Monday, 3 July 2017

What ever happened to...

                                 all the Quilting Bee Blocks I made...

Is that not something we all want to know? I have to say this year's Stash Bee Hive 4 ladies are actually really good at sharing progress pictures of layout options and finished quilt tops. I participated in two bees last year and for the most part (exceptions here) never found out what happened to the blocks I made upon their arrival with their intended recipient. That is a shame because I always want to play fly-on-the-wall to just see what happenes next once all these blocks come together. 

Having said that, let's have a look at some more bee blocks of this and last year of which I do have a status report or progress shot. =)

of last year's pretties... 

Circle of Friends 

May Queen Lisa completed her quilt top last month and it is very clean and modern looking. Just pretty. It looks just like the quilt you would want for Summer.

Trails of Geese

September Queen Jen asked for Trails of Geese that had not yet been found their final layout the last time I checked. She might need a few more blocks unless she makes a mini.

Bear Paws

June Queen Marie of parallel Hive 3 requested 'Bear's Paw' blocks in plaids and finally shared a picture of the finished quilt with us. It even won 3rd place in the "Viewer's Choice" category at her local quilt show.


and this year's progress

Liberated Gwen Marston Log Cabins

March Queen Patty shared a group shot of her Gwen Marston Style improv log cabin blocks with us a while ago. At that time she had not yet received all blocks that were due.

Converging Corners

May Queen Bethany has received all of her blocks and reported that she was thrilled with the outcome. I believe the below was the final layout of the quilt top-to-be.

Poststamp / Low Volume Plus Block

January Queen Stephanie did not provide a name with her block request but I think most of you will have seen this block around. It is fun to make. And yes, I have spied my block among the eye dazzling variety below. =)

Missing U block

February Queen Carmit requested an improv log cabin block that I have also come to know under the name 'Missing U' (from Cheryl Arkinson in Sunday Morning Quilts, thanks Lisa =). Carmit has already finished her rainbow quilt. (and another furry friend fleeing the scene of the quilt photo shoot. I think I might start an IG photo stream #furrybottomsinquilting  =)

Now wasn't that fun? I love seeing all of these quilts coming together. It is somehow very inspiring. On to the second half of the bee year it is. I will ascend to Queendom in August and need to start preparing my block choice for next month.

I wonder what happened to the gnomes...


  1. Interesting post Katrin.My favourite is the Gwen Marston like improv log cabins. it has a very nice colour palette although I really like the converging corners block as well. And as a point of interest the last quilt there is not the missing you, its the missing u. It's a reference to the fact that as Cheryl Arkinson who is Canadian wrote colour and favourite in her parts of the book Sunday Morning Quilts. In the States where the book was published they write color and favorite...hence the missing u.

  2. 'Missing U' got it! thanks Lisa.

  3. Fantastic projects! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I'm inspired by the postage stamp quilt. I cut 2" squares from my scraps and use them for leaders/enders and this would be a great pattern for those pieces. =)

  5. What fun blocks & quilts! I love the Circle of Squares quilt (don't know the real name of this pattern) and the flying geese and postage stamp blocks. More inspiration for more quilts!

  6. It's always nice to see where the blocks landed and if they have made friends and it definitely looks like your blocks are not lonely and have made wonderful friendships :) Gnomes are interesting little creatures, I'm sure they will come together with all their Gnome friends soon :)

  7. So many nice quilts. How great that you took a part in those. Especially love the first two and the last rainbow one :)

  8. I love this round up post! And it has given me some new inspiration as well.


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