Saturday, 14 January 2017

Cathedral Windows {a mosaic contest}

Be careful what you wish for, right? Just last weekend I though - hmm I would not mind another mosaic contest and presto (!) - Rachel Hauser @Stitched in Color must have read my thoughts half a world away and subsequently offers another opportunity to play with pretty fabrics. Either that or it is totally coincidental.  =)

Rachel is not making it very easy either as this time round, the guiding motive are 'cathedral windows'. As always Rachel's inspiration collages are a treat for the eye and 'Royal Blue' has been named the prevailing colour.

Phew, OK then. Let's see. Associations please... ethereal, luminous, bright hues, edged in shadows, kaleidoscopic...

Entry 1

It is difficult to get around Kaffe Fassett for this challenge as his fabrics are playing right in this area of luminosity.  =)

1. Kona Cotton Solids · 1541 Deep Blue
2. moda, Sphere · 1544 17 Blue Crossing
3. Stof A/S, Silver Lining · 4503-216 Purple Geo Dots
4. Art Gallery Fabrics, Prisma Elements · PRE-806 Apricot Sunstone
5. Kaffe Fassett, Kaffe Collection I · Lake Blossoms - Black
6. Art Gallery Fabrics, Lavish · LAH-16801 Sunprint Orchid
7. Art Gallery Fabrics, Avant Garde · AVG-28901 Fluxus Ochre
8. FreeSpirit, Clementine · Summerhouse - Red
9. Birch, Mod Basics 3 · Firefly Dots Tomato

Entry 2

1. moda, Basic Mixologie · 33023 27 Chartreuse Gridlock
2. Birch, Tall Tales · TT-07 Moon Phase Marigold
3. Art Gallery Fabrics, Prisma Elements · PRE-806 Apricot Sunstone
4. Stof A/S, Silver Lining · 4503-216 Purple Geo Dots
5. Stof A/S, Silver Lining · 4503-234 Teal Geo Stripes
6. Andover, Sun Prints · 7752-O Mercury Flame
7. Kona Cotton Solids · 1541 Deep Blue
8. moda, Sphere · 1544 17 Blue Crossing
9. Andover, Sun Prints · 7753-B Grove Navy

The mosaic contest is sponsored by The Loopy Ewe. As always we can enter up to two mosaics of 9 fabrics each. Add the mosaics by midnight January 21st. On Sunday the 22nd, Rachel will open voting. The 2 winning mosaics will earn a complete fat quarter set of their mosaic fabrics!!! Winners announced January 25th.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Stash Bee 2017 - January Block - Scrap Happy

A new year, a new hive and a lot of motivation to get going. I have spring-cleaned my sidebar to make space for new adventures and re-vamped my little Queen Bee. I am about ready to get going.

Puppilalla, Queen Bee 2017
January Queen Stephanie asked for a post stamp variation block against low volume fabrics. As Stephanie put it, this was a chance to use up our scrappy scraps. The only thing she asked is that we not use civil war fabrics as they contain more brown than she liked. For the low volume pieces it was OK to have colour in them as long as the read dominantly white, gray or off white.

Reading her request, I stayed away from scraps that contained the colour brown. The block looks bright and happy, if a bit scant at the sides. Nesting the seams of the rows and columns might have robbed a minute amount of fabric each time, so that the block is almost 1/4 of an inch scant. It is not too bad, so I hope Stephanie can work around that. Scant seams, true seams, wide seams - it not easy to make everything work just right.

Quilting Bee, Bee Block, Scrap busting, Scrappy Block, modern scrap quilt, Puppilalla, Post Stamp Quilt

I have some bee friends of last year in parallel hives, which means I have to watch out for their bee queen months coming up so I can hive crash their party and contribute  =)

Monday, 9 January 2017

2017 Finish A Long - First Quarter Proposed Finishes

I very much enjoyed the Finish-A-Long lists last year as they helped me to keep my focus and not loose sight of my WIPs. Therefore, I would like to add my modest list again:

1. Improv Pillowcase

It is almost done anyway, Had Christmas and travel for New Year's Eve not been in the way, it would already have been finished.

2. Tessellation Pillowcase 

Yes, this is a true UFO - I must tackle it this year! It would be such a shame otherwise. 

3. The 'Double Star' Quilting Bee Quilt 2016 

The quilt top still needs three borders, before I can think about assembly and quilting. I guess it is also time to start thinking about what fabric to choose for the backing.

What is NOT on the list any longer, as I very definitely did not get my act together, is the mobile phone cover for my sister, which was on the FAL lists all of 2016 - hem hem. She got a cover for Christmas, so her phone does not have to live in a sock any longer.  

I guess that is it.

Oh - and I liked the colourful button last year much better than the sombre looking current one. A more colourful life for everyone please!   

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Impromptu Pillowcase

Literally, at the last minute I decided to make a little something extra for one of my aunts one day before Christmas. I had already intended to give her a bottle of white vinegar that I had infused with elderflowers earlier that year but as this particular aunt lives far off in Turkey most of the time, she is being a bit neglected as far as in-between flower bouquets and impromptu pieces of cake are concerned.

Therefore, the Ghanaian cotton scraps seemed to be a fabulous choice in whisking up a last minute present. I used the big scraps to piece a pillowcase. To hide and secure the seams I lined it on the inside with a few of my less loved fat quarters. If I had more time, I might have framed it with bias tape but I am pleased with the outcome anyway.

My aunt liked it alright so I will call it a win – especially in view of her still banging on about some fantasy themed poster I gave her when I was 14 (!), which she put on the wall in her apartment in Turkey. She showed me a picture of it there. (Ughh!) While I am sure that my gift was age appropriate at the time AND it being nice of her to honour my present - I’d rather she got rid of it now – 20 odd years later. Maybe I ought to buy her a new wall picture - one in accordance with my current tastes – ha ha. 

Anyway, in view of the poster story I am certain that my pillowcase is in good hands and will be used. I am glad I made it.

I link up with Scraptastic Tuesday =)