Monday, 7 September 2015

A Vintage Handkerchief Patchwork Baby Quilt

Looking around the Internet, I am always amazed what fabulous projects and ideas people come up with. Like for example using vintage hankies to make pretty baby quilts. My particular favorite is the 'Vintage Hankie Quilt' by Polkadotchair

With this kind of stimulation, I felt rather inspired to make my own version, which I am happy to share with you here. I love the idea of using things that somehow lost their utility and by re-purposing them, giving them a second life.

Puppilalla Design Vintage Handkerchief Patchwork Baby Quilt

The children’s handkerchiefs I had were different sizes and weights and it took me a while to decide how, I wanted to go about using them. I considered trimming all of them to the same size but that would have meant to loose a lot of the pretty borders.

For a while I though about including sashing to individually present each motive but abandoned that idea because it felt too staged.

Puppilalla Design Vintage Handkerchief Patchwork Baby Quilt Blanket

In the end, I left the hankies pretty much as they were and merely placed them in a way as to allow each one to shine as much as possible. I reasoned that a baby and later a toddler would come at the blanket from all sides. Therefore, I allowed the motives to face into different directions so there would always be a picture to discover.

Puppilalla Design Vintage Handkerchief Patchwork Baby Quilt

The hankies that were smaller than the others were applied to bigger fabric squares and the handkerchiefs that were thinner - or as the quilter says, of an even lighter weight – than the others were backed with a neutral fabric. I also merely aligned the rows rather than forcing the corners to match up.

Puppilalla Design Vintage Handkerchief Patchwork Baby Quilt
For the backing - of which I have managed not to shoot a single decent picture - I used a length of a basic yellow and some orange, pink and yellow Kaffe Fassett fabic I had left over form another project. On this picture you can see some of it peeking out at the corners.

Vintage Handkerchief Patchwork Baby Quilt Puppilalla Design

Except for that dark orange polka dot fabric that I also made the binding from and the border of birdies, all other fabric pieces are actually former handkerchiefs.

I grant you that the resulting quilt is not a subtle one but that was not the intention anyway. I was aiming for a loud, happy and colourful blanket that a child would have fun playing with.

Puppilalla Design Vintage Handkerchief Patchwork Baby Quilt
I love the idea of giving some old and unused handkerchiefs a new life in form of a patchwork quilt. I still have a few hankies left and am sorely tempted to make another such baby blanket soon… alas none of my friends are pregnant just now      =)

Thanks for stepping by and reading along. I guess I will be spending some time and future blog entries to share previously finished patchwork and quilting projects with you. Feel free to comment and to let me know what you liked or might have done differently. 

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  1. well done Katrin, love the quilts you've done and the easy to follow notes - carry on the good work


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