Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Fall Fabric Market in Potsdam - An Attempted Treasure Hunt

A bustling market always holds some appeal, especially so when it is a fabric market, oh my! The firm Stoffmarkt Hollandstoffe specializes in organising fabric markets around the country and held a fall market in Potsdam on the 1st of November.
Fall Fabric market in Potsdam 2015

So friends of mine that are interested in sewing and with whom I swap photographs of projects in progress - and I got up early to peruse the market for treasures. I had hoped to find some regional producers and desingners to check out the local talent but unfortunately it was not that kind of market.

The market was not specialising in quilting cottons and supplies but displayed anything and everything from bright oilcloths, via textured ribbons, lining fabric, wool fabrics, jerseys and jeans to cottons and flannels. And as the market merely consisted of a town quare full of open market stalls there was not not much variety, where each commodity was concerned.

How I do long for the quilting fairs and cons in the U.S., where you find huge beautifully decorated exhibition spaces with workshops and talks and goodies galore. *sigh*
I suppose we will have to make do. 

Stash building quilting cottons and fabrics

Here some pictures of my spoils. From left to right. I picked up two packets of solids because they are essential to have and I definitely lack solids in my stash. Also the choice of solids in the local quilting shops is usually limited to two dozen or so which can hardly be called variety.

Next we have some cotton prints and a few woven ribbons. The ribbons will used in yet another pillow case. The print in the upper right hand corner will either find its way into the Up The Ante Sampler Quilt top or - if it does not want to play there - be part of its backing. I also fell for the blue-ish grey graphic low volume print in the back.

I missed this particular Tula Pink print in the local shops when it came out and was glad to be able to pick it up at the market. It will go onto my orange, pink, yellow fabric stack. I should snap a picture of it at some point, it starts to look really lovely.

And finally some Japanese woven ink blue and mustard coloured fabrics. How nice. As the cover of my e-reader starts to come apart, I will make the new one from the ink blue fabric. The rest might make a nice bag.

After two hours of being shoved and elbowed we fled the market to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the autumn sunshine.

Albeit not having lived up to my high hopes it was a lovely outing and a fun trip to the market.

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