Friday, 7 October 2016

Stash Bee 2016 - October Block - Fussy Cutting Deluxe

Queen Lisa asked for a fairly simple block - a kind of 'Post Stamp' meets 'Irish Chain' variation in mainly pink, purple and coral with a bit of  blue and yellow thrown in. At least that is what I see in the sample pictures. This month though we were to pay special attention to pretty details in the fabrics. Time for fussy cutting.

Fabric selection, Puppilalla, Colorway

Apart from that, no solids, black or grey. If we could find a motif for the middle square that had some variation of yellow along with the squares that make the "X" of the overall square, that would be considered awesome, 'as Yellow is a the color of friendship'.

In the German language and culture it is not. Yellow stands for jealousy. We are not green but yellow with envy. I am happy to re-cast the colour in terms of friendship though. Much nicer.  =)

Technically, it would be possible to not have a single fabric repeat in this design. And how amazing a quilt top would that be. As however quilters tend to have similar fabric selections on hand - or maybe not enough fabrcis or scraps to accomodate 25 different ones in one block -  the probability of that is after all low. Nonetheless, this is bound be a beautiful quilt top provided all bees stick to the requested saturated colours. =)

Puppilalla, Srappy Quilt Block, easy, beginner friendly quilt block, Bee Block, Quilting Bee, Stash Bee

Luckily, the desired colours are very close to what I chose for my own Stash Bee bee block so that I had plenty to chose from. 

This was a very fast and fun block.

Stash Bee 2016

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  1. I am really curious how that quilt is going to look after all the bee blocks come in. It is a lot more active than what I would pick but in your block it looks fun together. Always interesting to see such different takes. Hope your queen bee likes it!

  2. In all honesty, I am not into super busy quilts either. Colourful yes, but without being overwhelming. I love the look of this one block but an entire post stamp style quilt top, I would not be able to cope with =)

  3. It will be an interesting finish! The colors are bright and bold, who doesn't like that?! I've made postage stamp quilts before but they always had solids mixed in. Much easier on the eyes!

  4. I love your colors! Looks so cheery.


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