Sunday, 20 September 2015

Simple Framed Squares Patchwork Quilt - Indian Summer

Let me share with you the first bed sized patchwork quilt I made, which was a simple squares-within-squares separated by white borders affair. It is called 'Indian Summer'. 

For this patchwork quilt that is now living on my sister’s living room couch, I went for warm autumn colours and bright contrasts. You will spy some Joel Dewberry and some Kaffe Fassett fabrics and many Polka Dots making up the simple framed squares.

At the project planning stages I had initially included a green fabric in the colourway. It seemed to work well. But once I had laid out the fabric pieces for assembling the effect was downright noxious. That left me mid – project with not having enough fabric for the quilt. The offending green was abandoned and off to the fabric shop I went.

Unfortunately, the pictures, taken during the crafting process and of the finished project leave much to be desired. That is the case for many of my early projects, partially because documenting the process was not at the forefront of my mind then and partially because I do not yet own proper camera.

As far as labeling is concerned, I embroidered my sister’s name into the backing fabric. The first few quilts I made went without any sort of proper labelling. I usually embroidered the recipients name and sometimes the year of completion into backing fabric and left it at that.

Recently, I have started to look into labelling properly. The idea of enabling some sort of identification and recording of the quilt related details like its name, the name of the recipient, maker and sometimes the occasion of gifting appeals to me. I have not made up my mind yet which is my favourite labelling technique but am looking forward to trying different things. The last two labels I made were painstakingly embroidered. That means something for someone as inherently impatient as me. One label has already found its home on my Late in Summer Quilt and the other one lays in waiting to be used for a future quilt I have in mind for a friend of mine.

What do you label? Quilts only or each and every of your sewing projects?

That green fabric still has to find a home by the way. It is lovely in itself but somehow refuses to gel with much else. I might just pair it with Black and White at some point and be done with it.

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