Thursday, 16 June 2016

Stash Bee 2016 - June Block - Big, Bold and Beautiful! #1

I have not mentioned it yet but I also ascended to royalty again this month, this time over at 'Stash Bee'.

In my capacity as Queen Bee of June I asked my Hive 8 fellow bees to sew the super easy 'Double Square Star' design with me. It was to be a loud and bright Summer interpretation of the block on the basis of a free tutorial by Jenny at 'Missouri Star Quilts' but with different measurements AND  a further step prior to assembling the four subunits into the finished block. On top of the proposed design, I wanted an additional wonky little diamond made of the background fabric in the middle of the block.

I was looking for bright saturated colours. Bright pinks, oranges, yellows, purples, saffron and blues were to be placed right next to each other without whites or neutrals in-between them. Gorgeous!

Here my sample fabric pull in terms of type of prints and brilliancy of colours.

I had sent my hive mates a teaser in the form of a letter that contained a 12 x 14.5 piece of Kona Cotton in the beautiful ‘Periwinkle Blue’. I am in love with this blue, which is just hinting at purple. It was to serve as our background fabric for the Hive 8 June Block.

On top of the 'Periwinkle Blue' 4 more feature fabrics were needed. My hive mates were to look for hot pinks, fuscias, oranges, yellows, purples, saffron or gold with big, bold ornaments, flowers, wallpaper or tile imitations and geometric patterns. To be avoided were pastel colours, muted or muddy colours and batiks.

For the assembly my hive mates were to trust in Jenny's video tutorial:

The finished blocks have a size of 16.5 x 16.5 and allow for various lovely combinations creating different repeats. Here is the link to my tutorial, if you want to have a closer look.

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I expect the finished quilt to be either completely overwhelming or drop-dead-gorgeous, verging on possibly both.

Once, I had settled on the 'Double Square Star' design, I noticed that the basic shape is very much en vogue at the moment. It has recently been showcased in quite a few pretty patterns. Funny how you notice a certain thing appearing all over the place when it starts to be of interest to yourself. 

Cheryl @ 'Meadow Mist Designs' recently hosted her wonderful 'Midnight Mystery' Quilt Along, which played with this star shape. It also featured at 'Moda Bakeshop' in a design called 'Speedwell' by Nicola Dodd blogging @ 'CakeStand Quilts', as well as in a design called 'Ribbon Candy Jelly Roll Quilt' by Amanda Morrison @ 'Honey, Bunny and Doll'.


The first finished block dropped on my doormat yesterday. Woohoo!

I link up at Let's Bee Social:

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  1. I love when I get to post on the blogs of royalty :) This quilt is going to be stunning. The periwinkle will be the perfect backdrop for all those bright vibrant colors.

  2. I love this saturation of colour. A combination of "overwhelming and drop-dead-gorgeous" sounds good to me!

  3. Ooooo, a girl after my own heart! Bright colours make me happy too.

  4. Lovely & bright, this is going well!

  5. Oh, How could I miss this beauty?! Block and whole idea is fantastic! This is going to be amazing quilt!


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