Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Bee Hive 2016 - February Block - Think Pink!

Puppilalla, original design, February Queen Bee, Quilting Bee

February Queen Bee Maja requested the very pretty ‘Wanna Fanta’ block in mostly pink and mainly floral. The emerging pattern creates that lovely ‘Orange Peel’ look. I immediately started to associate freely and - as to me the blocks look like flowers winding up a trellis - arrived at 'Sleeping Beauty' instantaneously. Were this my quilt, I would call it that =)

Wanna Fanta, The Bee Hive, Orange Peel block, patchwork block, quilting bee
Maja's sample blocks

As you can see from her sample blocks the main colour is pink with colourful accents set against low volume fabrics that contain grey. Maja asked us to use four different pink prints and four different low volume prints, as well as to throw in assorted pink scraps. Where possible we were to concentrate on floral prints.

Unfortunately, or actually quite fortunately depending on the context, I have used up most of my pink scraps for my (as of yet unfinished) Tessellation Style Pillowcase project, which means I was not really able to throw in a great many scraps to shake things up.

Patchwork, bee block, orange peel, Wanna Fanta, Puppilalla, quilting bee

So here my ‘Wanna Fanta’ addition to Maja’s project. I really like how it the blocks look together and have to fight the tiniest bit of quilt block envy =)

It almost made me reconsider my block choice for March when I will ascend to royalty.

Patchwork, bee block, orange peel, Wanna Fanta, Puppilalla, quilting bee

I also made a little additional block component. I though 'The Lovely Hunt' grey on white print would be perfect for this project but as it is not strictly a low volume fabric, I was not sure if Maja would want to use it. So I made it as a little extra.
By the way, have you spotted the Anna Maria Horner Studio Scraps I smuggled into this February assignment?


The Bee Hive


  1. You made a good-looking Wanta Fanta block, Katrin!
    Yes, I spotted the fabric; it looks good accompanying the unicorn!

  2. What great blocks these are. I keep seeing blocks and thinking I should l choose that for my block. They are all so tempting.

  3. What can I say? Perfection! Thank you for beautiful block. Colors, patterns are divine! And funny thing: I was going to choose Double star, but noticed (somewhere on blog) that you're thinking about this one too. So I checked list once again and have spotted W-F and whole pink idea came up ;)


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