Monday, 6 March 2017

Stash Bee March 2017 – A Universe of Stars!

Puppilalla Illustration Queen Bee Pirate

My former Stash Bee Hive 8 mate of last year Lee has turned Queen of her current hive this month and for the sake of the good times had, I felt honour bound to hive crash =)

Queen Lee is looking to populate the firmament with a universe of stars. She left it up to her hive mates to decide what kind of stars. The only request was that they had to adhere to a colour scheme of dark blue and coral, preferably both in one block, sprinkled with optional hot pink and turquoise.

This did strike me as the perfect opportunity to finally make the ‘Summer Perseid’ block by ‘Leland Ave Studios’ I have had an eye on for a while now.

Crashing Stash Bee Hive 3

Summer Perseid Block, Puppilalla, Leland Ave Studios, Quilting bee, free block, patchwork

The ‘Summer Perseid’ block was created for the Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop in 2015 and in my opinion, it has not yet gotten the attention it deserves. It is such a fabulous block with its asymmetrical star working very well for me.

Therefore, falling into the trap of ‘I’ll just quickly whip this up…’ I naturally spent most of Saturday making one block for Queen Lee and one for myself.

I had meant to add the ‘Summer Perseid’ to my blocks-in-waiting- to-be-turned-into-sampler-quilt for a while now and this was as good an opportunity as any to finally do it.

Summer Perseid Block, Puppilalla, Leland Ave Studios, Quilting bee, free block, patchwork

My block has already been stashed away with its fellows and Lee’s block will go into the mail at the end of the week. =)

Next I better attend to my own Hive's March Queen’s block request. It is a Gwen Marston style improvisational log cabin block. I am looking forward to it.


  1. Love it! Thanks so much for using my tutorial! Your blocks look terrific!

  2. It is a fantastic block! I'm looking forward to seeing the Gwen Marston Log Cabin blocks!

  3. It's a great star block, one I haven't seen before. Enjoy making your log cabin improv block.

  4. You did yourself proud with those two blocks. I'm going to have to do something really easy because I'm the Queen next month and I still have to get my tutorial together yikes.

  5. Those star blocks are very fun! I love that the centres are liberated! I am also a big Gwen Marston fan. I attended three of her Beaver Island Quilt Retreats --they were the best quilty weeks of my life!

  6. You're right, that block is fabulous, and beautiful choice of colours too!