Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Robin Round One - Freddy Moran Style

Welcome back to the 'Rakish Needle Round Robin'. The first round has come and gone. I have worked on Ileana's starter block and now want to share a bit of the process here. Ileana, having been flooded out of her house twice (truly awful!), is currently hunting a new house to make home. As this is a big matter on her mind, she translated it into her starter block with the request to us to grow it 'Freddy Moran' style.

Browsing Freddy Moran’s work is fascinating to me. Her work is so colourful and warm and somehow life affirming. Normally, crazy colourful quilts make my eyes water and frazzle my brain but Freddy manages to strike a balance that keeps her work from being utterly overwhelming. I still would not want one of those quilts for myself but they are fascinating to study.

I am also quite pleased to firstly have been introduced to her work via this round robin and secondly have been afforded the chance to try my hand at piecing in her style. The latter is not as easy as it may sound. I am one of the quilters that always wants negative space to calm down a piece. I tend to shy away from placing colourful popping pieces right next to each other.

Thinking back, I so far always used a reduced colour palette, low volumes and/or white. The only exception are my ‘Double Square Stars’ that count as WIP and are currently on the backburner. Even there though the colours adhere to a pre-defined colour palette.

Ileana's House Hunt

Ileana on the other hand says, literally any fabric goes as long as you do not forget to include black and white along the way. In her starter block I made out the three primary colours Blue, Red and Yellow also often used by Freddy. Therefore, I decided to work from that basis. What else did I spy? Triangle shapes that led right to my ‘Flying Geese’ blocks. Ileana also asks for 'wonky-ish traditional blocks' and I decided to include off kilter ‘Churn Dash Blocks’ that would morph into flowers, which also can often be found in Freddy’s work. Here they were done in raw edge appliqué.

‘Churn Dash Blocks’ I had not done before. Also trying raw edge appliqué for the first time filled me with trepidation as, so far, I always had tucked the edges in and under. Phew! We live and learn. And my – what an amount of work appliqué is. =)

Cohesion how?

Generally, I aimed at maintaining cohesion of the overall piece, whilst introducing new elements my fellow sewists can pick up on. Please note the repetition of triangle shapes echoing the colour values of the starter on the left side. I also maintained the blue – lime green colour flow, as introduced in Ileana’s starter block, across the entire panel. Ileana's starter block worked with pictorial elements, which I re-introduced on the far right. I like how it looks. And finally, the repetition of fabrics. If you look carefully, you will notice that many of the flowers on the red ground already appear to the left in the triangles and the berry coloured border separating the starter block from the 'Flying Geese'.

    For the last side panel on the far right, I would have needed much darker greens but alas my stash is pretty much void of true blues, greens and reds. I have already asked the remaining robin members to add a smaller dark green tree applique on top of the first one to create more contrast.

    Freddy Moran, Puppilalla, Round Robin Quilt, Raw Edge Applique, Rakish Needle Round Robin, Quilt Panel, Modern Quilting

    So what do you think? Does it work for you? Has the panel the potential to look a little ‘Freddy Moran’ like? I immensely enjoyed working on the piece combining traditional blocks with liberated quilting ideas. It is all a bit off-centre.  =)

    Freddy Moran, Puppilalla, Round Robin Quilt, Raw Edge Applique, Rakish Needle Round Robin, Quilt Panel, Modern Quilting

    All that remains is to send the piece to Norway for Anita to take over.
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    1. Fantastic addition Katrin; waiting in anticipation!

    2. Hi Katrin! This will be fantastic! I love the start block and all you have made! Raw edge applique is one of my favourites and really good here for the flowers! I feel the same that like to add lots of white or low volumes but I feel here the black & white does that same job well. Thank you for sharing your Round Robin's process. x Teje

    3. Wow! I love your applique flowers and the addition of the black leave stem was brilliant! This is such a pretty start to a beautiful round robin!

    4. I think this is one of the more fun blocks I've seen in a long time! The flower explosion is amazing. Well done and it's inspiring to see your Round Robin rounds!

    5. These wonky churn dash blocks are great, and even though the applique must have been pretty labor intensive, it was well worth the effort. The black leaves ground the business of the flowers, and I really like the addition of the African looking panel. The verdict is still out for me with this style of quilts, but I can certainly appreciate the artistry of it.

    6. Way cool! You did a fantastic job of capturing the essence of Freddy Moran's style! Thanks for sharing your process and how you developed your addition to the quilt. The method seems rather free-form in an "anything goes" palette. I'll be curious to see how this quilt top progresses.

    7. I love how you explain your way through your choices. A few words adds a lot of logical sense to one picture and it is fun to see how the minds of others work. You have conveyed a sense of chaos from the flood but have provided a hopeful controlled path back to recovery. Great job. I also totally related to your view on Freddie Moran.

    8. I love the section you added. It looks wonderful!!

    9. It looks sooo good Katrin! These flowers... Thanks for the tips and a guide to Freddy's style. It will help me too ;)


    Happy to see you here. Thank you for taking the time to engage. =)