Sunday, 9 October 2016

2016 Finish-A-Long - 4Q FAL list

Is this the time of the year already? Time flies and I even managed to finish one project of the 3Q FAL list, namely the last Polaroid pillow case. The other projects are still in limbo, although I made progress with my 'Double Star' quilt. So on to the final quarter.

The 4Q FAL list:

1. A baby burp cloth: A Finish - yeah =)

Puppilalla, Burp Cloth, Clous 9 Fabrics, Baby Shower Gift, Sabbertuch

2. Tessellation Pillowcase:  Nope, nothing to report yet.

3. Mobile Phone Cover: No progress.

4. Finish the 'Double Star' Quilt. Getting there. I have now got 20 blocks I can play around with. I will write an up-date about them soon.  =)

5. Make an Improv Pillowcase. 

Let's take stock again at the end of the next quarter. I severely doubt that I will get much done, as I am also looking forward to a 20 day holiday abroad and then we are way into the Christmas preparations already. 


2016 FAL


  1. Love the improv! Where are you off to? Hopefully somewhere warm because this cold weather is kind of the pits.

  2. Have a great time Katrin. I hope to see at least one finish from you but no pressure.

  3. Oh, vacation time - that sounds nice. Enjoy! And hey one finish is still a finish and in my book having fun with the sewing is still the most important part.

  4. Your double star looks great! Good luck with your list!

  5. I cannot wait to see the Double Star come together. Seeing that picture with all the fun blocks, makes me smile. With all that vacation time abroad, I think this is a great list. And, hey, we always have next year, right?

  6. It looks like you have plenty of fun and colorful projects to play with!!

  7. Lovely projects, I hope you get to finish some of them :-)

  8. Love the look of your Double Star quilt, good luck with your list and have a fantastic holiday.

  9. Great projects as usual! You inspired me to make a FAL Q4 list for myself too!


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