Thursday, 22 September 2016

Dreaming at Dusk {a mosaic contest} by Stitched in Color

I am excited. Rachel Hauser @Stitched in Color has invited to another of her wonderful fabric mosaic contests. I love those. Rachel prepared phenomenal inspiration pictures to set the scene and found wonderful words to set our imagination ablaze: 

"Between gathering neutrals, warmth glints in the last light. A flash of yellow-orange-red-purple, the dying of a perfectly ordinary day. But even that brilliance is hazy. Where does one color start and another begin? Night, so absolute, overcomes the protest of a myriad, graduated shades."

The is contest sponsored by Lark Cottons and we are to craft up to two mosaics of 9 fabrics each from the fabrics on offer by them, aiming for a dreamy, blended palette. The mosaics are to be entered by midnight October 2nd. On Monday the 3rd voting will open. 

Entry 1

Here is the last glorious blaze of sun just before it sinks below the horizon for good. All rose tinted yet the colours are quickly fading. 

I though this time round, I might just record which fabrics I chose for the mosaics in case I ever wished to buy them together for real:

  • Denyse Schmidt - Shelburne- Deco Fans - Lilac
  • Moda - Bella Solids - Orchid
  • Pat Bravo - Lace Elements - Cherry Lace
  • Darlene Zimmerman - Penny and Friends
  • Anna Maria Horner - Mod Corsage - Memory Soft 
  • Rashida Coleman - Hale Raindrop Precipiation - Teal
  • Heath - Taupe
  • Lizzy House - Natural History Stars - Red
  • Jennifer Sampoo - Studio Stash - Yarn Dyed Charcoal

Entry 2

And here the sun has gone and what colour remains will turn ashen in the next 20 minutes or so, just you wait. 

Fabric wise here we have:

  • Essex Linen - Steel
  • Best of Morris Reproduction - Indigo
  • Anna Maria Horner - Innocent Crush Maybe Blossoms
  • Erin Michael - Lush Scenic Peak - Blue
  • Sarah Watts - Cat Lady - Stack O Cats Mustard
  • Anna Maria Horner - Mod Corsage - Memory Float
  • Nani Iro - Pocho Dots - Sky
  • Denyse Schmidt - Florence Dot Plaid - Malachite
  • Rashida Coleman - Hale Raindrop Cicada Song - Teal

I enjoyed that and you have plenty of time to try your hand as well.

... Girls will walk in moving air
the sun hangs low, the girls don't care
as they paint themselves at dusk...


  1. You always find such interesting fabric!

  2. Entry 2 stopped me in my tracks! The fabric in the center is lovely! Just beautiful! I'm working on mine now!

  3. Hi! Your mocaics are really beautiful! Especially your blue mosaic looks 'me'. I have the flowers and had the deer but then left them out. I just finished mine but didn't post yet. Wow this was a tuff one. x Teje


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