Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Stash Bee 2017 - Crashing Hive 3 - Windmill Pluses

Queen Lisa asked for a ‘Windmill’ meets ‘Plus Sign’ block in cool denim style blues combined with a blue tinted grey and/or red. I am happy to oblige. Incidentally, Lisa is not per se my Queen but such details don’t bother me at all. =) 

So here is my block, a denim blue combined with a red cool blender, which played utter havoc with my phone’s camera. My phone’s camera always goes into meltdown mode when it is being confronted with vibrant reds or pinks or oranges. It simply cannot cope. So let’s call this an approximation of my block’s colours and be done with it.

This one was very quick and easy to make. No bother at all. I expect the resulting quilt to look like that piece you always had or was it your parent’s? Some designs and colour combinations are simply timeless and the denim blue – cool red is such a combination. As always, I am looking forward to a group shot.


  1. I do love reading about a good hive crashing :) This block is gorgeous, phone camera fit and all. I know I read about other blocks being make for this particular queen, it's going to be a very pretty quilt.

  2. I received your block today and its beautiful. The red is very vibrant.