Sunday, 29 November 2015

My First Quilt - A Good Effort

We all started somewhere. And my first quilt came about in 2008 when my friend Tina became pregnant and asked me to be the child's godmother. Understandably, I wanted to present the baby with something extra special and personalized. Therefore, a baby blanket seemed a good idea even though I did not know the first thing about sewing, did not own a sewing machine and had no one in my immediate circle of aquaintances, family and friends who would have been able to advise me on the matter. 

simple squares, beginner friendly, quilt, baby blanket, patchwork, Puppilalla
This first quilt was entirely hand sewn, embroidered, pieced and quilted. I bought a book on quilting and muddled along without the faintest idea what I was actually doing or what techniques to employ in order to make the process as painless as possible and the resulting quilt as pretty as it could be. It took me 6 months to complete it and I would still call it a good first effort today.

Babydecke, beginner project, quilt, baby blanket, patchwork, Puppilalla

Unfortunately, it became one of those items that ended up enshrined rather than used. My friend loved it too much to bear using it. Bittersweet right?


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