Monday, 8 February 2016

Stash Bee 2016 - February Block - Knock, knock. Who is there? An Orange...

I had so much fun with the January assignments that I was very much looking forward to February. Bee blocks instil me with a sense of satisfaction. Their limitation in scope means you arrive at a tangible outcome very fast. You also get to try new designs or techniques and work towards the completion of a project, albeit somebody else’s.

Queen Bee Graphic, Quilting Bee

Stash Bee February Queen Bee Renae tasked us with making her some ‘Orange Peel’ blocks. They were to be in bright summer colours on black on white backgrounds. Provided our stash could accommodate it, each peel and background fabric was to be different. Renae also prepared a Pinterest collection for us to get an impression of her preferred colour scheme. Most importantly the colours chosen for the peels were NOT to be muted or muddied.

Sounds straight forward or so I thought until I looked at my stash. Until Renae expressly asked that the colours were not to be muted, it never occurred to me to evaluate my fabrics under this aspect. The fact that I am currently taking Rachel Hauser’s class on colour ‘Color Intensive’, where she also looked at colour values with us, might also play into this. Anyway, I found that most of my pretty fabrics actually do fall into the ‘muted’ category. Works for me but was not what was required for this bee block.

Therefore, I started to take pictures of my fabrics to assess their relative values and to see which shone the brightest. I finally chose these ones as they meet the requirements.

Patchwork, fabric pull, bee block, Puppilalla, quilting bee

From there and after a trip to the fabric shop to get the fusible interfacing, I only had to follow the tutorial to arrive at this finished block. I think it ticks all of Renae’s boxes and will look just fabulous with her sample block.

Patchwork, Orange Peel block, bee block, Puppilalla, quilting bee

As the February Queen Bee of my second quilting bee group also asked for ‘Orange Peel’ type blocks, I got to practice two ways of going about creating the look this months. The second one partially used paper foundation piecing and is called ‘Wanna Fanta’. Both were fun and both had their own challenges.
With this technique, I found it difficult to assemble the four block components to a unified whole. With background fabric, interfacing, peel and seem allowances, there were about four layers of fabric on each side, which made it difficult to feed the bulk under the footer, whilst maintaining a reasonable straight seam.

All that remains this month is to mail the block and prepare for March. I will be Queen Bee in that second quilting bee and there is a lot of sewing to be done in preparation.

Stash Bee 2016


  1. This is fantastic! Love it!

  2. It looks great and makes me want to get mine done.

  3. Yes, get your's done too Lisa. I am curious to see how all of them turn out =)

  4. This block is beautiful! It helps to see more examples. : )


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