Thursday, 11 January 2018

The Last Sewing Project of 2017

Following the credo of 'waste not, want not' I might be in the habit of keeping more scraps around than I might ever possibly be able to use. In order to use some of my numerous scrappy fabric strips and selvedges, I decided make a scrappy string pillowcase. I had seen such pretty fabric string projects around, for example Maureen Cracknell's 'Diamond Strings Quilt

Puppilalla, scrap buster, patchwork,scrappy string pillowcase, diamond string

The scrappy string blocks are easy enough to make and I used an old linen sheet as basis for the fabric strips. The pillowcase even contains scraps of fabrics used for my very first quilt made in 2008. 

Puppilalla, scrap buster, patchwork,scrappy string pillowcase, backside

For the back I used an assortment of pink and berry coloured fabric pieces that seemed to work in the context of the blocks in front. When the pillowcase was finished, I was in two minds, whether I liked it or not. It seemed to me that I had been more in love with the idea and the small scale photographs of scrappy string projects than with the actual blocks in front of me once I had made them. Has that ever happened to you? I might not be in a hurry to make another scrappy string project any time soon.

Puppilalla, scrap buster, patchwork,scrappy string pillowcase,

I gifted this pillowcase to a friend of mine as a Birthday present and know that it will be loved there. This was the last of my sewing projects in 2017. Once I get the Christmas tree is out of the way on the weekend, I can concentrate on continuing the WIPs I wish to complete in 2018.



  1. I have a box of selvedges that I’ve been saving for a project too, but haven’t decided what to do with them yet. I think it takes a special talent to make a true scrappy quilt cohesive and not all scraps work together. Your’s looks great and a perfect project for your strips.

  2. I agree, it often sounds like "pull any scrap and make a beautiful quilt". But for it to be lovely it needs way more editing. I think you pillow "works" - seeing it, I would pick it as one of your projects... And as a gift that will be loved, it could not have found a better purpose.

  3. I rather like your project and think the backing adds to it. Bet your friend was pleased.


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