Monday, 1 May 2017

Meet Uncle Mischka - Pattern Testing

Sometimes opportunity comes knocking. For a while now I have seen pretty projects created with @unicornharts patterns popping up on Instagram. Joanne seems a fountain of ideas and her foundation paper patterns are a lot of fun to look at.

Foundation Paper Piecing, Barmy Bear, Unicornharts, Puppilalla, Pattern Testing, Patchwork, Quilting

You might have seen her ‘Bull Betty’ pattern around IG? I love it! It is my favourite pattern of Jo’s so far. (And yes, that was apparently a deliberate name choice! That makes me love it even more. Food for thought isn’t? As what and who do we self-identify then? And how accepting are we of those individual choices in others? A bull named Betty, why ever not? =) 

unicornharts pattern, Betty Bull, foundation paper piecing, patchwork, quilting

Anyway, I came across Jo’s test block for her new ‘Barmy Bear’ pattern that is about to be released and it was sweet and a bit sad looking and I liked it at first sight. Bears were the protagonists of many of my childhood stories and a bear is the heraldic animal of my hometown Berlin. As you can see there was plenty to associate with so I commented on a whim that I would be happy to test the pattern once Jo reached that stage. 

Bummi; Geschichten für das ganze Jahr; Das Schneemädchen

Not long after Jo got in contact and asked if I was still available and that she looked for the block to be finished by the 30th of April. That gave me about a week worth of time and was terribly timed. Of all weeks this one was almost booked solid with after work activities. Apart from the usual swimming session at a local pool and the weekly Ukulele evening, friends were in town and I myself intended to travel over the weekend, which left me effectively with one evening to do this.

Yet, I work best under pressure, the bee block of the month was long gone and the next one not due for a week and my round robin round was well underway and in a good place completion wise and I really wanted to do this. So I said I would.

Foundation Paper Piecing, Barmy Bear, Unicornharts, Puppilalla, Pattern Testing, Patchwork, Quilting

Jo’s pattern was well written and all the pieces very accurate. It took me about five hours to complete from start to finish and I would recommend it for confident beginners. Jo will offer it in two sizes. My block finished 15x15 inches. I used four different yellow solids, two AGF prints and a Robert Kaufmann print for the background. The latter, being a directional print was a bit of a challenge to keep oriented.

So meet Mischka who will turn into a pillowcase, yes another one, for my friend Jens who deserves a pretty surprise gift just because.


  1. Uncle Mischka is adorable, Katrin, you did a great job! Paper piecing is the best!

  2. Uncle Mischka is adorable and will make a great gift for your friend. It looks like he is made up of quite a lot of pieces and you did a fantastic job putting him together.

  3. I love this! Thanks for introducing me to her patterns!

  4. Wow, you are welcome in my club "always last minute" :) I am glad you did manage to sew Mischka and hope the new owner will enjoy the pillow.

  5. Geez - five hours! You are fast! Fun block, will be a great pillow.

  6. When you think you couldn't possibly fit one more thing into your busy make room anyway! What a delightful little bear!

  7. Love this bear! Anita is right - PP is good ;)


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