Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Year of The Stash - less stash building, more stash using in 2016

A Quarter Inch from the Edge

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 has arrived and a New Year’s resolution wants pledging. Jenn at 'Quarter Inch From the Edge' has declared 2016 'The Year of the Stash' and she has written a stash manifesto to go along with it. Mostly it centres of re-discovering your stash and working with what you already own. She is encouraging others to play along and write their own manifestos. While I would not go as far as writing a manifesto, I definitely feel that I really need to use up more of my existing stash before buying more fabric, (says the girl that just spent all her Christmas money on more fabric, right?) 

I am tethering on the brink of losing oversight of what fabrics I own and that is never a good thing. Being a member of two quilting bees this year will already help using up fabrics. Using up more of my stash would also work well with another 2016 goal, which is to de-stash what I am no longer absolutely in love with fabric wise. 

So 'The Year of the Stash' it is. I shall try to be mindful of my fabric usage and to keep a tally of what I have used up for the various projects throughout the year.

Oh, and feel free to chide me if you should notice me giving into temptation. 

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  1. I'm not going to chide you. I think it's o.k. to give in to temptation once in a while.


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