Sunday, 3 January 2016

Stash Bee 2016 - January Block - as scrappy as your stash will allow

Stash Bee, Teal Star, Blue Star Block, low volume background, Puppilalla,

Okay, January has arrived and the 2016 quilting bees kicked off with the January block requests. Our 'Hive Mama' Laura at 'Stash Bee' started the bee year requesting a star block in teal on a low volume background that was to be as scrappy as our stash would allow.

Original Puppilalla Design all rights reserved

Initially, I had thought about making the centre star scrappy as well, but once I had pulled fabrics from my stash to compare them with the sample picture, it became clear quite quickly that this was not going to happen.

I have lots of aqua prints and a fair bit of mint coloured ones but teal? ... surprisingly to myself, hardly any. I chose eight different low volume prints for the background squares and decided on, as some of you will have already spotted, Denyse Schmidt's 'Honeycomb Lace' for the central star. I love that print. It combines flowers with ornaments and is just all around pretty and versatile. It also added the fun challenge of working with a directional print. 

I grouped the low volume prints in a way that the brightest and darkest prints are placed diagonally of each other across the star pattern. This way Laura could, subject of course to how the other blocks end up looking, create areas across the quilt top that are visually more or less busy.

I sure hope Laura likes the block as much as I do. It will go into the mail sometime next week.

Stash Bee 2016

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  1. Your block looks great. I'll have to get to mine next week as things have been non stop busy since the block was posted. I discovered I do not have a lot of teal either.


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