shape. I also used a Tula Pink print to enliven the back. Some ‘frankenbatting’ and an old orange cotton bed sheet also went towards making that pillow. The batting beneath the front panel brings out the quilting lines, which really turned out as lovely as I thought they would. The old bed sheet is used as lining on the inside to secure the seams on the pieced panels and to cover the other side of batting.

Puppilalla, scrappy triangle; pillowcase, patchwork, modern quilting, bias tape

As I am a not-so-secret-fan of neon pink and neon orange, I made this fun a bias tape to make matters complete. Some neon pink triangles had already found their way onto the pillow’s front panel anyway and I reasoned that the bias tape would work in that context. The result is not subtle but very very fun to look at.

Puppilalla, scrappy triangle; pillowcase, patchwork, modern quilting

My first association upon completion was that the lime green, aqua and pink fabric on the back gave off the vibe of a modern trippy take on the traditional alpine look of red and green and gingham patterns. If you are familiar with the Alpes, you might know what I mean. I cannot shake the impression just now. The pillowcase (and pillow within) were gifted and the quite happy birthday boy immediately started associating billowing sails and boats on the water. That is a nice picture, especially as I had no picture or vision in mind but was mostly interested in using up some scraps. My focus was on building interest within the piece and I am very happy with how this turned out.

Puppilalla, scrappy triangle, pillowcase, patchwork, modern quilting

One fun scrappy improv pillow done. I would not mind making another one just like it. =)
Now this gifted April last year. I have since visited the pillow in its new home in Hamburg.

There are still so many things to catch up on on this blog.

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